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  1. Seems these 2 teams are competing for who gets relegated first...hopeless teams at this stage of the season.
  2. Gee what an average and uninspiring performance. If that's how we're going to play this season we will struggle...
  3. Yes I noticed he wasn't playing his usual free running down the wing. If they are telling him to hold back that would be disappointing...
  4. That would be the dream run hey!
  5. Either way we should be going all the way in the Aus cup. None of the teams remaining are overly frightening...
  6. That home kit is spew!! 🤮
  7. Yeah more concerned with the defence at this stage as it looks a bit suspect...not sure why we scraped past the NPL teams but we were in complete control against the Nix...
  8. That sounds about right. I would assume the club is frantically looking for a season long Aussie injury replacement for Nabbout.
  9. Thought Leckie was likely to be ready for roughly the early rounds of the regular season? Obviously we don't know what Natel will bring to the table and how good his body(leg) and fitness will be. For now Jakolis would get the nod as he has at least been playing although maybe not convincingly well just yet...
  10. So with the unfortunate season ending injury to Nabbout our best 11 with bench is likely looking something like this? Jmac Leckie Jakolis Arslan Sakhi Ugarkovic Behich Good Nuno? Talbot Young Bench: Antonis, Natel, Souprayen/Hall?, Caputo, Lopane, Nieuwenhuizen/Beach? Galloway Has a bit of a could be alright or could be mediocre squad. But doens't look/feel like a great squad at this stage.
  11. So just bend over and take it? As not to be seen as "unprofessional"?
  12. Sounds like they will be best of buddies hanging out together in the Germano Treatment Centre...
  13. Pie in the face type stuff...
  14. Is this some kind of April fools joke? Surely we don't have to be scraping the barrel like this... 😒
  15. According to Fotmob. He's been out injured with a cruciate ligament injury and is expected to return late September...😶🙃🤫
  16. They would be at least A-League standard if not a little better. Perhaps similar standard to that Korean team we faced last time in the ACL...
  17. He is going to make some very good money too in Saudi Arabia, money he'd never see in the A-League. Rumoured to be 2.5 million a season and a 3 year deal. retirement set!!
  18. As long as they can put the ball in the back of the net than I don't care if they can't cross 🙃
  19. They might be 'labelled' as midfielders, but I'm pretty sure both can play as forwards. I believe Sulemani was ripping it up as one of the forwards before his acl injury.
  20. We may get caught out with our depth this season as it's going to be our hardest to date with ACL commitments. Feel our bench is not quite as strong as we had last season...no idea if we have anyone to bring up from NPL squad. But we did get Lopane from WSW and Sulemani promoted to the senior squad?
  21. FFS!! Another 6 week injury!? Is he going to last this season??
  22. Are you shocked that Goodwin has left Adelaide or amazed at how great this thread is? 🙃
  23. Yeah I guess the tweet could have had a tad more detail. Like name, badge, colours, home ground etc? The Canberra details should be announced imminently too?
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