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  1. Been a big rumour that we're going to sign a Japanese player very soon. I have it on good authority that this player will be Daizen Maedac. Discuss
  2. My source from the club is saying we're getting a player called Daizen Maeda. He currently plays for Celtic but he lead the goal scoring in the j-league last year. We're essentially going to swap Curtis good for him, which is why he hasn't been playing. The club have asked us to keep him in good health before he goes for the medical. Will be officially announced this week.
  3. Deserves his own thread. Thought he was fantastic today, I hope the coach can find some consistent minutes off the bench for him for the rest of the season.
  4. I'll take it. Needed the win desperately, and was good to see a few players come into form. A shot out to frenchy as I thought he was quite good today. With all the doom and gloom on here you would think that we were closer to the bottom of the ladder, not the top. With this win however, we go into third and I believe only a point or two off first. Scary to think that we're this high up the ladder and we haven't even hit our stride yet. Bos> leckie
  5. I don't believe you. Who is your source? My source says I've never said anything true on here
  6. Good is in talks to go overseas. I'm hearing from my source an Asian club with big money has coming knocking
  7. Finally, we signed another player kisnorbo will never play. But in all seriousness he has a pretty good resume. A big upgrade on Galloway. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/melbourne-city-fc-signs-englishman-carl-jenkinson-on-loan?s=09
  8. Only believe the rumours i post trust me, I've never been wrong.
  9. Some serious questions need to be asked of this guy such as: Will this guy see any minutes during the regular season? What does he have to do to see minutes? And most importantly Why did we sign him if we had no intention of playing him? (Apologies if he played on the weekend, I missed the game due to commitments)
  10. Getting rid of him has cured covid though don't you see! Everything is much, much better now
  11. Is it true that all the games are going to be played in one area? Hopefully Australia goes for it and we get to see all the games in person!
  12. Novak officially gone. Australia has fallen.
  13. Didn't watch a second or the game tonight but I bet we drew the game because of this game tonight
  14. I can confirm sadly that Metcalfe will be gone in the next month or so. We're turning the whole team over at this rate 😢
  15. He's still coming, apparently he's being held at the same place Novak was at. Watch. This. Space.
  16. Come on mate, everything I say is gospel, you know that
  17. Rumour going around that he's wants to go to western United
  18. Deserves to be starting based on current form.
  19. This is absolute fucking rubbish. Turning the game off. Fuck this club.
  20. The only club who are a bigger basketcase then us atm. I feel us winning, a real shit 1-0 win coming up.
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