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  1. Anyone have a spare ticket? I'm losing hope....
  2. Does anyone have a spare concession to sell?
  3. Well if the tossers had it opened for the members I would be somewhere in bay 16 or 18 but with the limited tickets that were available during the member period that could accommodate the 5 people I have, I had to settle with bay friggen 14. I mean, we don't have many supporters but the free Macca's tickets are given to fill the WU end
  4. I beg to differ. Many people have been left unemployed from all this covid shit and back then there was more interest in the A-league. But I still think 20k is possible.
  5. Is that why Bay 16 and 18 are not on sale yet? They are the tickets I wanted, had to deal with Bay 14 to accommodate the 5 of us
  6. OK... got 5. See you all Saturday. 3-1 City win. Next.
  7. Am I seeing this correctly? The WU Active support have been allocated more seats than our Active Support??
  8. Idiots. Can't they start from $25 and they probably would even fill AAMI
  9. Should be the other way around. For me it is at least. I've been working from home for almost a year and l feel that l have more time to head to games instead of working in the city then heading to games. At least now l finish work 4:30, have my dinner, get my son ready and head to the game. Wouldn't be able to do this if l finished 4:30 in the city.
  10. 3-4k is ambitious. I'm at the game and there is 1.5k tops with 4min to go. Probably will get to 2k. Oh well! I'll enjoy the game with my 4yr old. Go City!
  11. We were mediocre last season with 2 wins then 4 losses in a row. Then things turned around. In terms of the crowd, just way too many things happening atm to get a decent crowd. But that is across the board not just us
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