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  1. our best lineup this year? Glover Gallo - Reis- Good - Jamo Lam - Berisha - VDV Leckie - Macca - Nabbout
  2. Our own Albanian eagle. Very excite
  3. Lost 2-0 at CCM behind closed doors today. No clue on lineup
  4. Luka Modric would tear up the league at 37. Just saying
  5. Not yet. Praying we have white shorts with the home strip. I hate the all blue
  6. So do we get free bickies with that cracker of a tune they used?
  7. We need more greeks in our team period
  8. EPL back this weekend. YNWA….. cunts
  9. Van der venne out due to a “slight niggle”. I love this club
  10. Surely we can wear red and white for one home game a year vs mariners or Tards
  11. He’s just a shit marco tilio
  12. I wonder when our 3 kits will be announced…
  13. Tards just announced Nani… You’d hope that we’ve got something huge in the works
  14. Don’t you dare get my hopes up for a laugh
  15. Tilio will run rings around these cunts. Next
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