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  1. We always sign key players at the end of the pre-season, it takes them half the season to become match-fit and integrate into the team
  2. There are some great Youtube videos of their stadium marches and of their active support. It's also the only stadium in Germany with a full-time kindergarten. It offers match-time child care and a supervised support area for minors, as well as a special stadium section for seniors. It's also inhabiting a parallel universe where they removed somer corporate viewing to increase the size of their disabled viewing area.
  3. St. Pauli were on track to Bundesliga 1 promotion last season but lost a few games late in the season and finished outside the promotion play-off spots. They've strengthened their team again this season, so he's close to breaking into a near-Bundesliga level team. He's played well each game that he's come on and had a scoring chance that he missed. Australian players are looked on favourably there as Jackson Irvine is one of their better players and also fits in well with the club's ethos. St Pauli is the only overseas team that I follow. If you are ever in Hamburg, you can organise a (fan-led) stadium tour, it is a fantastic club, as usual in Germany; they do nothing by halves. The walk to the stadium in itself is entertaining, down the Reeperbahn, past sex toy shops with imaginative displays of butt plugs and giant black dildos😂
  4. He has been picked in every team and has come off the bench in most games. He had one shot on goal from inside the box and missed.
  5. There's the great Belgian Leffe sisters: Blonde and Brun
  6. We need the players to continue to play our style of play but to provide some tactical flexibility. Last season we had two vulnerabilities, one was our defensive structure and movement, and the second was our lack of tactical flexibility when plan A wasn't working. Gomulka will be a good DM asset but isn't yet providing what O'Neill offers the team, but we don't adapt our tactics to accommodate this difference. We also need to adapt our tactics to suit Max Caputo, a different type of 9 than JMac, so that we can create tactical difficulties for opposition coaches. I don't think that this is PK's strength at the moment though.
  7. Phoenix are nominally based in Wellington, but the team is actually registered in Sydney so it's really an Australian-registered team playing from Wellington
  8. He was OK, but didn't offer much more than a good local player.
  9. I'm getting a little concerned about O'Neill's recovery from a metatarsal fracture last season. Has anyone heard an update? We are really missing him in midfield
  10. We're trying a new experimental system where we play with an absent midfield
  11. maybe we did. His family are in Sydney, it's probably a good move for him
  12. ...last gasp equaliser scored by Jackson Irvine, his second goal in the 2 games this season
  13. As a psychiatrist in private practice, I'm getting 5 new referral calls every single week; that's 250 new patients every year in addition to my existing caseload. I don't even have time to call most of them back. It's a choice for me over which moral injury I want to suffer from: do I try and see everyone and give everyone crap care, or do I choose to just offer most people no care at all, knowing that they also won't get it anywhere else. Well, this is the 'freedom' that a small vocal minority were shouting for. Don't expect any improvement before 2025 at the earliest, even when the pandemic is over, doctors, nurses and paramedics will continue to leave the system in large numbers. They won't be coming back.
  14. It's all about what each player contributes to the team and what the team contributes to each player. David Villa, playing in that standard of the team we had then, was far less effective than he would be if he were signed to our current team. It was clear that his understanding of space and movement was not shared by his teammates then, whereas now, he would be far more of a goal-scoring machine. This is exactly when a quality player will be more effective, not just in terms of bums on seats, but in outcome for the team.
  15. Don't compare him to a keeper like Sorenson. He is young and still learning, but there were clear signs of progress during the 20/21season. He was selected as the Olyroos number 1 keeper. During the 21/22 season, he looked like Redders at his worst. I don't know whether he'll continue to develop or not with a better coach, but it's a problem area that needs to be addressed anyway, and on the evidence of the previous season I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for the upcoming season.
  16. Glover was far better in his positioning and in his decision king during the previous season. He didn't loses ability to perform at the required level, he lost his capacity to perform at that level. Capability is a recruitment issue, capacity is a coaching issue.
  17. I'm happy to give Glover a season under a good goal keeping coach
  18. This could be one of the key signings for the next season. Tom Glover was decent and was improving under Neil Young's coaching, but really regressed last season. A good coach will get both our keepers back on track and save our on-field recruiting efforts for other positions
  19. Poor guy wasted a year of his career
  20. I'd rather that we only had one overseas player and all the money was spent on a better quality player
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