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  1. We are like a shell of what we were. Trying to play in a similar way without the substance.
  2. You could see in his first involvement hes not used to players running with such intensity. Different to any league hes played in. Will take him some time to adjust.
  3. Funny enough we should have won. We were barely in that second half yet had the best chances.
  4. Unfortunately he is the worst striker with the ball at his feet. Irrespective of his goal scoring.
  5. Bloody Jaime. Gives off the ball too early. Needs to be moved on next season.
  6. 8000 Chilean born people in Melbourne. Apparently. I personally don't know.
  7. Finally we can tap into the 8000 Chileans here. If we could get half of them we'd double our current attendance.
  8. Anyone making negative remarks for cfg being financially motivated are slightly bewildering. In this world, which owner isn't motivated financially. The backwaters of aleague football included. Any owner would consider such an offer and not just cfg.
  9. I don't blame him for getting a decent payout end of his career but fuck me. The fact we're not title contenders either helped make the decision. And he gets to play with one of the greatest of all time. It's probably a good move from a personal perspective. Just shit for us.
  10. That's the one. Someone like him would be great.
  11. Who was the victory forward that played for them few years back? Blonde haired visa scored some great goals. We need someone like that.
  12. Agree with this. Not that we couldn't have done things differently. But they certainly didn't allow us to play the same as we do against other teams. Their high press caused us problems.
  13. He had to have seen the ball off Natels side. Which caused the ball to inadvertently hit Brillante in the arm?
  14. Also the deliveries from the wing and the defensive effort
  15. You're right. Which is unfortunate. Means we're in trouble at the back.
  16. Another crap ball. He got a long stare from Jaime and Arslan on that one.
  17. WSW know we are going to try play out from the back when Jaime has the ball and are cleverly pressing us.
  18. Except his diabolical ball he gave away he been good.
  19. Galloway looks like he's never played left back and Good has been sub par. Anti football has come to town with JA. Disgusting football. But they're winning.
  20. Active in 2024? Been over a year since anyone posted in this section. What's the situation with the current active. Does anyone know if things look to change or improve anytime soon?
  21. Are the tickets free with the code?
  22. Our German/Turkish Aaron Mooy. What an absolute pleasure it is watching this guy. His vision is second to none in this league. He knows exactly where his team mates are around him before we even do. Deserved goal last night and player of the match. Hope he stays injury free and can continue to build on his performances.
  23. Very enjoyable. Have been missing a game like this for quite some time.
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