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  1. It's weird. Coaching the Man United youth team would've meant that he was giving players attacking freedom to get them playing the United way. But reports of fans from his time at Wigan claim that he was playing defensive, uninspiring football...
  2. If you wanna get technical, Perth won the NSL multiple times so that makes them more successful than us lol. And every other Australian team has actually won an A-League trophy.
  3. Well... Ranieri's off the table lol. Just got appointed at Nantes.
  4. He didn't say there's anything wrong with it
  5. Lol
  6. At least we saw him do this in the second leg.
  7. You couldn't put one of his many many goals against any team but Galatasaray?
  8. The bottom part looks like a minesweeper game..
  9. I had to google it and yes, he was in West Ham youth
  10. Duff and Garcia were on the same team in the Carrick testimonial last night. Garcia was a close friend of Carrick for those who didn't know.
  11. Would love to see him at Southampton. And that way we can buy a red and white kit with his name on it again.
  12. Yeah and Ramsay for some reason.
  13. Maybe 2/3 will be Friday nights lol
  14. Hoff replacing Lampard in New York.
  15. TTDIM: Afterpay
  16. What a top gaffer! Knows all his players' chants
  17. You've been wasting your money and now you're forcing them to waste theirs too.
  18. Announcement will be June 1st lol
  19. The account is an Argentinian guy and evidently a Boca Juniors fan lol.
  20. Yeah will watch it no doubt.
  21. Nothing compared to having Ramsay doing so.
  22. Lol Calleri has 5 star potential on FM (may have been hindered since his poor West Ham spell). No chance he's coming here at 23 y.o.
  23. Jesus Navas is a free agent
  24. That's disgusting