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  1. Can't say either of them will be missed especially Talbot!
  2. This country is going down the shitter!! The politicians don't give a fu#k and just carry out their agendas!
  3. So basically they win = put us out of our misery. Draw = WSW would have to lose their last game and we would have to beat Generic United Win = if we do beat WSW then we would just need a draw in our last game against the generics to secure 6th but WSW would have to have a draw at best against MV. Hmm...
  4. Is it because the A-League is seen as being run on a shoestring budget and hence no "big name players"? It doesn't make sense that if you enjoy the game of football you would completely snub the local product over watching European clubs play in the early hours... I think as more home grown local talent emerges through the league, and kids grow up with the game it will grow larger.
  5. Unless we win the Grand final I don't want him.
  6. This is so A-League it's not funny!! Yeah Jmac is gone that's a given. Not sure Caputo is ready to be starting 11 season long just yet...Arslan is a gun and would love him to finish his career with us!!
  7. You are allowed to disagree of course. I just find us way too hot and cold. Today as an example. We belt the weak teams then lose against teams we should be able to beat. Whole season has been frustrating at best!
  8. Yep second this... We don't deserve to make the top 6.
  9. The facilities alone should help attract the best young players and visas too!
  10. Bit of a shame, I'd have considered Good for one more season...
  11. Are you hinting that he's "sick" but the club has let him go? Or hinting at something else?
  12. Or they will destroy us just to put that gravestone on our nightmare of a season...
  13. Can you all hear that fat lady sing? ⏰🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡 I definitely can...
  14. That's low mate. Like 6 feet plus some below the belt...
  15. It would be a no brainer to not re-sign him!
  16. Massively underrated signing in the pre season turning out to be providing all the doubters wrong! He's a one man highlights reel so far this season...
  17. 3. Arslan 2. Caputo 1. Antonis (although that goal alone is worth 3 votes)
  18. They just gave him a contract extension a few weeks back. Awkward...🀣 He definitely stepped up to the plate and is going to keep Jamie out of the 11 for a while longer. Perhaps longer than most would expect...πŸ€”
  19. Very interesting that the fans votes are pretty similar to the Fotmob player ratings. Gotta love the Fotmob!
  20. He is unlikely to dump the Mariners for us especially when they are on the cusp of silverware...
  21. It's pretty obvious the A-League is a development league, is it not?
  22. It would make more sense landing Trewin as he's younger and not yet in the shop window for Europe, yet has good potential! Where as surely Nisbet has already got overseas interest and is less likely to stay in the A-League...
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