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  1. Certainly didn't look like the best team tonight that's for sure!! Absolutely woeful!
  2. What in the actual fuck is going on at the club this season???
  3. Can't say I'm feeling overly confident for tonight's match. Especially with this line-up 🤦🏻‍♂️ Let's see how Vidmar goes against the club from "that Pissant Town"
  4. Serious question here. Isn't it a red card for dissent towards a ref? Vukovic as clear as anything could be seen saying "Fuck off mate" to the ref when he was given his yellow.
  5. I hate saying this but watching us of late reminds me of when we played under Warren Joyce.
  6. Well let's see if this works.. maybe the other witches hat Natel could put one in.. 🤣🤣
  7. Ahh yes.. subbing on Ugarkovic is like throwing a witches hat out there..
  8. I said it last game and I'll say it again.. we really are missing Jakolis!! Also Behich too!
  9. Anyone see the chat before the game started? Apparently it was mentioned that there are rumours floating around that Jmac and Vidmar don't get along hence the rumours that he doesn't want to renew his contract.. interesting if true!
  10. I hope we are all wrong but unfortunately I am the same. Not feeling overly confident to be honest.. Hall starting as the CB is interesting. I'm glad Lopane is playing in the midfield. He is terrible on the wing..
  11. What an absolute fucking joke! You can guarantee if that was the other way around it would have been a pen!
  12. How the fuck is that not a red? Surely this is a pen!
  13. We really are missing the creativity that Jakolis provides. It is showing big time tonight!
  14. I think this may have been mentioned here or in another thread but am I the only one concerned about how quickly Nabbout has come back into the squad? When he did his Achilles it was "season ending" 12 games into the season and he is back out there! I really hope he is ok and that he doesn't re injure himself!
  15. Can't say I am the biggest fan of him purely because of his antics when he first started for us but he has since stopped that and has become one of our most influential players and that player is Jakolis. We are really missing him out there tonight!
  16. Fuck me I can't fucking stand Rudan. He is the biggest cockhead
  17. FUCK ME.. HOW FUCKIN LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR VAR It's for "Unite Round".. what a crock of absolute shit!!
  18. So fucking good! Can't wait to have him back out there! We really are missing himself and Leckie! ❤️
  19. Vs Homeless FC 3 - Sakhi 2 - Good 1 - Young
  20. Still think the highlight is when Michael Ruhs scored for the homeless fucks and ripped out a celebration which can only be described as sucking off a massive cock after he scored.. go back and watch it and you'll see what I mean!!
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