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  1. Anyone know how much tickets will be? Trying to convince a few mates to come
  2. Keen for the game tonight. Extremely important. Going with a couple of mates who haven’t been for a few years who also seem keen because of the importance so hopefully should be a decent crowd and atmosphere (as decent as it can be on a cold Monday night)
  3. yep second tier but somehow won the FA cup last year. pretty impressive. would be cool to see something like that happen here in Aus one day
  4. Pathum just beat Jeonnam 2-0. Makes me feel a bit better about the 1-1 draw.
  5. Excuse my ignorance but who is Valadon? Do Pucciarelli and Endoh even exist?
  6. Melbourne City continuing to be a breeding ground for Socceroos
  7. As soon as Leckie hits good form he gets injured… we are cursed
  8. Wasn’t there but looks pretty packed based on this photo
  9. Was planning on going but someone in my household tested positive today so i cannot anymore
  10. Kingston Heath is much easier for me to get to than Cranbourne so will be attending this one. Wonder what sort of team we put out with the impact of our covid cases and etc.
  11. So i guess that means he’s played his last game for the club if he’s off in Jan 😔😔😔
  12. Could possibly impact our game away to Brisbane on the 27th as well if it’s multiple players
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