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  1. Fuck this guy. Unprofessional as fuck
  2. He's mid at best and we can do much better. Send him back
  3. No. He wanted to leave. Fuck him We've also won a shittone more since he's been gone /thread
  4. Love the thread heading
  5. We're part of an organisation that has 689,345 scouts and vidmar is the best coach we can find. Fmd
  6. The biggest impact of our season was leckie being injured for the majority of it. It's no coincidence that when he was healthy, the team started rolling again.
  7. We need to sign some decent fullbacks.
  8. No you're not. You're both equally wrong
  9. Have to win in extra time, we'll lose in a penalty shoot out. Izzo is in our guys head
  10. We have 0 momentum and no pace. Leckie is our only hope
  11. Why did we fucking take aslan and McLaren off?!?!?! Does vidmar know that this is an elimination final right? What are we saving them for?
  12. Callum talbolt is the worst footballer I have ever seen
  14. Happy with so far but Fernandez is a liability and I reckon he'll cost us a goal tbh. We just need to be really patient with our build up now that they're down to 10, and really to and turn the game into a grind
  15. And the way people were crowing on this year, you would've thought we were second last smdh
  16. Would really set us back if we lost him. Has easily been the shining light for us this season
  17. So disappointed by this guy. Been very underwhelming so far.
  18. Say whatever you want, but we've had to win the past three games and team has managed to do that.Yes, they haven't always been the prettiest of games, but the club has shown some character to win when its been absolutely needed. We're now in a position where we could end the tards season and even though we'll be heavy underdogs, you never know what can happen during finals! Go city
  19. Nuno reis is a fucking liability and needs to be subbed off
  20. It's the ultimate of tests then. On paper we should really belt these cunts. However, with the season we've had, I would fully expect us to drop this game. At least we are in of control our own destiny
  21. Do we have to win tomorrow to advance? Or is a draw enough?
  22. I'd like to see polotidis start. I know his last game wasn't great, but I think he can be a decent lb if given a chance
  23. And so the last game of the season is upon us. Once and for all, this will decide where we are at. 5-0 win coming up
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