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  1. Who gives a shit that I dont follow A-League, still done a lot more for your club than you ever did as you stood behind a banner I designed, held up a Tifo I had the idea for and painted. Or when you brought stickers with the Logo I suggested. A lot people on this forum know who I am than whoever the fuck you are... Also only idiots who learn their Politics via a crap 90's Marxist Rapcore would think Countries have the same Constitution, only Liberia has/had the same exact Constitution as the States. Tony Abbott put in place a Statue in regards to Common Law, he did not amend the Constitution as sadly in this Country the Public have to support an Amendment to the Constitution via a Referendum which is why we did not become a Republic because people with knowledge as bad as yours thought we should be able to Vote for the President. (As they have no knowledge of how our Constitution works). Keep trying... Your not going to get there... But maybe you can post Limp Bizcuit next time!
  2. I think the 50 people, in particular those 5 or 10 with him the whole time also know his innocent, also as reported its what happened at The Court of Appeal that lead to the High Court Decision. As at the Court of Appeal you had only one Criminal Supreme Court Judge involved who made it widely he was disgusted with the behavior of the other two... One being a Judge with purely a Environmental Law background know for making findings that will forward her career, by the way you can guess the Politician fairly easily who has push her career forward. Also people like @NewConvert love to act like the whole thing is so cut and dry and about one single case, a three minute sexual abuse they of course never mention that presented with this one case were Four other Cases worked on just as hard by Dan's Men in VicPol thrown out of Court within minutes as Fiction. One of which has two accusers who have both committed perjury before as trying to make a buck. Or that all 5 cases were refused to be tried by the DPP and thus had to be the first five cases put to trial by Dan's men themselves. Nope, it’s the DPP whose wrong, the one Qualified Criminal Judge at the Court of Appeal, and the 8 High Court Judges… not to mention Pell’s 50 witnesses or the dead victim’s denial that the fastest sexual abuse in the most busiest building at the time and day in Melbourne incident occurred… as it suits NC’s leftist Agenda that 1 of the 5 cases VicPol created has to be right. The amazing thing is I would love to see what our Convert would think if an Aboriginal Man had to face five cases of Sexual Abuse that the DPP refused to trial. That would be enough for him to join a Protest of 80,000 in the CBD. Maybe the Poster Boy of Australia’s BLM Deaths in Custody movement who ate Biscuits he was told on several of occasions could kill him. As in the main who had been in jail for several rapes, and was in jail when he died for violently sodomising and raping his own Wife on more than one occasion. But no his a hero who was hard done by our Justice System and Pell is the Antichrist.
  3. Okay, you know best... The High Court is corrupt... The 50 witnesses and the man that died who denied every being touched is wrong... And the one version of events which time wise impossible is right because you want it to be. I could write more but I dont give shit about A-League or some Nobody who thinks 8 High Court Judges can get a decision wrong due to their own personal hope that one day their subscription to Leftist Politics will make them finally change from a Nobody to a Someone. Seriously, I know he wrote a lot of crap but when comes to Leftist Nerds like you... Freud was was pretty accurate. NOTE: The funniest thing about your little WU comment is that if I and two other EXEC Members could be fucked rocking up to one random game and we would still if we wanted, have the Terrace back in our hands at the end of the game... LOL.
  4. I think u need to also add what happened before the case... Nobody came to the Police about Pell, they advertised for PPL to come to them - Just think about how fucked that it. Also what about the DDP - He refused to even move forward with any of the Four Cases, which Four Corners then went to town on. On the first day of Court - 3 Cases were thrown in the Bin by the judge in an hour, the last remaining case... before mistrial was looking like he would be innocent. Of course we all know due to Media Pressure the Jury decided to believe one man's recollection as a child. not his deceased friends or Pell's 60 other witnesses many being members of the School Choir. I really dont think 7/7 High Court judges are going to get something wrong... for one the DPP already agreed with them... so John as usual is just offering his blend of bias. As for Four Corners who you seem think are a bastion of truth well they reported all the cases about Pell as fact (Even the ones that got thrown out in minutes) BUT also they did another report in the 90's where they said that myself personally as a 10 year old boy went to one well known boys school rather than another, that I lived in one Suburb starting with East rather than another. Why did they report such things as where a 10 year old's went to school? Because just like the Pell Episodes they needed to fill in time, Or like with the St Kevin' s Episode where they only had about half an hour worth of conversation about a shit situation so spent the first half an hour talking about a school chant and having a couple of High School Feminists giving their Lefty Opinions.
  5. Its very Simple mate... All the Constitution does as @malloy alluded to is designate what powers the Federal Government has, that is pretty much it. It does contain any of these crazy privileges that you believe it contains for your benefit. Also I love how as all your news sources are usually some dude in a Gym on Facebook that you think a link to 3AW is like throwing down an Opinion Piece written by a Nobel Prize winner in the London fucken Times.
  6. Goes around your neck, your need to enter certain places like the Members at Racecourses... or for Horda weddings the go a step further, you require the highest sophistication of Balkan Fashion where only a Bright Yellow one will gain your entry alongside a Black Dress Shirt, like Bogans would wear to school formals circa 1998.
  7. Its simply impossible for you to find the things you are mentioning in the Federal Constitution, and TBH these we have a good Constitution is because we dont have crap like this in it... Just look at the USA where those who are Corrupt plead "The 5th" to any question and those who are Nuts "Own a Garage full of Army Guards Guns".
  8. Do you also like Rove Style of Dressing, suit with no tie... looks Dan was a Rove fan.
  9. How could someone be less funny than Rove? With such gags as "Who would you turn Gay for?" that did not date at all... I cant believe Australians actually tuned tin o watch K Rudd give his answer as: "You - Rove" which then again he probably should have considered in 2007 his program should of had a K Rudd authorized message after each episode. And Federal Politics has just been a beacon of stability since that Man was elected.
  10. Seriously @moops I know have a better understanding of your ideas on Constitutional Law by looking at your links to where you are getting your ideas. All I can say is that I feel your Social Media Feeds must be a sad and scary place, with the abundance of such content... maybe try material that is not in Video Form presented by Guys usually in a tight tee shirts/under six foot who claim to be Freedom Fighters. When really their true motivation to the world of Internet Politics where constant rejections from woman due to a lack of interpersonal skills beside Grunting at girls as they walk past. Hence their devotion to Mens Rights and alongside a love of so called Alphas like dead Bodybuilders and of course President Trump. (Pls bare in mind I am talking about the Media Sources - Not You). I say this as someone hoping many than anyone that the ALP leadership spill happens and we get rid of Andrews, as also have things I want to do outside of bloody 5kms. Maybe you could gradually learn to read your information, perhaps start of with a bit of Bolt and Rita in the Sun. Then maybe tackle something written by an actual expert in Constitutional Law... I know there is one book out there made to be written for the layman called "Conversations with the Constitution".
  11. I thought I would save you the time of actually viewing the Constitution for the first time. I don't think you have any idea of what the Australian Constitution looks like... it's a very simple document about Government. There is no bloody Bill of Rights like the crap they have in America, it's one of its strengths due to Anti-Maskers, and Gun Ownership nuts. The High Court vastly misinterpreted the Constitution in the 90s to say their were implied Human Rights (But all of Australia's top Constitutional Lawyers disagree with this...) Regardless such a ruling of Common Law would not apply at all to your argument.
  12. If u read through the thread a long time ago... When Malcom (Despite being Catholic) wanted to stop funding to Catholic Primary Schools. Which is a joke as in a places like Richmond or Redfern, all the Sudanese and Vietnamese kids have to go to the small Catholic School (Some for free) as the Primary Schools are completely full of Anglo Yuppies Kids. It was a one inch move across the line of the center from Big L Liberal to Right Faction ALP.
  13. Lol - And now his story has gone and started to highlight and bring down all the other dodge "actually real" Turk ALP Politicians. Cya later CHAPS... hope you had fun in your small window of opportunity of branch stacking. We will be taking out party back. All because to @FB. saving $5 bucks of petrol is worth saving $1000 in Mick land..
  14. Probably wants "Some Mad Ethnic Points" like the former Supras Member for Hume.
  15. A Constitutional Expert once compared Australian Local Councils to Insects... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theage.com.au/national/victoria/hume-councillor-accused-of-travel-rorts-and-misogyny-20200520-p54uvt.html Turns out some of the key signers of the "Terrace Inclusive Act" and "Bay 16 Opposition Spokesman for YSIDE Core Public Affairs" may have not been such big fighters for the rights of oppressed after all... A man who hates "outwardly gay men" whatever the fuck that means... hatred towards Limp Wrists? Who knows - I def do not. He is also apparently an advocate of bottling women to gain promotion in petty politics. And best of all a dislike for mixed marriages... Are we in 1920's Louisiana? Makes you wonder what the former female Bi-sexual Supras Mob Photo member would be thinking of her former colleague. PS: 7 - 0 @kingofhearts ya dumb bald Kent.
  16. Look I have been told by sources who work in these Jail and even a guy who got put in there. They all say the worst cell is the youth one as its dominated now by Sudanese Kids who fight with the Aboriginal Prison who also have high representation. We have known for a long time that doing jail time in some Aboriginal people has become so common place it has become an Indication Ceremony like for some people in Black and Latino Communities in America. We need to act now and stop the same happening for Sudanese People. Also living in a Housing Flat itself is fucked. That coupled with being a migrant from brutal violence woukd effect anyone. I agree the papers make thing sounds more sophisticated. At the same time they have a point that the Percentage of Sudanese People in jail rises at scary rates each year. Whilst alongside that our Juvenile Centre have become completely different and now the dangerous jails to work in... But people not addressing the issue for what it is due to being scared to be called a Racist... is wasting precious time.
  17. SJW making jokes when PPL talk about Sudanese gangs, implying it's simply racism. Don't these people want Social Justice? Yes - We are not talking about sophisticated gangs or crime. But we have a generation of kids who for lack of direction are rapidly becoming a Criminal Class as they know no other life. We don't want to end up like America, where the combination of primarily Crack and also the side effects of the end of Segregation has seen so Black Men in America become a growing Prison Class. Instead of putting our heads in the sand. Let's tackle this because it's not these guys that they or those their Role Models fault they saw Mass Murders as kids and therefore find life so hard. It's not helping anyone, least of all people who traveled across the world for these kids... To see them become accustomed to Jail for life or worse take their lives. This is exactly the kind of issue why a vote for the Greens is a Vote for the Libs and not Logical, Realistic Social Policy.
  18. Yep, I will vouch that Documentaries don't draw big crowd. I spent many occasion in for ten years with 8 other people seeing the best Doco of the Season on its release. As back in the day to see the Huge Buzz Documentary Fans when they came out, you have to go in a Nova Tiny Doco Cinema. The sit 20 and have a screen the size of the best at JB. These were huge films in terms of impact later on, yet there be 12 people there after being out a couple of days. The ironic thing for us was we already lived on Lygon Street so we wear not getting much bang for our buck paying Nova Prices for that. But FWIW I still try to see a Documentary when the Cinema is thrown up as an idea. It's also been great to see how the cheaper filming technology and streaming services have allowed the amount of content in the Genre to expand recently.
  19. Beat me to it... BTW Kaiser you irked that Bindi is getting married, I remember that her no longer being a child and rather entering puberty was a big plus.
  20. Strides... long time no see. What you been up too? Are you still a Gym Brah or have you made the progression to being an ALT Right, Red Pill kinda, Mens Right dude like the rest of your kind?
  21. It drives me nuts... and TBH its probably the best indicator of the quality of the league and its engagement with the Public. The player movement around the same league is something that belongs in a Semi-Professional League, where players want to stay in the local area but can still earn decent playing wages so they move from one local club to another on two year contracts when teams save up money to win a flag. This does not belong at the highest tier... the rules of the A-League are reminiscent of Command Economics and they have ultimately yielded the same results in having some very obvious built in flaws. Things like the Salary Cap, Player quotas only work if you own the game like AFL, NBA and NFL they dont when your one of many participants.
  22. It really was item which told a story of a man's dreams being severely broken...
  23. Saw a YSIDE S1 Scarf with Free Worm Badge at that Salvos in Altona for $5.
  24. I agree some fans have dropped off due to on field performances... However, many Heart fans if we still wore the Stripes at Home and could nickname the team "Heart" in a meaningful way would not walk away from a team who all be it in a lack luster manner made finals every year would be more than happy to go week in week out.
  25. For me there is actually workable solution to Pro/Rel which I agree is severely needed. I find most PPL who throw up using a whole bunch of NPL clubs as an option are usually those who have not been to a lot of NPL games like I have in the past as it def is not a solution. Most NPL fans are A-League committed and the top ones in Melbourne will always have issues attracting fans due to the Ethnic Communities attached which our so important to these club's that they will always exist. (It is why these clubs do exist - As much connectors of PPL as well as Sporting Clubs). I think the League should look at a 16 or 18 or even 20 team League with two divisions, with mainly the adding of New Generic Clubs in Geographic areas not represented (CBF with which are better than others) and then maybe South Melbourne and if there is another NPL side viable in NSW, QLD or SA (To be so they most likely need to be none ethnic). You could then have two divisions where you play the sides in your Division four times and those in the other Division two times or perhaps (3 and 2) and then 3 sides go up and down. I think its important to have the Bottom Division sides playing the Top sides so that clubs can remain relevant and competitive if they get promoted. Supporters could still see their clubs playing at the Top Stadiums and players would be more likely to stay on if relegation occurred as they are still getting a go at playing on the biggest domestic stage in some way. Getting back to City and Heart - The sad thing is such a model could have seen Heart go on and turn things around.
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