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  1. I hate saying this but you can clearly see and have been able to see for weeks now that Jmac is so checked out and clearly heading off at the end of the season. Rumour has it that he isn't going to Auckland but a potential move to Japan or Saudi Arabia awaits.
  2. Let's be honest guys.. our season was over weeks ago.. Surely Vidmar has to go! He can't stay on after this shit season!
  3. Is that what it takes for Talbot to miss a game? He is honestly one of the worst RB's we have ever had.. all he knows how to do is pass backwards or turn the ball over!
  4. Slightly off topic but had to come on for a vent.. this league is just proving how dead in the ass it is and how the league clearly is against fans and active support.. There were a group of kids. Yes that's right kids probably 6-8 years of age throwing red, white and blue balloons around near the active. Security just came in and told them to stop. Took the balloons and popped them all whist the other 2 security guards stood there laughing. I swear there is an agenda to completely kill this league off. It has been dead for a few seasons now but seeing this tonight just made me go wow.. what has this league come too?? When they should be encouraging fans to come, especially kids to games and you get in trouble for having a couple of fucking balloons.. I went to my first ever NBL game a few weeks ago.. it was loud.. they were handing out hand clappers and continually encouraging the whole crowd to make noise and in particular when the other team had the ball. The atmosphere was incredible and it made me look around going "wow the NBL knows how to put on a show" meanwhile the league is on it's knees, has security guards litteraly patrolling all areas and if you dare let out a fart you'll be kicked out.. end of my rant but I'm just getting fed up to be honest!
  5. Ripper game and great result but did anyone else just see Nabbout limp off straight down into the rooms? Didn't look good at all 😢
  6. Caputo looking alot more threatening than Jmac has been of late! How he got to that header beats me! Would have been epic if it went in!
  7. Anyone know where the "active" is at? There is like 10 people there? Wellington have brought more.. Litteraly hit submit as you must have 😂 it's actually embarrassing. They have almost filled the away bay..
  8. Don't have a good feeling about this one. I said it a few weeks ago now that I think you can definitely write this season off and start focusing on next season. We are going to lose a few players and I feel that you are right @fensaddler in that we are watching the end of Leckies career. Will be interesting to see what happens with Tilio. Rumour has it that this loan was to prove to Celtic he is worth pursuing. So far in the games he has played he only lit it up once and is now injured. Not the greatest for him and for me it's staring to spell Arzani all over again. Really hope the boys can put something together and get the win tonight but I unfortunately have my doubts 😔
  9. Certainly didn't look like the best team tonight that's for sure!! Absolutely woeful!
  10. What in the actual fuck is going on at the club this season???
  11. Can't say I'm feeling overly confident for tonight's match. Especially with this line-up 🤦🏻‍♂️ Let's see how Vidmar goes against the club from "that Pissant Town"
  12. Serious question here. Isn't it a red card for dissent towards a ref? Vukovic as clear as anything could be seen saying "Fuck off mate" to the ref when he was given his yellow.
  13. I hate saying this but watching us of late reminds me of when we played under Warren Joyce.
  14. Well let's see if this works.. maybe the other witches hat Natel could put one in.. 🤣🤣
  15. Ahh yes.. subbing on Ugarkovic is like throwing a witches hat out there..
  16. I said it last game and I'll say it again.. we really are missing Jakolis!! Also Behich too!
  17. Anyone see the chat before the game started? Apparently it was mentioned that there are rumours floating around that Jmac and Vidmar don't get along hence the rumours that he doesn't want to renew his contract.. interesting if true!
  18. I hope we are all wrong but unfortunately I am the same. Not feeling overly confident to be honest.. Hall starting as the CB is interesting. I'm glad Lopane is playing in the midfield. He is terrible on the wing..
  19. What an absolute fucking joke! You can guarantee if that was the other way around it would have been a pen!
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