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  1. Let's just see what happens first. It is still my opinion that the problem lies deeper in the club than Vidmar.
  2. I'm feeling depressed already...
  3. Then you look at it from Pierias' perspective. Why would you sign for Melbourne City and end up like Jordan Hall and Scott Galloway with a coach who seems reluctant to make even meaningful substitutions let alone team selections, and spend most of your time watching from the bench? Young footballers need to play to further their careers. I'm no doubt dumb but I can understand players leaving City because they are just fed up. Caputo had to struggle to get minutes even though JMac was out of sorts match after match. We steal Beach from Central Coast then sign Young for another season. We give Leckie and Nabbout two more seasons plus a one-year extension option when they couldn't get on the pitch and barely scored a goal between them last season.
  4. Right on. First place he checks is the hospitals...
  5. Well, I don't know. What were our two glaring weaknesses over the season? Inability to turn high possession rates and chances galore into goals, and sagging in the last few minutes? We threw the season away by ourselves in every competition.
  6. Agree. And we have only 2 visa players... I can't help it but IMO the squad and supporters need a lift.
  7. The only current listed players that we're waiting to hear about are Harry Politidis, who I would have thought we would extend based on his first-team appearances, Aziz Behich, who I assume will return from his loan, and Marco Tilio, who I would think would be the subject of negotiations with Celtic. IMO we are short of at least a quality mid-fielder to partner Arslan, and two proven quality forwards.
  8. They don't need to. Go through all the clubs and list ex-City players, particularly those that came through us as younger players, even if not right from the beginning.
  9. Better get used to it...we are at the top of CFG's "couldn't care a stuff about you" list. Apart from the one-upmanship of owning more clubs than any other business, especially those from the ME, I'm surprised they didn't dump us years ago. Presumably they keep us in the vain hope of discovering the next Messi here and recouping all their Melbourne losses that way. Further, the odds of Victoria helping in any way to stage a football tournament here are very low indeed. VicGov is just not interested, and it has a huge debt as the legacy of Andrews' mismanagement of our economy.
  10. Very overrated player IMO. Angers will be pleased to be shot of him. At least he'll get an extra $10,000 a game at Macarthur...
  11. The latest email from the club confirms the transfer news as we know it, so the bulldust about Leo Natel possibly staying was nonsense.
  12. I think most of us would agree with you there. Not the way to run a successful football club if it is indeed the case.
  13. Didulica went to the PFA first didn't he? But I didn't know he was at Victory.
  14. Whatever people might think of PK and his suitability/unsuitability to be a manager and possible return to City, I still wonder why on earth City had to be so hasty to sign Vidmar for another two years. Did we really look at alternatives?
  15. I admit to not following the NT closely, and generally when I've watched a bit the football doesn't look too pretty. However, one thing I have to say is that Arnold does seem to be able to get the best out of the squad that he has on hand. The opposite is what irked me so much with our two performances as a club in the AFC Champions League. We just seemed so unwilling to change our style or mindset. So disappointing.
  16. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-06-11/footballnomics-suggest-a-league-and-football-australia-reunion/103960928
  17. So did I I think it taints the whole season TBH. In this case APL is in an invidious position. As I've pointed out, if that match is declared null and void, the end of season table changes, and therefore so should the "finals" matches. We don't know - and of course are not intended to know - how widespread match-fixing was. If it was Macarthur only, then why target them unless the people running the show already knew they had a bad egg on their books? APL may have taken plenty of missteps, but they certainly didn't need this.
  18. Never is a very strong word. But I really don't think for the past 2-3 or so seasons you can say our substitutions have given significant minutes to youth players. Hence the opinion that we "don't give opportunity to youth."
  19. Over a longer period I agree. Just at the moment, not so sure. If Caputo, Sulemani, Mazzeo and Politidis can get regular match time then it will be good for the club. I hope they do. We have had a bad trot with injuries of course, which I tend to forget!
  20. I don't care who it's through. I don't believe taxpayers should subsidise CFG and the UAE royal family.
  21. I take it back - it's a different Silver Lake company!!
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