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  1. Really hoping VDV is back sooner rather than later! The last 2 games have shown how much we rely on his attacking ability as such! Same goes for Leckie too!
  2. So.. what's everyone's thoughts in regards to Tilio now? Seems like there is a big chance he will be off to Europe or somewhere next season although his last few performances wouldn't have done him any favours in regards to that!
  3. Yeah I said the same thing when it happened. He inherited a ripper squad who was on a good run of form. When Rado first took over we continued to play the way we were playing under PK. Fast flowing high possession, high pressure football. The only difference the first few games was Rado would actually make subs! The last 4 games or so we have honestly started to play exactly how we played under Joyce. Come out the blocks firing the first 10-15 mins but fail to capitalise. Then we go a goal down and struggle to peg one back.. I really hope we can turn this run of form around and bounce back after the break!
  4. Only positive is they have a much harder draw than we do going forward. We should also get some players back after this break!
  5. Macarthur Away. 2 O'Neil 1 Talbot. Was hard not to give 1 to Aspropotamitis
  6. Yep.. This was exactly like that game against the Wanderers.. Could have had the plate wrapped up by now but no.. Adelaide are getting closer and closer..
  7. This is exactly like the away game to the Wanderers. Absolutely dominated possessions and shots on goal and yet walked away with 1 point that game..
  8. Just look at those stats! 80% Posession. 13 shots and yet we find ourselves down 1-0.
  9. Week in week out we absolutely dominate the first 10-15 minutes and fail to capitalise.. then we get caught out on the counter attack and concede.. teams have worked out how to play against us and it is starting to hurt us.. Jamo in midfield baffles me.. you nailed it @Tommykins it is exactly that! He is so slow and seems to stop the build of play. You can clearly see Jmac is in pain with his toe and yet rather than giving him a rest we persist with playing him.. I absolutely love this club but at times I really do question some of the decision making that gets made behind the scenes!
  10. Well f**k Can you click on the live schedule thing and view it that way? I've been saying it for a while.. our defence of late is absolutely horrific!
  11. This really has become that banana skin game now! Hope we can get the job done and get the 3 points!
  12. Victory certainly just kind of did us a favour. If we can win this now against Macarthur then I feel like the plate is in our hands.. Adelaide will be the only challenger but have a much tougher draw than us in the remaining fixtures!
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