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  1. Leckie has the world's biggest cock confirmed
  2. Not fake at all, I can confirm it will be happening.
  3. Can we sneak a draw against Denmark? Just need to play a back 8 and we'll be fine dw
  4. Cfg finally took out the trash am I right @Mr MO But in all seriousness good luck to him. I understand he took over a good squad, but to think we never finished lower the 1st under his tenor, good luck lad (just don't take any of our players!) Hopefully they have a replacement lined up as vidosic is a hopeless coach.
  5. I heard he's taking over at psg.
  6. @Mr MOwill be shattered if he goes
  7. He's officially in the squad! Hell yeah!!!
  8. IMO he works much better being slotted in the midfield compared to being put out wide. If we could find him a permanent midfield spot then that would allow for tilio and nabbout to start. He's clearly our best decision maker on our team with the ball as well.
  9. What happened to the fees? Fuck paramount suck
  10. 1) scoring goals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2) being good in general play?
  11. For all his good positioning his decision making still drives me mental.
  12. Having a shot everytime i hear kisnorbo say "good, good" through the effects mic. Pray for me
  13. He's the best coach in the a league.Period. End of discussion.
  14. Reminds me when we signed Kewell, Bruno's been past it for a while now. Trading the glory bench for victory's.
  15. In complete control. Our press is doing a great job, we're creating so many chances due to our relentless pressure. Keep it up boys
  16. Tsk Tsk Tsk Typical victory, forever recycling our rejects
  17. I like how he says "fuck" a lot
  18. Thoroughly enjoying these, great work by the a league
  19. The main newspapers all have vested interests in the two major footy codes (nrl and afl) Of course they're going to barely talk about soccer or any other sport which gets in the way of making profit. It's also hard as well when we don't have as many good local players playing in high leagues overseas. Case in point- I asked my mum to name any current socceroo and she said Tim cahill lmao. Imo that's why basketball has overtaken soccer (in terms of interest) in this country. The amount of Aussies playing at the highest level (the nba) makes young Aussie kids wanna play it.
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