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  1. In the post-game interview, JMac let slip that Max Caputo will likely lead the line next season, strengthening the rumours that he's leaving. Aslan said that he wants to stay in Melbourne long-term.
  2. Because, more often than not, we run into teams that can defend
  3. 8-0, third AFL-like score for the season, but it requires team that don’t sit deep or keep their shape, and we are still unlikely to make the finals
  4. HT: 5 - 0. I don't want to put the mozz on us; I know that it's early, but even with our regular last 10 minutes of the game, snooze... we are likely to get a point from this game.
  5. Now that it's effectively season over; 1 point from the last three matches, I'd like to see our two other keepers get some game time, we'll be relying on them next season
  6. Disappointing, but expected. Despite taking the lead from Arslan's clever interception and finish, we looked second best from the first minute, and it was only the visit0r's poor finishing that prevented the scoreline from reflecting the true difference. Victory have progressed, we haven't.
  7. We are generally playing well, although CCM knows how to play through our press. As usual, we are struggling against their back 5, although it would be helpful to take the good chances that we've surprisingly been given
  8. He was a coach at TroyesK. I recall that PK missed a game through illness, but I don't think Napoli took over as interim game, it was one of the other coaches. Troyes issue was more than just PK
  9. He left the club with PK and was his assistant at Troyes. He returned to the franchise to replace Petr Kratky when he left
  10. Our big issue is in front of goals: we have been far less efficient in converting chances this season, mostly down to JMac's form slump, related, I think, to giving him the captaincy and to the near-total absence all season of Leckie, Nabbout and then Tilio. Jakolis is good, in parts, but inconsistent. I'd put Natel on the plane back to Brazil unless we are paying him a low wage
  11. Yes, and somehow he did well in the Austrian Bundesliga
  12. There goes our finals chance, and, really, we don't deserve it. That game really encapsulates our season: sterile possession; struggled to break down deep sitting organised defences. We are still to play our first choice starting XI this season, so injuries have also been a factor. The most important off-season task is to find a good Le Patron-level coach for next season
  13. We now play with a double pivot, neither of them comes close to O"Neill's influence, either defensively or in attack, but in tightening up our defence, it has cost us offensively.
  14. It's the only way that I'll get to watch matches. Don't forget, it's also the way that the League gets showcased to the rest of the world, so it facilitates recruitment in and out of the League
  15. We are far more dangerous as a counter-attacking team, as we are against better teams. We struggle to break down teams that organise well and sit deep, although, to be fair, most teams do. What worries me is that so few goals are scored by our front three, irrespective of the opponent.
  16. Yes, from now on the World Cup is 'everyone gets a prize'.
  17. Its timing reflects the realisation of our team, which has just started the season and had better start playing the type of football we are known for.
  18. We've been playing far more vertically the last two games; ironically, much more the way that Man City plays. Our mobility overloaded every WSW line and our pressing was coordinated, it was great to see. Imagine if we could find a way to play both Caputo and JMac...
  19. Well, that was a surprisingly competent performance. It's not surprising because the players didn't have it in them; they had done it before. It's surprising because prior to the last game, there was no sign of the fluency and positivity that we saw tonight. Positives: Caputo - he links play in midfield, holds up the ball, makes intelligent runs and has an eye for goal. No wonder he was in the top 100 ranked juniors when he was 16. Arslan - enjoying his football We played forward passes instead of the expected backward passes we've seen all season and kept the pressure on WSW all night Not all our goals were from counter-attacks, and three of our six forwards scored. This was without Leckie and Tilio We pressed intelligently, the first time I've seen this all season and frequently overloaded both the WSW midfield and backline. It was really good to see JMac finally score a goal; I'd still start Caputo at the moment, though. Negatives: In the words of Tyrion Lannister,“It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favour” The result was a little flattering; we still need to tighten up at the back; we were saved, once again, by Jamie Young and by WSW's profligacy. Natel is extremely frustrating to watch; moments of brilliance followed by periods of frustration
  20. Sure, I agree, but leaving that space hurts as much as it helps
  21. A good win at home at a crucial stage of the season. Congratulations to the players and coaching staff, and the long-suffering fans who attended on a hot evening. Positives: We won, and we won AT HOME😊 We scored a goal We looked fluent in attacking transition, even of our ball movement is still slow and predictable Caputo provided both a target and moved intelligently without the ball to create space. he would have had goals against a less resolute team. Impressed. I’d really love to see Arslan, Leckie, Tilio and Caputo play together Good subs from Vidmar, and brave, if somewhat overdue starting changes. Good games from Regis and Souprayen tonight, even if they are quite a slow central pairing. I hope that we can find a way to keep Fernandez Negatives: We are still too open at the back, there’s too much space between the back 4 and midfield, easily exploited in defensive transition What does Antonio’s have to do to get a start? We need to improve our scoring efficiency, we should have won that game by 2 or 3 goals
  22. Couple that with no coordinated team press and opponents attack like a hot knife through butter I agree
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