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  1. Yes. The young men in front of me in the home end were clearly agitated and waiting to see “something”. That pitch invasion was obviously pre-planned and these blokes knew that it (or something similar) was going to happen.
  2. Well so much for my favourite game of the year. Our fans weren’t great. Theirs were atrocious. And no announcement forever.
  3. Who would have thought that the bloke who looked like he couldn’t save a penalty if his life depended on it when he was with us would be Australia’s World Cup qualification hero.
  4. In regards to Cabrera I felt he was just starting to settle into the league and hit his straps when he decided he’d rather be somewhere else. Crueled our season
  5. I’m really pleased Wazza got another job. Even if it is only driving the Forrest U21s bus.
  6. Tards be smart to take a 0-4 right now.
  7. The humidity will be the killer. With no time to acclimatise we will be up against it. Good subs and use the full squad.
  8. The U23s making the Olympics and winning a game showed me the tide has turned. At long last things have stopped getting worse. (These players are basically from the U23 generation that didn’t score a goal in qualification). A second division (like Arnold used to promote) would help, though realistically through the last two years we’ve done well to keep the A League. Personally id keep Arnold. Not because I think he’s the only choice, but because I consider him a good experienced coach and random chopping and changing frustrates me. He knows where the bodies are buried now and can plot a course. in regards to JMac he wouldn’t touch the ball in games like we’ve just seen, as he’d get zero service, so I personally agree with not playing him. He needs a better midfield and wingers I’m afraid (or worse opposition).
  9. The loss of Souttar was a massive set back for the campaign. More than I realised at the time. I’m not in the “it’s all Arnolds fault” camp. Our squad is very weak (probably the weakest since about 1982) and qualification revealed Arnold is not a miracle worker. Where to from here? Might as well try to beat UAE. Obviously we’ll be underdogs in that one. Fortunately it’s not home and away qualification, which increases the influence of luck, which we’ll need, particularly if we make it to the Peru game. The good news is I think we have stopped getting worse now.
  10. Aloisi is due. After all that bad luck.
  11. He did a decent job at Brisbane. It was clear he’d learnt from his mistakes. let’s face it a busted arse outfit like Heart needed an experienced campaigner not a novice. It was a tough gig by any stretch. PS I think goal difference is half a point.
  12. Another good win in the title chase.
  13. Archie was the only one talking any sense after the Socceroos lost too. It’s like the longer he’s been away from the tards the more his brain has recovered.
  14. Dickhead Andy Harper going on about how controversial it is, how it’s wrong etc etc. FFS. Clear and obvious error (before VAR intervened)
  15. Expected result. Completely outclassed by superior footballers.
  16. Ryan and the crossbar keeping us in the game so far.
  17. No O’Neill. Still dealing with the swollen eye?
  18. I’m calling that a smash and grab. Good to see Retre on the scoreboard again for us (been a while) and great goal from Leckie.
  19. Aidan O’Neill had one hell of a shiner. The fight would have been stopped I reckon. Going to need a good cut man to get him back in the ring I mean field for the weekend.
  20. In regards to miller watching closely you can see Leckie’s boot come over, rather than land on it. So that’s why he didn’t award a pen. (What I suspect happened is Leckie has sharply scrapped the top of the foot with his studs, which would be fairly nasty)
  21. Which makes absolutely no sense at all! (But seems the best explanation)
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