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  1. Agree, but we were missing our number 10. Remember, last season Nabbout was the key player that balanced the team, our performances when he was absent early in the season were pretty ordinary. Let's see how we go when he's playing 90 minutes. I do think PK needs an experienced deputy and Buckingham is missed. Re,member, he won the W-League when Jess Fishlock was his assistant
  2. Just unlucky They had 2 chances, luckily, one involved a handball. Its telling though that both their chances ended up in the net
  3. My first match attendance for the season, possibly my last, not because I don't want to come, I just don't know if I'll be in melbourne on match days so a preety disappointing performance.to witness. Positives: We didn't fade in the second half We had many shots on target that on any other night would have resulted in goals. It's early in the season. Negatives: There were two things missing in our game: goals, and intensity. Maclaren was well marked by Lacroix who was my MOTM It infuriated me to see how many of our players in the front third received the ball with their back to the goal and then played a back pass or were dispossessed. Too many first passes in attacking transition were backward. Too few forward runs and movement off the ball was poor and we were static. Nobody attacking the far post Too many diagonal balls into the congested half of the field Glover looked tentative and caught off his line again, luckily we didn't pay with a second goal I know that we played WU twice in pre-season but we looked predicable and they were well set up by lucky John to break down our play. Our combination play was poor, or predictable. We won't win a seciond Premiership with tonight's level of desire That didn't feel at all like a derby, more like we were playing Mariners, but good on WU for marshalling every single one of their supporters to the game.
  4. There's nothing like match practice, all the Melbourne based teams had a very disrupted pre-season with limited practice matches, I think that we played WU twice, were there other games? Yes, it's affected all teams, but not equally: WU will only benefit from a lack of "lucky John" match coaching, the vist0rs are in a major rebuild this season, our play relies on player movement and positioning, understanding runs etc, this takes time. Remember last season our first few games were poor, then the team chemistry clicked.
  5. Disappointing loss of concentration hopefully a reflection of a disrupted pre-season, but that's two games in a row now. Good result compared to our past performances there but still disappointing
  6. Slow start but we've improved across the half. Defending well, especially from set pieces
  7. We are well overdue for an away win against this team, we have a better team than last year. Perhaps a 1-1 draw, but we need to score first or they'll sit back in an organised block
  8. I only watched the first half as we had our first overnight visitors since before the last lockdown - even more exciting than football! It looked like we moved the ball well, ball speed and movement off the ball was good, however, we seemed to break down in the front third, it wasn't quite clear what our attacking strategy was. Hopefully, this will improve with more match time. It wasn't clear how we plan to use Matt Leckie. I'm a little concerned that our Italian dude isn't even fit enough yet for the bench.
  9. I was very happy with this game. Normally, we've struggled with cohesion in pre-season this game we looked pretty fluid. Normally, we'd struggle to score without our first choice front three, even against NPL opposition, we didn't. South Melbourne struggled to track our inverted full backs, 2 goals to Galloway, who, this time last season was a depth signing. We have depth and young talent A little concerned that we haven't seen our Italian signing, by the time he's match fit he is going to struggle to break into the starting team, not in itself a bad thing but not desirable for a visa signing.
  10. A national response doesn't mean that the same thing should be happening everywhere, in reality we have multiple micro clusters, all at different stages, all requiring a different response, but a coordinated response, all working from the same principles with the same approach to risk management. There are no absolute answers in medicine, its all about probabilities and risk management. We've had no central leadership so each State has been left to do its own thing, like the US Staes under Trumpery
  11. Yes, that's a problem reflected in so many areas. Different aspects of healthcare involve Council, State or Federal responsibilities, often resulting in either duplication or cost shifting.
  12. A RC with a wider scope of reference, to look at the whole pandemic response. it'll never happen though
  13. It's important to interpret the numbers. There's a rapidly growing outbreak in Albury-Wodonga but 60% of cases are under 16 years old. Almost all of these will have a mild illness and won't trigger conditions that require lockdown. I agree that the proposed law is overreach, but it's unlikely to pass the upper house. I think that the decision should remain with the CHO, but that Parliament should be required to sit throughout any state of emergency so that there can be a public political accountability. That risks it turning into the usual political shit fight, but its better than Government by executive rule. Once we reach 90% of over 16s double vaccinated, the virus will struggle to transmit in any group other than school aged kids. Teachers should be a priority for early third doses but luckily the summer break is arriving and 5-12 year olds should be approved for vaccination by Xmas or soon after, so next year will look quite different
  14. As always, the Covid morbidity and mortality will be disproportionately fall on the disadvantaged: elderly poor unemployed, insecurely employed who don't have access to good sick leave those low paid essential workers in transport and logistics chains, food supply industries. If we guaranteed a living wage to all citizens, at least for the duration of the pandemic it would allow the sort of workforce flexibility that would remove many factors that continue the chains of transmission and reduce the main cause of financial stress in the community
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