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  1. What's the rumours with Colacovski? Obliviously he isn't getting much game time lately but where would he go?
  2. Yep.... Does anyone know if there is some sort of contract clause in regards to signing players for ACL coverage? Both Endoh and Puccarelli have been signed yet barely get any game time.. is there some sort of clause saying they are only allowed ex amount of game time in regular season games? If not I have absolutely no idea and am baffled as to how both of them get absolutely zero game time!
  3. Couldn't agree more!! Is Wales confirmed gone to Western United or is he going to be another Atkinson?? I certainly hope not!!
  4. Rumours going around that Nabbout might be joining us now..
  5. So we have re signed Atkinson, Berenguer and Griffiths..
  6. Any word on who the assistant will now be?
  7. If we keep majority of the squad we had this season and Kisnorbo gets them playing in a similar style that Erick did then we should be able to achieve silverware hopefully next season! Yes there will be alot of pressure on him as coach for his first season but it almost brings memories of when Muscunt oops I mean Muscut took over Victory and alot of people were a bit concerned about it. He inherited a good side and was able to do good things with them. Lets hope Kisnorbo can do the same with us!
  8. Certainly wouldn't say no!
  9. Makes you wonder how many more he could have actually scored if we had a winger that could actually deliver a decent cross rather than always putting in to the back of row Z...
  10. Couldn't agree more! We have to go that 1 step further. Especially if we manage to keep majority of the squad we have given the circumstances with the league around pay-cuts etc. Runners up in both the FFA Cup, GF and 2nd on the table this yearly surely next season the aim would be that one better. Anything less we have gone backwards imo..
  11. Well surely the expectation would be to go that 1 step further? Look at this season. 2nd on the ladder FFA Cup runners up Grand Final runners up. Anything less would obliviously be a step backwards. At least he played for us and then coached the Youth Team and W League aswell with some success.. Hopefully he can bring out the passion that he shows week in and week out into the players.
  12. That's it right there. Look at this season. FFA Cup runners up, Finished 2nd on the table, and Runner up in the Grand Final.. expectations for next year would be exactly that to go 1 step further and to expect Kisnorbo to do that in his first season if he ends up coaching would be a bit unrealistic tbh.. Really hope we keep Erick for the next season!
  13. Hmm yeah that's a fair point.. Really hope he doesn't end up there!!
  14. Straight of the FTBL website in regards to Fornaroli.. Glory chief executive Tony Pignata was surprised to read reports that striker Bruno Fornaroli was also considering his options. "I'm surprised that Melbourne Victory are talking to a contracted player without advising us," Pignata said. "It's all speculation at the moment because he's still under contract with us for another season." Apparently it was for a 1 year loan? Not sure if it's still happening or not??
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