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  1. Agree. I'd be starting Caputo, he's a pretty complete number 9 who will score regularly with good service
  2. We don't need Mbappe, we are getting Iniesta
  3. 3-1 win, promotion certain for Connor and also Jackson Irvine
  4. I hear that the ACCC is insisting that we stop misrepresenting our team as having any resemblance to Manchester City, and so we are changing our jersey colour next season to beige.
  5. I agree, but I think this happens with all successful teams. It's compounded in our League with a short season, a relatively small list, and few alternative competitions for younger players. Key players are important but also a point of weakness, as we've seen this season with Matt Leslie's prolonged absences and their impact on the team. PK put more emphasis on systems of play, and whilst that was implemented rather inflexibly, it did lessen the impact of specific player absences.
  6. Young talent management is always an issue for successful teams. We just don't have a long enough season, or enough other Cups or competitions running at the same time as the A League se4ason to give them all enough game time. This is structural issue that will hopefully be improved with a second division
  7. I don't think that our bench has been as strong; this gives the coach fewer options, and, of course, they have less impact. We've probably had fewer injuries overall, but all have been to key players, and they've missed many games. It wasn't until the third last round that we were able to field our first-choice eleven
  8. We've lost a whole generation of young players who couldn't get into the senior team and whose careers stalled. In a way that's an inevitable consequence of success, but team selection should always balance present needs with future success.
  9. Townsend spent money like we were the EPL
  10. We did finish 6th in our worst season for 10 years compared to the visit0rs... Our football, as others have said, is very predictable; that, in itself isn't a problem if we play it better than any other team in the League. We don't, and then aren't able to solve the problems set for us by the opposition. This is partly recruitment: our CBs are good, but slow. This either prevents us playing compactly or leaves us very vulnerable to a counter-attack our DM isn't good enough for our style of play our wingers aren't good enough with their final ball Our striker had a poor season, in part because our style of play didn't suit his strengths Our bench this season was weak, with no game-changers apart from Antonis. Our coaching has been poor: poor in group management in creating a cohesive team; poor in instilling belief, poor subs management; poor tactical adjustment during games.
  11. Careful, their email inbox may have a 5MB limit😂
  12. ...that aren't slow. And, we need an O'Neill level DM who can read the game
  13. Hopefully, that means that he had an unsuccessful audition for the permanent position.
  14. PK, for his considerable faults, had passion; Aurelio is beige.
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