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  1. Good half. Mostly due to them imploding lol but can’t complain
  2. Much better half than any of the cup or pre-season games. First goal should’ve stood, but the less i say about Shaun Evans the better.
  3. For those interested I heard the crowd was 2,067. Of course the rain and limited cover + the fact it was on a footy oval didn't help but that figures nothing special.
  4. Pretty ordinary performance. Lots of work to be done before the season starts otherwise I can't see us achieving much
  5. I don’t get the chance to watch much of the NPL side these days so looking forward to see Oresti. Anyone know much about him?
  6. Not so sure we can really draw any conclusions from this one, but good to get some minutes in the legs
  7. Game tonight. Free entry for members and streamed for free on Youtube.
  8. It hasn’t been going so well in China lately… hmmm Dont get my hopes up.
  9. Metcalfe leaving apparently. Where to? Europe?
  10. Anyone know how much tickets will be? Trying to convince a few mates to come
  11. Keen for the game tonight. Extremely important. Going with a couple of mates who haven’t been for a few years who also seem keen because of the importance so hopefully should be a decent crowd and atmosphere (as decent as it can be on a cold Monday night)
  12. yep second tier but somehow won the FA cup last year. pretty impressive. would be cool to see something like that happen here in Aus one day
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