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  1. Come on where’s our big name marquee!!? I need that sugar hit
  2. Also was our active support protesting tonight? They seemed unusually quiet
  3. It would be great if this wasn’t on a Monday night. Can’t wait until we get a normal season again.
  4. What’s with the crowd? Surprisingly small!
  5. Both home and away are average. Bring back the sash! the red and white hanging in there is promising
  6. Who are the players? Is that supposed to be jmac in the grey?
  7. I wonder if their hands were forced with news of him signing somewhere was about to be announced
  8. I know this comment will be void as they will just use the puma sky blue template. But what are everyone’s thoughts on a kit like this? Embracing the colour clash of sky blue and red. Maybe red, white, blue version of the attached, maybe horizontal?
  9. Yeah I feel that we will actually need a big name marquee to get things moving again then hopefully sustain the crowds/interest with winning
  10. Hopefully they can figure out a way to draw some crowds next season. No excuses, should have more marketing, new geographic base, winning side, what else do we need? Besides of course the red and white 😉
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