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  1. The other lot only drew a crowd of 7k yesterday so there could easily be only 2-3k in attendance for our game tonight.
  2. A few Victory fans from across the stadium walked into our terrace just before the second half started. They were wearing OSM merch so obviously looking to start something cos they’re so tough and hard. The boys in the front row told em to piss off then a fight broke out. Security did fuck all to help and prevent them from walking in but the cops eventually ejected them.
  3. What’s the PAX looking like? They’ve already won more than half the amount of games they did last season so their fans are back lol. Should definitely get over 20k for the first time in 3 years. Last AAMI derby with no restrictions only had 16k.
  4. Mebrahtu’s winner that day was in the 89th minute. Atkinson’s in the 88th Told ya!
  5. Predicting a 1-0 win in front of 4,000 people. Exactly 9 years to the day since the last time that happened. 😉
  6. The club or FFA Cup page haven’t posted this for some reason but tickets are available on https://events.humanitix.com/hume-city-vs-melbourne-city?_ga=2.148309559.1888141417.1638067689-1802142905.1638067689
  7. It gets a bit messy with the difference between bays and aisles for AAMI Park. But there’s no issue, just how it’s designed if you look at the map below.
  8. Colakovski only gave the game winning assist in our last meeting against them... Nah lol, I get what you mean but an extra bit of energy and ingenuity down the wing could’ve made a difference. I would’ve been content with just bringing him on for Noone.
  9. Just leave when we’re inevitably 3-0 up at the 60th minute mark and you’ll make it to that soulless stadium in time 👍
  10. City Terrace will be in bay 38. It’s not listed as an actual Active Bay on ticketek - just an away bay if that’s what you were asking?
  11. The active supporters will be in the northern end at AAMI for the first time since the ‘king hit’ incident against WSW 👀
  12. Are they trying to make it a yearly thing to celebrate Heart/Red and White when we play CCM at home?
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