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  1. Tilio you star!!! I'm pretty sure I just saw Danny Townsend copping a rimjob from The Cove...
  2. What's everyone's thoughts, predictions etc for this Friday's game? Hopefully we have O'Neil back which will certainly bolster our line-up!
  3. First semi (away leg) 2 - Glover 1 - Bos
  4. Lets be honest boys and I'm not just saying this because of tonight's result.. Finals mean shit now.. apart from a trophy it gives you absolutely nothing.. we won what matters and are playing in the ACL again. Of course if we were to win the GF it would be a nice way to end the season but the finals is litteraly an end of season cup..
  5. This game has been a joke.. VAR The shitty pitch The shithouse crowd The ref... What's next? Townsend to come on as a sub for Shitney??
  6. To think in the first half it could have been 3-0...
  7. If tonight doesn't prove how shit the finals series has become I don't know what will.. Yeah looking at the replay I can see it now.. still shits me...
  8. 110 percent it is.. it's so fucking obvious now.
  9. What in the actual fuck is going on???
  10. Glover having the game of his career tonight!
  11. GLOVER!!! Far out!! Retre the flop falls over and gets a foul.. yeah righto... What happened to Mak? Did a cat piss on his head or something?
  12. Why do we always get shafted with VAR?? And what exactly were they checking? The APL really want Sydney in that final don't they... man I hope we smash the smurf fucks to really stick it up Danny the gimp Townsend...
  13. I have some serious questions about this.. the main one being how in the actual mcfuck are these 2 Victory's Marquee players??? Victory really have become the club that keeps on giving! 🤣🤣
  14. No not uncharitable at all.. just don't support a club who clearly lied when they were pushing for a licence promising a stadium would be built by now when it has only just finally started aswell as many other things.. Yeah they may have helped us against Adelaide but at the end of the day we finished 11 points clear so again it just meant we won it earlier than we would have if they hadn't had beaten Adelaide..
  15. Seeing the Woman's Homeless mob getting smashed 4-0 in the Grand Final.. Absolutely priceless 👌
  16. How fucking good and suck a fat one Danny Townsend!! Wanderers playing Shitney in the Elimination final hahahahahahaha!!
  17. Be suprised if we even get 5000. Unfortunately alot of our supporters turn up for Finals only because it is such an Aussie thing.. no one bases who wins on the whole season but instead a handful of games at the end of a season..
  18. Jamo dropped back to the bench thank fuck! He has been absolutely woeful of late and does not slot into that midfield position at all!! Berisha is out with a minor hip issue apparently. None the less it's a strong line-up! ❤️
  19. Build the man a statue already! It's not just what JMac does on the field but what he does off the field too! ❤️
  20. I feel like this has litteraly been every week of this season! Our Public Transport system is a joke hey!
  21. Surely give the likes of Caputo and Rodrigues some game time considering the plate is all wrapped up and to not risk injuries going into finals.. Also Galloway deserves some time too!
  22. If anyone is looking for tickets for the game on Friday against the Wanderers on Ticketek type HISTORYMAKERSGA into the code box and you'll get 2 GA tickets.
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