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  1. If we're going to play that game. Do people know much about our owner and how he had acquired his wealth? Or even about his human rights record?A little bit of digging may show that he is not exactly a shining beacon of humanity so we should really be boycotting the club too... In all seriousness I understand the frustration with the grand final decision and tbh I don't think their is one person out there that agrees with what is going on. It just gets tiresome having to talk about the same issue every thread when people like myself, just want to talk about what's going on, on the pitch rather then what's going on off it. If people wish to not go and boycott the grand final that's their decision. But I wanna watch the game (on TV for the record) and enjoy it and I don't really give a fuck what people say about it sorry. I'm here to support the team first and foremost and that's what I'm going to do
  2. Can we actually talk about the game or are we just going to continue to have a cry about the apl decision?
  3. Will be a good match. 2 very free flowing teams so I expect to see a lot of goals scored. 3-1 winners
  4. Is this game being broadcasted on radio ? I'll be on the road as the game is being played and would love to listen to it.
  5. Look. I understand that most people on here watch European football where the regular season title is the most significant. However, we have a chance to win another trophy and should be treating the final series seriously. I understand everyone is pissed off at the grand final hosting decision, but we don't know when we will get another chance to add to the trophy cabinet so let's go for it whilst we can We were really poor tonight barring 10-15 minutes of the game and are lucky to be walking away with a draw. Hopefully being at home means we'll be much better, but we cannot bring the same level of intensity that we brought tonight and expect that things will just "happen" for us. Sydney have been playing well of late, and it's going to take our best performance to beat them
  6. If we're serious about getting into the grand final we'll never put jamo on the pitch again
  7. You always need a little luck playing away from home and so far we have got it. If we keep this scoreline as is it would be a huge result
  8. No O'Neil oh jeeeezus. Would take a draw
  9. Has anyone seen the vision of ninkovic being carried out of the wsw change rooms over the weekend? Did have a good lol at it.
  10. It's no rumour. It started from me. And you know my word is reliable as fk
  11. Sounds like he's doing well. We have a no return policy sorry. Good luck with him
  12. Sydney will be a good test as they've hit a good patch of form and have decent players all over the park. Saying that however, we've been the best team all year and I'm confident as long as we play up to our capabilities, we'll be ok.
  13. Looks like we're playing a Sydney team.
  14. Strong whispers glover will leave at the end of this season and that we will sign Jamie Young as a replacement
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