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  1. Agree but we are merely tenants to AAMI Park. I can only assume they have a partnership with each other (the stadium and ticketek) across the board with all their events and thus we are merely along for the ride.
  2. Don't forget his silly foul that led to their goal.
  3. I actually wanted to look him up and check. The woman that was commentating barely said a word but when she did it was some monotonous tone. Only got mildly excited when Perth scored their second goal.
  4. Btw the commentating is beyond a joke. One of the most biased disgraceful games I've listened to.
  5. Jamieson again. Reis looking like a fish out of water at RB.
  6. Time has passed for Jamo to retire
  7. Glovers distribution is atrocious for a professional goalkeeper.
  8. Does anyone have an example anywhere in the world where game postponment due to crowd behaviour has resulted in full points being awarded to the opposing team?
  9. Spot on it is. A moment or two last game he had perfect opportunity to provide an assist in what would be a goal without doubt yet opted to take it on himself.
  10. Derby to be continued in April from 22nd minute 1-0 up.
  11. Dont imagine they would be monetary sanctions based on their current financial position besides what they need to pay in damages. Must be a points sanction and/or possible ongoing NT sanctions?
  12. Fair point. Just makes me wonder if we have the next 'Tilio' coming through the ranks or not.
  13. Anyone else notice we had no young substitutions to make? Jmac was taken off, I thought at least Raphael would come on.
  14. Rumour he already agreed to go to the J2 league during the world cup. Apparently his interest in striving for results since then has declined. Plus victory get a six figure compensation fee out of it.
  15. But this doesn't make sense....unless they call the game a draw whereby victory gets a point. Otherwise it has nothing to do with victory position on the ladder.
  16. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    Just waiting for the game where we don't need to rely on good fortune to stop us conceding.
  17. Record financial loss at Melbourne Victory as US ownership looms Melbourne Victory lost $6.7 million and was in deep financial trouble just months before it struck a deal that could hand control of the club to a US private equity investor within five years. So bad were the financial problems at the A-League’s best supported club that Victory’s auditors warned there was “material uncertainty” it could continue as a “going concern”, the club’s 2021-22 accounts show. The club’s revenue was badly affected by the pandemic – as were other professional sports clubs – but higher expenses also left it in the precarious position of having its liabilities exceeding its assets. The deal with investor 777 Partners and the club’s financial woes pre-date last month’s violent pitch invasion at AAMI Park that has led to initial sanctions against Victory, including limiting the number of fans it can have at games. Final penalties are yet to be determined by Football Australia. Before the investment from 777 Partners, Victory’s auditor Moore Australia said the state of the club’s finances “indicate a material uncertainty exists that may cast doubt on the group’s ability to continue as a going concern”. Victory’s major shareholder Mario Biasin, the co-founder of major builder Metricon, died in May. Metricon was a major Victory sponsor, while Biasin owned 26 per cent of the club. The Miami-based 777 Partners is a significant investor in world soccer, with stakes in Spanish La Liga side Sevilla, Italian Serie B team Genoa and Brazilian club Vasco De Gama. It recently struck a deal to make a significant investment in German Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin. It invests across insurance, finance, media and entertainment and aviation. The investor also backs new low-cost Australian airline Bonza. That airline will replace Metricon as a major Victory sponsor and its logo will appear on the front of the club’s jersey. The deal with 777 Partners, if approved by Victory shareholders, will dramatically dilute the interest of existing major shareholders in the club including Di Pietro and businessmen Joe Mirabella and Sam Cuteri. According to documents filed with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission, they intend to vote in favour of the 777 Partners investment. An expert report from RSM recommended the deal be approved by shareholders. Private investment is playing a growing role in Australia soccer, with private equity firm Silver Lake now the biggest shareholder in the A-League. Victory also owns a stake in the A-League, along with the other 11 teams in the competition.
  18. His work rate is fantastic. Better than Luna? Quite possibly. That's a strength in itself.
  19. I get where you're coming and agree. Even victory members that are closer to the club/active support agree that there have been many incidents that the club has failed to fully address. I also think @NewConvert has a point in wanting to know that information regarding those involved being members. It doesn't seem like much but separating actual paying members and potential banned members at the very least shows a few things.... 1) The club/sport has acted already in the past and doesn't tolerate these thugs. They are not members. Nobodies that come to cause trouble. 2) The responsibility slightly shifts to the stadium security rather than the sport. 3) The period of time from when they were banned to this game can suggest this trouble happens only when these thugs are there. So it's not present at every game. 4) We need to distance all the good members and football people from these thugs as far as possible. Every opportunity we can get needs to be used to do so imo.
  20. 100% agree. Who are these men? What is their background. Are they members, walk ins. It is so important that the sport provides the public context around these issues... otherwise people will simply assume they are just football fans like everyone else.
  21. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    I'm not trying to make anyone do anything. Secondly i never said he knew exactly how far he had to throw it. I says he knew roughly how far. Furthermore to that I don't believe he had actual intent to hit anyone with the flare. But IMO he threw it towards them with intent. I've seen the video footage of him looking back at them, picking up the flare and watching where he was throwing it over the goals. He was certainly pissed off because that flare was thrown at him. He saw it sail past his head.
  22. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    Oh I agree with your point. But you agree then I gather...as dumb and stupid and the moment got to him...he knew roughly how far that flare was going. It may have been a moment of anger. Whatever it was. One flare he carefully threw over the advertisement barrier. The other he's launched 10-15 metres away through the air. Its black and white. And he deserves whatever he gets for it.
  23. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    You think that flare would have ended up in city Terrace had the ends been reversed? Same scenario...
  24. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    I don't buy it. When thinking clearly he didn't intend it to go into the crowd. But in that moment he had a brain fart. No way in the world would that flare end up in the crowd if it was the city terrace behind him.
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