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  1. What a great final. Cheering on the mariners like they were my own club and giving it to the victory supporters after the third goal... brilliant.
  2. Word is many staff inside the club were scratching their heads at the subs made last night wondering what the hell Vidmar was doing. Don't think the people from Man City that were at the game last night were impressed either.
  3. Talbot is fucking shit. Failed to track the run of their player when they scored and missed the penalty. He's shit. If they give him priority to be in the starting eleven next season they've got rocks in their heads.
  4. This news is about as inspiring as our profligacy in front of goal tonight.
  5. What a disgraceful call against Macarthur. Shocking biased refereeing.
  6. Its pretty obvious to me what their reason is. They're all coming out of the woodwork for the derby. Pathetic.
  7. Melburnians are copping a lot of flack at the moment for their sudden return. I can't defend against it either. Seems to be a case of 'derby specialists' coming out of the woodwork.
  8. Jw your opinion on Leckie has gone to VAR and the ref has overturned the decision to a straight red
  9. Udinese apparently sniffing around for Arslan
  10. Strangely enough I haven't been this excited for a game for a long time. Should make for some great viewing.
  11. During his whole career playing as a right back he performed best with us
  12. Not really. Hasn't he been around for a long time and worked under PK?
  13. Why was this guy signed? He's been average at best. He's taken Ugarkovic position and our managers, with all their badges, pushed Urgakovic forward in a position that isn't his. Urgakovic has had some of his worst moments as he's stuffed a number of front third scoring opportunities. Simply because it isn't his natural position. Get rid of Jeggo, hes useless. Happy to keep Urgakovic even as a bench player if we can find someone better to replace him.
  14. For the sake of next season not making the finals is a blessing. Don't want anything to paper over the cracks of this season.
  15. As far as I know and am concerned FRG doesn't exist.
  16. I think I jumped the gun a bit as praising him as our Mooy. Not quite.
  17. Damn @jw1739you're a cranky bastard, but we love ya all the same
  18. Antonis goal of the season. Not player of the match though. Nuno was my POM. Was immense, passed the ball through the lines perfectly time and time again and scored a goal. Unfortunately seems he has fallen of people's radar this evening.
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