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  1. I'm staggered they haven't made a decision on this yet. Well, not really staggered as it's true to APL form but this should have been sorted within 24 hours of the abandoned fixture.
  2. At this point, it looks like the bus pretty much drives itself. We've looked great and tbh I don't see the need to bring in someone who will inevitably have his own ideas and may well disrupt our terrific form. Happy to have Rado until the end of the season.
  3. Yep, and convincingly. The fact that we can have a full strength starting XI with Nabbout, Nuno Reis and Jamieson resigned to the bench (with Berenguer to come back in as well) is crazy good. I think the only "deficiency" is RB where Talbot is a clear downgrade from Atkinson but equally, he's been consistent and has strong competition/cover in Galloway. Can't wait to earn our home grand final.
  4. Yep. I watched yesterday's game with an apathy not felt since Joyceball, only this time it's not the football on the pitch that's the problem.
  5. Upon a night's reflection after what I can only describe as some sort of Stockholm syndrome-esque turnaround (influenced by the incredible World Cup final), I've decided I'm going to keep attending City games after all and just skip the finals. However, I think that's going to come at the cost of emotionally investing myself in the club/league any longer. Defending this league is exhausting and honestly always has been, and I'm at the point now where I just don't have the emotional capacity to care for Melbourne City outside of the 90 minutes on the pitch. I've also come to the realisation that I don't care as much as I thought I did about atmosphere anymore as we've seen the price paid to achieve it and it's not a price worth paying. At the end of the day, I love the game too much to give up on it but I'm done with the politics, protesting and I'm done with caring about the health of the club and the league. I'm just going to go and support J-Mac and co and then go home. Maybe that's exactly the type of fan the APL and City wanted all along.
  6. This is the darkest day in our league's history, in what has been the darkest week. I'm devastated.
  7. The real killer is the very fact we're currently in a grand final window having played in the last three and we're currently top, meaning WE'RE the most likely club to be directly affected by this travesty of a decision. It's as big a "fuck you" to the fans that the CFG oligarchs could have possibly given us. I feel for my poor partner who has only really started supporting the A-League and City the last few years as she adores the team and players, to the extent that I told her I'd still attend games if she wanted to. But after hearing that City Terrace and the other active groups would be boycotting the season, I think she realised how soulless the games were going to be and has now joined me in writing this season off. That's what you've done City HQ, if you're reading. You're not only pissed off hardcore fans, but you've alienated new fans too. Fuck off and re-do your customer relations and management degrees you frauds.
  8. Not attending, my motivation is absolutely sapped and probably will be throughout the summer. Nice to have a bit more time freed up.
  9. Typical of the corporate overlord types who are more than happy to make self-interested decisions and then spinelessly delegate any response of the ensuing fallout to the serfs working on a fraction of their salary. I'm livid
  10. This is heartbreaking and screams incompetence (or arrogance honestly) on all fronts. This league and this club make it so fucking hard sometimes. The timing is extraordinarily appalling too. Absolutely gutted but it's good to know we fans have just been customers all along. This club can go and get fucked.
  11. MOTM in our first Socceroos World Cup win since 2010. How lucky are we to have this bloke.
  12. Confirmed gone to Troyes. Rado Vidosic takes over as interim manager.
  13. Man, our approach to the game in that second half was morbid. Poor Atkinson had a shocker but he'll be all the better for playing against one of the world's very best players in Mbappe. Big ups to Leckie with the assist.
  14. Given the inevitability of Paddy moving abroad, it's honestly not the worst timing if true given the extended World Cup break. We've had a near-perfect start, the squad is strong and well-gelled and the players get to experience a fresh voice. The danger is if that voice is disruptive and egotistical (ala Joyce).
  15. Huge win given the circumstances, we quite easily could have conceded in that last 20. Glover was unreal, unrecognisable from last season. Lol true. Buhagiar is the worst A-League player I've ever seen and has fraudulently made a career out of being fast
  16. it's sexy AF but why are we wearing it? Neither our home nor away kits clash with the Jets lol
  17. I sure as hell don't. Guy's a deadset legend and the face of this club.
  18. Big cunt energy about this move. Says a lot about Victory and their worries about the state of their season that they felt the need to sign him.
  19. Couldn't watch the game because of work. What the hell happened?
  20. This guy is phenomenal and his composure under pressure is elite. What happens when Nuno Reis becomes available? Will Lam slot into midfield at someone else's expense, or does he keep Nuno out of the starting XI? Good problems to have.
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