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  1. Hawthorn won another premiership GWS have won more games than us since February The New Orleans Hornets are now the Pelicans and the Charlotte Bobcats now the Hornets Prince George was born Luis Suarez has gone from being a hero to being hated by Liverpool and back to hero (and he bit Ivanovic)
  2. Put a line through: Okon, Vidmar Would consider: Rudan, Kosmina and Vidosic
  3. Ryan > Langerak, first team football is valuable. However Schwarz had a fantastic Socceroos career over 20 years, made some incredible saves and played his part very well
  4. What is going on with Walker?!?!? This is beyond a joke the kid, if fully fit can't get a game ahead of Hoffman, who has been ok at best, but is no Walker defensively or going forward from RB. About time the boys pulled the finger out and got this win away, one win is all we need FFS
  5. Will be in Perth visiting family deliberately for this game. Will be good considering they've got a new stand now
  6. Massive fan of this bloke, he can play. Him and Kisnorbo have been extremely impressive so far this season.
  7. In all seriousness we go interstate looking to draw. We don't go out to win games, we go out with a plan to avoid getting smashed 5-0. That is the main problem, at home we play like we want to win, but away from home we try to play out dour 0-0 draws and it hasn't worked for us at all.
  8. International class player my ass, how big is their cap?
  9. Yesterday was similar to the first game, we seem to have rock solid defensive plan, we are quite good at starving the opposition of chances with Kisnorbo and Wielaart, who are dead set guns in this league and Kisnorbo has more ability in his left toe nail than Lucas Neill, wouldn't mind him at CB for the Socceroos. Our midfield work bloody hard, but they never seemed able to string two passes together with the Williams, Gol Gol or Ramsay, that has to change, we can't just keep this long ball stuff going all the time. Thought our strikers looked dangerous when in range and have some serious pace to burn, we could really trouble some teams this season with that attack. Bit disappointing not to get the win, but plenty of good signs ahead though.
  10. Thought he has had two solid defensive games so far at RB, still nowhere near the attacking option that Walker gives us though, but very solid in defence
  11. If the labor government were never in power things like this wouldn't need to be done. Blame them not Abbott haha if you actually believe this, you really are too far gone. ROFL. Your post is 100 times more DRoy than mine. The labor government spent shitloads on economic stimulus package that has made things worse for when the real GFC comes. Their needless spending purely to buy votes has fucked us. Granted we were in a strong position when they came into power so we will be much better off than most countries. BH - Can you not at least conceed that the speeding at the end of ALP government will did get a bit unaccountable. ALP Members themselves have asked why Penny Wong was left as Fiannce Minister for so long. Agree with that, government spending in the last two years has been not well thought and spent sadly. Too much junk like this • The quest for the ‘I’ – a $595,000 grant aimed at “reaching a better understanding of the self”; • $160,000 on an examination of “sexuality in Islamic interpretations of reproductive health technologies in Egypt”; • a $443,000 study into “The God of Hegel’s Post-Kantian idealism”; and • $164,000 for a study into “how urban media art can best respond to global climate change” .
  12. What a fantastic day for football. I reckon we have a serious chance this afternoon, no one is giving us a chance, but if we play with the same defensive accountability as we did against the mongs, you never know what could happen.
  13. TTDIM: Days like today, nice and sunny, and we are playing at home
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