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  1. He's come to use the Germano Treatment Centre, world renown.
  2. Hopefully he bears a striking resemblance to de Bruyne in his impact on the team. he was a free transfer
  3. Signed as a free agent too. No transfer fee Pucci, Endoh, Hughes, Hendry, Meeweis, the Austrian dude whose name I can't recall...
  4. Hopefully he hasn't been signed as a visa bench player. We really need a true creative number 10 though, I'm not sure what he offers over what we already have
  5. Yes, it's not black and white. Real-life isn't ideal, but the ideal matchday scenario would see every player having a clear idea of their role in the team during various stages of play. This should happen on the training field
  6. Yes, Arzani is a luxury player these days. All would be forgiven if he were scoring regularly, but he isn't. My point is that this should be coached in training, not during the match
  7. He certainly needed some discipline and structure, but from a coach who would improve him. I don't know what happened in training but, on the field during matches, Wazza seemed to always be telling him to do something different from what he was doing - that should have been happening during training
  8. Atkinson and Metcalfe have been regular starters, Arzani wasn't. Arzani was coached by Wazza
  9. ...and we'll probably lose Curtis Good as a national squad player
  10. It's not just his style of play, his whole philosophy and motivation and team building is built around: backs to the wall dig deep nobody expects us to win we are underdogs. This worked well at CCM because it was true, it strained credibility somewhat when he kept calling the Smurfs 'underdogs', and, paradoxically, it might work well (because it's true) in our WC group, but it became a self-fulfilling prophecy during qualification, and it's isnt the philosophy we want for our national team. He's done some good things, like unifying style of play and coaching continuity between U23 and Socceroos, but his time has come and gone now that we've qualified.
  11. Bela Guttman's three year rule for coaches applies to PK
  12. I'm still waiting for my team to turn up for the game...
  13. I'm not sure how this will go, we should be starting favourites, and have the experience of two consecutive Grand Final appearances. We'll be relatively rested (compared to the breaks between games over the past few months, and are playing at home with almost a full squad. We haven't beaten WU at all this season, but this is a game they will need to play to win rather than just sit deep and counter-attack. We will need to score first though or it'll be much harder for us. Either way, it's good to see a Grand Final between the two Melbourne teams
  14. A very good win for us today Positives: Adelaide was a form team and have been hard for us to beat We won from behind, we won in a final when the pressure was all on us as the Premiers, and we won when we looked down for the count Great game from Leckie tonight Glover wasn't really tested in terms of positioning and decision making but put in an assured performance Good, early subs from PK, they changed the game when it needed changing Negatives: It was good to see Florin back, we looked more cohesive going forward, but that was really his only influence on the game JMac is out of form, but still scored Good crowd We look very mechanical and really bereft of creativity and spark until the second half subs. Tilio plays his best football on the wing. We won without playing particularly well but play a final against an in-form counter-attacking team In the words of the philosopher, Tyrion Lannister “It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favour”
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