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  1. He did some incredible amazing and also some shockingly dumbfounding things with the ball last night. Cry frustrating as a result.
  2. And Vidmar is at fault for that. Sakhi should have been subbed 30 min before he was. Pathetic coaching.
  3. So you're saying people just can't be bothered to come at 5.30 on a perfect day and their day off. Thats the reason?
  4. Walked through the team arriving by bus in Docklands today. Surprisingly some very tall guys in their team. There were a few Melbourne City officials there to welcome them.
  5. I look at it like this. In 13 years nothing like this has happened. From a personal perspective I've never had to encounter these morons. And for 13 years, bar this particular derby, I've had only good viewing experiences going as its an exciting fixture. So that's where I'm coming from. Maybe it's a case of everyone is wired differently which I acknowledge. And people may have had different experiences too. However, I do enjoy the extra tension between teams and supporter bases. Maybe some people just don't.
  6. I find it strange to not come back to games after the that derby but hey that's just me.
  7. Take it as a momentum and confidence builder. Our last ACL game showed we are starting to look more like a team. Today again had a many signs of better cohesion. Can we continue to build on it and become stronger? Time will tell next game, but for now can't ask for much more from the team than what they did. Let's enjoy it I'd say.
  8. Hes been terrible. Time to hang up the boots if he doesn't lift his performance.
  9. Pin point cross from Jakolis and great finish from the youngster.
  10. Admittedly i enjoyed watching that game. As frustrating it was. Great game for the neutral.
  11. Young should be dropped. Shocking indecision once again to come out and claim the ball.
  12. Young is too slow. Doesn't come out to collect the ball. And Good is a shadow of his former self.
  13. Fck me dead. We are second to most balls. Any loose ball there's 3 or 4 of our players watching it hoping someone else goes for it.
  14. Moment he took that short run up i got nervous. I swear that kind of run up has a higher probability of missing.
  15. Just to pay devils advocate, interestingly Jaime and Good, our highest scorer and our best defender look bog stock average.
  16. Not sure if you're serious but a lot more can be done with these players.
  17. Very difficult to watch 11 geriatric look a likes running around the pitch
  18. Agree. Natel doesnt suit our system. Not just his play with the ball but we need to press high. He's too slow and you can see he doesnt have that in him. I hope he proves me completely wrong.
  19. Yeh agree. Natel had a good 10 min period then was taken off but decide that has been average at best. He has the Brazilian style but without the end product. Without that you have to at least put in the work to make up for it. I'm not sure if he has it in him to do that.
  20. Timing goes two ways. The timing of the run and the speed of the assisting player to deliver the ball on time.
  21. I find the Jakolis comments unwarranted. I didn't rate him at all the first couple of games I saw him either. But since then, of all our attacking players he has been one of the most effective. Natel, Lopane and even Jamie for most of the games have been average majority of the time. He's been the one outlet that actually runs at defenders and has assisted many goals so far this season. Maybe it's some of his theatrics earlier on which make people not rate him.
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