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  1. Policies on stopping all public health? Like closing hospitals and discontinuing emergency services? Or do you mean they were against mandatory vaccination?
  2. You do make a good point there given the league as a whole has had attendances drop on average. Unfortunately we are also both not strongly supported anyway and don't usually attract any large crowds.
  3. I am glad you are pumped up! However I fee like there has been no hype/excitement leading into this final and I currently feel very Meh at the moment. Of course that will all change come Saturday when cheering on the CIty boys especially if we win it!
  4. I don't recall seeing a party called anti-vaxxers? Who are you referring to?
  5. Very interesting if true. Or would he be brought in to oust Sutton and have good competition for that starting spot?
  6. You would imagine they would open top deck when the bottom section has sold at least 85-90% of tix? Yeah I have barely used the site until the finals, but I agree it could be easier to use for sure.
  7. Are you trying to say you believe there has been more than 10k sold or that Ticktetek is just shit and not easy to use?
  8. Hmm yes I think you may be right...I definitely know what you are referring to and I feel the same way!
  9. He played 12 games this season for 2 goals. Was played more as a RM I believe then a winger? Bit hard to tell how good he is as Brisbane were trash this season... I would imagine he would likely be coming in to replace the likely departure of Colakovski. So at best he'll be coming off the bench.
  10. Will be very dissapointed with sub 20K crowd. Surely we will draw a better crowd than the FFA cup final from 5 or 6 years ago...
  11. Only us and Sydney have gone back to back premiers. However no team has done the double double yet...
  12. What will matter most is winning 2 of the 3...
  13. That's not how you spell bEnCHmaRk
  14. Also probably prefer playing WU then Victory in the final if we make it... At least there won't be any problems getting tickets.
  15. Making for an interesting semi here!
  16. Some people on this forum would complain if they won $1,000,000...
  17. Sydney will have to have some pretty handy players to come in, given the overhaul this off season before they will be considered 'challengers' next season...
  18. Yeah I guess he has done alright there so far. Probably better to promote the youth and develop them then bring in guys getting past it hey...
  19. We should go after a cheap backup striker. Potentially Juric as I believe he's a free agent...
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