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  1. Settle down mate. It's 1-1 and another half to play. Cmon Wanderers!
  2. I can now see why the Sydney fans call Melbourne the "Tards" really is a city run by way too many mentally handicapped folks...
  3. Of course we get completely jibbed with this change of season for the ACL. We completely miss one whole season of Asian Champions League that we'll never get back! 🙄
  4. As much as we'd like to, he really does deserve to go to Europe and give it a real good crack! He's done enough for us and needs to work his trade overseas...
  5. If this article is correct it sounds like it's happening... https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/victory-shake-up-talay-in-line-to-replace-popovic-at-ailing-a-league-giants-592352
  6. We would only need 12 points if Adelaide wins all of their remaining 5 games. May only need 8-10 more points realistically. Ie. 2 wins and 2 draws from last 6 games.
  7. Yes true, we obviously don't want to have to rely on that game in hand. We should be wrapping it up without "needing" the game in hand... We won last season on 49 points and may be able to win it this season with the same points haul. Adelaide if they were to win all their remaining games would finish on 52 points. Meaning from here we would need either 11 points to tie 52 and win on goal difference or we would need 12 to win the league outright by 1 point. So in this hypothetical world we need 12 points from our last 6 games to put it beyond doubt...
  8. So we now have just a 4 point lead over Adelaide with 1 game in hand. In the last 10 games Adelaide has been undefeated with 22 points compared to our 16 points over the same period. Certainly a huge game coming up for Adelaide after the break when they play away to the Wanderers. Ultimately they are going to be taking points off eachother. Best result will be the Wanderers to win or a draw will be ok providing we beat Newcastle at home!
  9. Both of them have been big losses and our results have reflected that. Hoping they will be available for the game against Newcastle!
  10. Really doesn't make sense to pull the trigger on him so early into his temporary coaching tenure... Looking very average the last 4-6 weeks
  11. It's always the case of dropping points in games we should be winning. I'm hoping it won't cost us the plate. But Adelaide are taking max points lately and we're losing points to them in the last few weeks... It's making for a stressful finish to the season
  12. Indeed! If we can just match them for points each week we'll be fine. We catch afford to drop points that is for sure!
  13. Correct! Top is ACL and 2nd is AFC cup and winner of Aus Cup qualifies for this aswell. Adelaide in ominous form right now 😳
  14. No idea, but you would have to assume purely Australian teams. Perhaps another in either Queensland, Adelaide or Perth?
  15. Too much white space mate... Nah seriously, 2nd team in NZ is not the worst news. Odd in the fact no NZ teams are allowed to compete in any AFC competitions. But a game a week over there is not bad and the derby should be well attended! Canberra makes sense and probably could have come in over 5 or more years ago... Definitely good for the league in giving more opportunity for the up and coming fringe youth players more playing opportunities. Also there is talk of a further 2 expansion clubs in the season after 2025/26 I believe...
  16. This makes for very entertaining reading 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  17. If I hadn't of run out of 'likes' I would have given you one for this post. Your not wrong about the Victory...apart from winning the FA/Aus Cup last season they haven't won the Premier Plate since 2014/15 and their last grand final win was 2018. For their 'Big club status' they have had quite a few lean years... With 1 trophy in the last 5 years certainly highlights this fact! Correct! Sydney too has to undergo practically a complete overhaul of their very senior squad!
  18. To be honest I don't really care about the finals to be honest. It's incredibly diluted now with there being no ACL qualification winning the grand final. Also being in Sydney for the next 3 years is farcical. It's really all about the regular season now and the premier plate is now the most heavily weighted trophy. Not only does it prove the best team of the season but gives direct qualification to the ACL group stage. Also second in the league now gets a shot in the AFC Cup and the winner of the Aus Cup also qualifies for this competition.
  19. We were definitely depleted with the recent injuries and under the 20s national duty. Should be a few more options for the bench against Macarthur...
  20. Maybe a front 3 of Bos - Nabbout - Tilio? With Raphael coming off the bench for 20min or so?
  21. Yeah spot on. I think the key to success in this league is to have a great youth set up. You can see the clubs that don't have great youth academy's tend to struggle. I mean when you look at victory what is their identity now? Because it certainly isn't producing their own talent...
  22. Very impressive indeed! Especially given 5 of them are very recent when you include Atkinson and Metcalfe. Crazy to think it could have been even more if Leckie and Jmac weren't injured... I don't think many if any other A League teams have produced this many Socceroos?
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