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  1. WU have a clear template when they play us: Sit deep and compact Slow our ball speed Force a turnover Score on the counter. It works every time; every team will try the same plan as we will always turnover in midfield, more the ball too slowly and predictably and our offside trap is easy to beat
  2. I can do it all from an underground box in a Vienna cemetery
  3. Arnie specialises in "backs to the wall lads, we are the underdogs. dig deep". It was a successful mentality at CCM, ludicrous when he tried it at Sydney FC, but just not the right mentality for the Socceroos. Ange had a clearly articulated style that he tried to implement, Arnold's style of play...what?
  4. He has the Socceroos playing like the CCM did when he coached them
  5. My, Graeme Arnold is the dementor's kiss of coaching, he has sucked all the life out of the Socceroos. vertical football shapeless, no structure endless backpasses and little effective possession It makes painful viewing. Surely, we must replace him before the WC?
  6. It seems that we conceded two goals towards the end of each half. Same old same old
  7. Yes, we struggled, but just beat an NSW NPL team in the Australia Cup. They'll really be seeing their loss as unlucky now.
  8. I see that we are continuing our usual pre-season form. 2-4 loss. We've concede 6 goals to CCM in 2 pre-season games. The third season curse is upon us😥
  9. What he shouted was that powerful men shouldn't be protected from prosecution after sexually abusing minors
  10. The third season coaching curse
  11. The last two seasons have been similar, we haven't started playing with any cohesion or purpose until about Round 5 of the season
  12. He was sacked by Roar, one line press release. PFA is very concerned about the circumstances. there's no other information that I know about.
  13. Corey Browne has been suddenly let go by Roar. The circumstances are unclear, 'misconduct' has been alleged, PFA is standing by the payer. He might be a good depth player.
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