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  1. We don’t necessarily need both to lose, either Incheon by 2 (vs Kaya from Philippines) or Jeonbuk by 1 goal (vs Bangkok) should be enough. But still super super unlikely lol. Both would be favourites for big wins i would think
  2. Walked past the ground earlier today. Gonna be unusual but at least the turf looks in good condition
  3. To make it even worse, Western United are playing at AAMI just 3 days later on Friday in a league game vs Brisbane. Surely 3 days can’t make all that much difference?
  4. I’m going for the novelty factor and the fact that I work nearby, but it’s certainly a pretty awful situation to need to be playing a champions league game on a vfl pitch.
  5. No real pics but a render of how the W-League stadium will look. Supposed to start playing there in the new year
  6. Any updates on how this is looking now? First ALW game scheduled to be played here in 2 months.
  7. Played half an hour away vs Barcelona overnight. Wild that this bloke was our ‘striker’ a few years ago lol
  8. Knights vs Heidelberg are playing one another so there's a decent chance we stay in Vic for SF if we go through
  9. I quite like the ground in Oakleigh for when we can't play at AAMI. Still technically South-East since that's what the clubs been wanting lately, but sooo much easier than going all the way to bloody Cranbourne and actually a nice place to hang out and get a meal and a beer before/after the game.
  10. Good half. Mostly due to them imploding lol but can’t complain
  11. Much better half than any of the cup or pre-season games. First goal should’ve stood, but the less i say about Shaun Evans the better.
  12. For those interested I heard the crowd was 2,067. Of course the rain and limited cover + the fact it was on a footy oval didn't help but that figures nothing special.
  13. Pretty ordinary performance. Lots of work to be done before the season starts otherwise I can't see us achieving much
  14. I don’t get the chance to watch much of the NPL side these days so looking forward to see Oresti. Anyone know much about him?
  15. Not so sure we can really draw any conclusions from this one, but good to get some minutes in the legs
  16. Game tonight. Free entry for members and streamed for free on Youtube.
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