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  1. MOTM in our first Socceroos World Cup win since 2010. How lucky are we to have this bloke.
  2. Confirmed gone to Troyes. Rado Vidosic takes over as interim manager.
  3. Man, our approach to the game in that second half was morbid. Poor Atkinson had a shocker but he'll be all the better for playing against one of the world's very best players in Mbappe. Big ups to Leckie with the assist.
  4. Given the inevitability of Paddy moving abroad, it's honestly not the worst timing if true given the extended World Cup break. We've had a near-perfect start, the squad is strong and well-gelled and the players get to experience a fresh voice. The danger is if that voice is disruptive and egotistical (ala Joyce).
  5. Huge win given the circumstances, we quite easily could have conceded in that last 20. Glover was unreal, unrecognisable from last season. Lol true. Buhagiar is the worst A-League player I've ever seen and has fraudulently made a career out of being fast
  6. it's sexy AF but why are we wearing it? Neither our home nor away kits clash with the Jets lol
  7. I sure as hell don't. Guy's a deadset legend and the face of this club.
  8. Big cunt energy about this move. Says a lot about Victory and their worries about the state of their season that they felt the need to sign him.
  9. Couldn't watch the game because of work. What the hell happened?
  10. This guy is phenomenal and his composure under pressure is elite. What happens when Nuno Reis becomes available? Will Lam slot into midfield at someone else's expense, or does he keep Nuno out of the starting XI? Good problems to have.
  11. I'm seeing double here, four O'Neills
  12. Agree on Glover. Could be a big redemption arc this season, especially given he's out of contract at the end of the season. The thing I really noticed was how strong our front press was. Last season it'd be JMac isolated like 90% of the time but last night we regularly had 4-5 players closing down the Western half backs. Idk if it's sustainable but I loved it. PK deserves credit because our game style really did look different.
  13. That was the best season opener performance I can remember from us, I expected us to be good but honestly not that good. Western were lucky not to lose that by 3-4 goals in the end. New signings look terrific and the core squad look as hungry as I've seen them. Great cause for optimism, only real concern is the injury front but I'm comfortable with the depth of our squad for now.
  14. Legend. Unbelievable post-match presser, and definitely has the potential to become our best ever import.
  15. Bos will probably play LB as Jamo will probably have to fill in centrally alongside Lam.
  16. I'm optimistic af about this season and happy to cop whatever happens. Top 4 would be great given how much the other contenders have improved their squads.
  17. Al Hassan Toure is an absolute chad for celebrating his goal the way he did in front of those racist, fascist fucks.
  18. This is lacking too much hysteria for mine, please delete.
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