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  1. The best way to ensure that we went through was to do what we did: win. That made other results irrelevant; the French will do whatever they think is in their own best interests in the tournament, as they should be doing
  2. Arnold always excels at 'backs to the wall, we are underdogs' situations. That's how strength as a coach, but also his weakness as this mentality contributes to the same outcome
  3. It's a tournament played in the middle of the season, so many more first choices players seem to be unavailable because of injury, and teams have only had one week together to prepare, unlike the usual one month. We can see many teams aren't ready. I also think that the hot and humid Qatar weather is taking a toll, not necessarily during the match, but it does affect training.
  4. No, Denmark has a better goal difference and would then finish second. If that happened and Tunisia smashed France we would still finish fourth!
  5. Well, if there was one manager that knows how to park the bus, it's Arnie😂 A very important win: Leckie, Mooy, Behich and Souter were immense.
  6. I think that attitude contributed to our qualifying difficulties, contributing to both the team mentality and his stodgy coaching. It also becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy in a tournament. He's the anti-Ange.
  7. He can take over the Socceroos from Arnold
  8. It was like as soon as we scored, we retreated into a shell and camped around the box. We gave all the initiative to France, who, of course, was grateful. It was a worse performance that we put in against France in the previous World Cup match
  9. Le Patron rates him highly within CFG, which will get him the job
  10. My biggest concern is that he will take the coaching staff with him!
  11. Our keeper spent most of last season own the injury list (in the Germano Medic al centre no doubt) so I'm happy to give her some time, she's quite highly rated as a future Matilda. Rojas was good and we still have a few starting 11 players to return!
  12. It would tae something like signing him to get people watching their dire football
  13. If he came to the league here, it's more likely that he'd go to Perth. he has family there and Tony Sage has deep pockets and they've just released Bruno
  14. he has been our most consistent contributor all season and really sets the standard for determination and controlled aggression on the pitch
  15. I'm happy with that win. The jets, on a good day, are a decent team, and Papas is a decent coach. Positives: We won with so many first-choice players out, it shows our strength in depth. Both Socceroos did well and avoided injury. A good game from Glover. It really shows how crucial the coaching positions are to young player development It was good to see vdV score Negatives: Too many red cards, although arguably, all have been unlucky. We lead the League in fouls and cards, our style is uncompromising, but this leads to red cards The result could have been different if the Jets had our finishing ability We lose O'Neill for the game against the Smurfs after the season break
  16. Agree, they'll be fired up to respond at home after their poor game last week and their televised roasting (well deserved). Papas is a better tactician than PK, but it's also an important game for us. Tilio & Nabbout have a lot to prove after missing WC selection.
  17. Yes, but you want an impact player who can start if you have an injured first 11 player. The other plus for Tilio is that he, Maclaren and Leckie have worked together for 2 years, Kuol is still a (very effective) bench player
  18. The problem is that we don't really have a long enough season with enough games to ensure that the youngsters get enough games to progress and to want to stay around
  19. It'll be interesting to see how we accommodate Leckie, VDV, Berisha and Florin in midfield, Leckie, Tilio, Maclaren and Nabbout up front and still find opportunities to play Oresti and Caputo. It's a good problem to have
  20. A good win in a fixture that has typically been a banana skin game for us. I'm not sure what we can take from this game, Perth were dreadful right across the park and tactically inept. They put no pressure on us and didn't test us. Positives: We won and controlled the match, apart from the first 10 minutes. Goals shared across the forward line and goals from open play. A clean sheet although Glover wasn't tested even once all game Negatives: Reis - I hope that he's OK. Talbot - good positioning and movement on and off the ball but very frustrating final shot decision making. A negative that's a positive as well: Leckie, Berisha and Florin can all play as a 10, but finding the balance in the team will be difficult. Similarly, do we keep Jamieson as captain when only a card or injury to a starting XI player will get him on the pitch?
  21. Never, has so much been done by so many, for so little
  22. This is the team we have the worst record playing against, at home and away, irrespective of how shit they are against every other team. I will believe that we are in for a good season if we can beat them
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