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  1. It's an issue of culture, from the Board down; failure to act on aspects of 'supporter' culture; poor recruiting from previous coaches down to imports and local player recruitment and retention; notice that they lose a lot of players after one season; they still don't have a permanent training base; poor junior and academy recruitment and progression. What is their style of play, it seems to vary from season to season and this amplifies the recruitment difficulty?
  2. D'Agostino wants to be a winner. What a train wreck that franchise is.
  3. Absolutely, my point, though is that the replacements in his position are less effective, lessening the effectiveness of the team. We should be giving our JMac successor more game time now so that he's ready to step up
  4. The problem with playing Leckie as a #9 is that we lose his effectiveness as a wide player. The emphasis these days is on players that can play multiple positions: there's a place for that and it's important, but there's also some value in a specialist #9
  5. Should we be looking for an injury-replacement striker? Otherwise, we'd have to move Leckie away from the wing if Jmac was injured or suspended
  6. Does anyone know what is going on with Max Caputo? He's been on the injury list for the whole season
  7. WSW set out to not lose at home, and in that respect, they did pretty well. A little more luck though and we could have won 3-1, sometimes that happens. In the old days though, we would have lost that game.
  8. That was a good game to win. Positives: Our first game in Wellington since 2019. Our first win there since 2017 I think. We won in red and white A positive first half where we controlled the midfield Positive subs in the second half when we didn't. Negatives: We didn't control the game, particularly not in the second half Hopefully, a precaution to rest Curtis Good Still no Florin
  9. PK was very good at implementing the system but less good at making the system work well in a game. No battle plan survives contact with the enemy
  10. This. When we play teams with organised defences we often lack the movement off the ball to open them. We also often lack the ball speed to open them
  11. Long balls to players with good control, like Leckie or Tilio
  12. One good thing we did under PK was the long diagonal ball (at times). There are times now when it would be more helpful, the neat triangles look good but slow the ball speed and impair us in transition when we aren't good enough to break down organised teams. Like everything, it's about timing, the one thing missing from our game is unpredictability and flexibility. This issue was really apparent in the women's game last night when our ball speed was far too slow and we struggled to break down Glory Women.
  13. A good win after a potentially momentum-breaking break and a coaching change. Positives: Won, despite playing poorly in the second half. It was hot! Clean sheet Tough for Nuno Reis, who would be a definite starter in any other team but will struggle to be a first-choice CB pairing O'Neill, his usual unspectacular but ruthlessly effective self, both in breaking up midfield attacks and setting up attaching transitions. In a way, he is his own worst enemy when int comes to national team selection as he's just so unspectacularly good. His positioning on the field and with respect to his opponents means that he doesn't need spectacular tackles Negatives: The game should have been out of reach at half-time; our conversion rate this season has been poor compared to previous seasons. It was hard to get a sense of the crowd numbers from the TV coverage. Valon Berisha - maybe the expectations were unrealistic after his first game: solid but unspectacular.
  14. I had an early Xmas 'present' this year, Covid on Xmas Eve😡 It was good to see a win tonight to cheer me up
  15. I think that there is an obvious cultural issue in the vist0rs active supporters that isn't present in ours but I suspect both groups also get 'derby day specials' attending that aren't there for the football, and that change the dynamic of the group
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