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  2. IMO it's a waste of time etc. pushing the Tasmania barrow. Wollongong perhaps, and a big question on Canberra. It's not just population number, it's the demographics. I lived in Hobart for 15 years. "Soccer" just wasn't on the radar of the population and "footy" struggled to get a crowd. And Launceston and Hobart are rival cities, not one entity just because they're in the same state. In Melbourne it's going to be very difficult to justify a further additional team. Likewise to "regionalise" Victory and City, and I'd say we're pretty much lumbered with them as they are now. it would be unreasonable to move Victory out of the city - their attendances justify them staying just as they are, and equally unreasonable to move City - just because we're part of CFG doesn't mean that we should absorb all the cost of geographically separating the two clubs. Melbourne's public transport system is a radial system and there are not good cross-city services - even if we did build a stadium at Bundoora IMO overall we would lose more fans. Much of change around the A-League is being orchestrated by Simon Pearce, and I can't see him setting out to do something that might back-fire on his own club.
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  4. Maybe it's a direct reference to how our lack of geographical specification has made it difficult attracting fans, as opposed to the likes of Western Sydney Wanderers. I'm in favour of more diversity anyway, cities like Wollongong, Canberra and Hobart/Launceston would all do justice to the A-League by being in it.
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  6. @mjake1234 Welcome home again mate!
  7. 16 clubs should be at least a preliminary target, but I wonder what they mean, precisely, by "regionally targeted"? I hope they're aware that 60% of Australia's population lives in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
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  9. Ditto some of the latest Jeffrey Epstein "victims"......If I was working in a restaurant and some woman came up to me and told me some rich guy likes pretty girls to massage him and will pay hundreds of dollars.......You're not a fucking masseuse, why would you go massage someone? Doesn't sound like a sketchy situation. If someone came up to me and said they'd pay me hundreds of dollars to look at their turd cutter, I'd probably decline because I'm not a proctologist.
  10. Sign up to BetEasy and get a free 3 month Kayo subscription. i just cancelled Foxtel and signed up to Kayo. They've been showing every FFA Cup match live.
  11. anyone want my kayo just dm me on game day, i don't need it since i have fxtl
  12. Thanks for the discussion since my post. Clarifies a lot. It seems I am fake news again. Drain the swamp.
  13. After exhortations from JW, my wife and I have just bitten the bullet and rejoined. Hoping for a better experience this year. I asked Ryan what the membership was and was told "just shy of 5,500.
  14. No, it was after Joyce's first season.
  15. If we don’t crack 10k and western United fail how embarrassing for Melbourne
  16. That was B.J. - Before Joyce. People may be a bit more cautious this season
  17. Not sure about that. Over my lifetime there have been some big aristocrats caught on this matters beginning with the Profumo affair. Although they do tend to keep it hushed up.
  18. 5,975 to be precise (17th August 2018).
  19. fwiw i think last year about the same time was only 5,700 so its probably not too bad all things considered.
  20. It's not really a laughing matter. City remind me of the proverb of the boy who cried "wolf!" They've all to often promised something but rarely delivered. Last season, and IMO especially the Fornaroli episode, severely damaged the club's credibility. It's a long road back from where we were at the end of last season.
  21. I'm going to wait and see, I've been burnt too many seasons. It's a long way to travel to get to a match
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