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Best Football kits of all time?


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To be fair, probably the best kit of recent times. Wisla centenary kit. First worn by cops.


For humour factor, first Man City jersey, design was made and donated by the women's white cross association (run through the local Gorten church) who's main piece of ideology was physically abusing masturbators and publicly disgracing them. Just roff.


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U realize as a Sheep Shagger u just posted up a Away Forest kit just in a different colour, that Dons one but in Gold. :)

I even own it.. but I totally agree the best kits will always be the Umbro ones done in the mid 90's.

EDIT: There are some slight differences but largely minor.

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Sorry for shite quality and size, but does anybody have any clue when the Knights wore these kits and why?

Catholic brotherhood?

FFA away kit sanctions?

Special occasion?

This question was made for me...

The Knights made this Away Kit to honor Dukes when he was Celtic.

They invited the Melbourne CSC to come to the game where they first wore it - There is an article somewhere about it on the net.

Back in the NSL, they also use to play a Home Game each year in Perth to take the good money from the gate against the Glory (Like what Melbourne used to do in Brisbane in the AFL).

I actually saw the Knights in this kit on no less than three occasions, the final time in which was a final at Subi and my mate and I got a lot of looks due the fact they we were both wearing our Hoops.

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