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  1. We were mediocre last season with 2 wins then 4 losses in a row. Then things turned around. In terms of the crowd, just way too many things happening atm to get a decent crowd. But that is across the board not just us
  2. In terms of the crowd, myself (foundation member) and 7 other regulars are not allowed in. Have a few mates in the same situation. I'm sure this has somewhat contributed to the poor attendance. Also, the poor people that lost their jobs and can't afford to go anymore. On the up side, glad we got 3 points. Hope to see City and all of you pretty soon.
  3. Edit: It actually said "Sold Out" when I tried to order. Available now.
  4. I purchased a poster. tried to buy a mini trophy and missed out
  5. If the PAX is 9767 from the post someone mentioned and the capacity is 14,700, that tells me approx 5,000 tickets are left? But there appears to be roughly 1850 tickets left (both home and away sections).
  6. What is the significance of the PAX? Is it a reflection of what the attendance will be?
  7. Who had the impression it was sold out? The allocation was never exhausted and I jumped on during and after the members period.
  8. Some valid points. Regardless, I'm hoping it will sell out eventually. My guess is the away bay will not sellout or even close to a sellout with what's happening now in NSW with the covid cases.
  9. Since I have nothing better to do at work I decided to count all the available seats. It did my head in but I'd say it's almost accurate: 2119 seats left for MCFC fans and 467 available seats left for the away bay.
  10. To me it looked like there's still a fair amount left.
  11. What prices? Don't AFL charge a few hundred dollars when they have their GF? It's not that expensive for an occasion that rarely happens.
  12. Would someone know you're a keeper if you were to tell them you are a defender?
  13. Socceroos striker Jamie Maclaren has signed a two-year contract extension with A-League grand finalists Melbourne City. Maclaren, who is currently in quarantine due to recent Socceroos commitments and will miss this weekend’s grand final, has committed to City until June 2024. “You always have that one club in your career where it just feels like home,” said Maclaren, who has scored 59 goals in 63 appearances for City “Melbourne City is that place for me, both on and off the pitch. “This group is special and we’re building something unique. “When people think of Melbourne City, we want our fans to see our strong culture, enjoy our style of attacking football and to celebrate with us when we win trophies. We work hard every day to achieve this. “For the fans, when I hear you chant my name, it motivates me to score. I feel very lucky, I’m a proud Melbourne boy who gets to represent this great football club.” Jamie Maclaren has extended is stay at Melbourne City. Picture: Darrian Traynor/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images The re-signing of Maclaren, the A-League’s Golden Boot, is a further boost for City after the recent retention of Andrew Nabbout and the signing of another Socceroos attacker, Mat Leckie. City’s director of football Michael Petrillo said Maclaren was a “massive influence on the pitch” and a “fantastic leader in the dressing-room”. “We are so pleased to be able to finalise a long-term contract with Jamie and to be able to do it so quickly shows his passion for the club, his hometown and the fans,” Petrillo said.
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