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  1. Imo kisnorbo has learnt nothing and would continue to be the same stubborn bastard that got him fired from troyes. He doesn't have the safety net anymore of a more experienced and tactically better coach in mombarts being able to set up a system and style of play for him to come and take over. I never understood about this club how we invest all this money into the squad and then spend the least amount of money possible on the coach.
  2. Seriously fucking hopeless. Why are we so easy to get through? We have a defence like Swiss cheese.
  3. Essentially your first point mate. He's frustrated that the club aren't willing to give him big money, and he's not willing to settle for anything less.
  4. From what I've been able to understand from my source him and vidmar have had quite the falling out which has lead him being more keen to leave then stay. Auckland have also been throwing around absurd amount of money around, trying to get a marquee man. They were keen on leckie but he said no right away The club is also not willing to offer him a big money deal so in order to set his family up he's taken one last big pay day. Regardless of what he posts on social media he has made it quite clear to those in the known that he is not happy with melbourne city currently. There are always twists and turns, and things can change at the drop of a hat. Howeve, I would be more surprised then not if he stayed from what I've heard.
  5. Completely disrespectful to the fans considering he's moving. What a dipshit.
  6. He's the one who continue to play players like talbolt and ugarkovic. He's also been with the team long enough that he should've been able to implement some type of style with our play. We look way worse under him then we did with Rado The only thing he does is constantly call out the players in public even though he's the coach. The guy sucks and is not up to it. We should've gone for ufuk talay or someone else.
  7. I have it on pretty good authority that he's signed with Auckland fc next year on a big money deal. This is probably why he has been checked out for most of this season. R.i.p
  8. Vidmar just clearly isn't up to it. A half decent coach would've had us firmly entrenched in the 6
  9. We're trying to break the austrlian soccer record of amount of passes done between centre backs.
  10. The rebels have always been a basket case, so it's not surprise they've been doing so poorly. There's too many Australian sides in super rugby anyway, we should only have 3 sides max imo
  11. Pretty much this. I completely understand where aslan is coming from, but he is way too important to the team to be missing so much time from his ill discipline. Was looking forward to seeing him and leckie hook up, they'll never play at the same time will they:(
  12. He's going to be out for a while
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