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  1. Arslan knows how to take a Pen!
  2. Yeah let's play Hall as the Right back when he is naturally a CB and Talbot as the LB when he is naturally a RB.. working really well for Rado isn't it.. Young looks putrid. Nuno has picked up where he left off the Grand Final.. Arslan, Jakolis and Leckie have looked decent so far.
  3. Well boys and girls.. Oakleigh it is!
  4. Hearing this morning Tilio is very close to departing. Multiple offers are on the table for him including a Serie A club. Looks like he will be gone unfortunately πŸ˜•
  5. Is "The Coach" an acceptable answer?
  6. Nek minute they classify Jamie Young as a foreigner because he played for the England Youth squad....
  7. It's amazing how it always freezes no matter what you are watching. What also absolutely baffles me is the fact that after 2 seasons they still can't add a basic pause and rewind function. Something that they came out and actually said after Round 2 this season was that "after much feedback from subscribers we are working to add a pause and rewind function for all live A League games" Not sure if they meant Round 2 2027 or 2032 but honestly Paramount is an absolute crock of shit!
  8. Why does City have a habit of signing young and upcoming Goal Keepers when we already have Nieuwenhuizen and some talent also within the Academy? They end up getting absolutely no game time and then move on..
  9. He can join MaRkO and his whiteboard....
  10. Pierias is off to the Wanderers I believe..
  11. We ain't the only ones having a clean out!! ALM Squad Update... Perth Glory can confirm that A-Leagues Men’s players Antonee Burke-Gilroy, Pierce Clark, Jack Clisby, Zach Duncan, Matt Hatch, Mitch Oxborrow, Adrian Sardinero and Jacob Young have all departed the club following the expiration of their contracts, or in order to allow them to explore opportunities elsewhere. More details here: https://tinyurl.com/4wsjkats Many thanks for all your efforts, guys and the very best of luck for the future!
  12. Another bench to keep warm for a season..
  13. Anyone know if that so called "beast" Jmac was talking about before the finals has been unleashed yet?
  14. 19th out of 20th.. FAARRRKK Look out!! He's ripping it up over there! πŸ™ˆπŸ€£
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