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  1. I can also confirm we are very likely to sign some overseas players that will be announced sometime this offseason (probably)
  2. Fingers crossed they start serving Asahi at home games #hellyeah
  3. Christ we'll make an argument of nothing, much bigger issues with football ATM then Wellington being in the Australian cup lmao
  4. After that performance I can guarantee we are making it to the big dance this year yes sir
  5. That guy is the definition of pedestrian
  6. It's just all smoke and mirrors. He's signing with us
  7. Oh shit I'm in send me the deets
  8. If we all just believe hard enough it'll happen dw
  9. This has been in the works for a while. Just a matter of when not if they announce it officially
  10. Mooy will be signed by us by the end of the month. Just working out the finer details of his contract. Could also get massimo luongo too.
  11. I can confirm we will be making another signing. Will be announced in the next few weeks
  12. Looks like a gun. Can't wait to watch PK not play him
  13. Stefan colacovski is playing for perth
  14. He was never given a chance this season, really sad to see him go
  15. I can also confirm that it is very likely over the offseason that we will have players leaving the club. It is also most likely, we will be signing new players as well.
  16. Tilio has been gone forever, the club we're just looking for the best offer to sell him. We're still on the whole a very good team, we just need to following signings and we'll be right: 1) a proper goalkeeper (should use a visa on this spot) 2) Two attacking mids (use another visa here too) 3) a winger to replace tilio. All that plus the club gets some coaches in to make PK more accountable and we're laughing.
  17. We've bottled it. Bring on 2023 Couldn't be more disappointed if I tried
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