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  1. The matches are now so scattered across a week that I don't know where one round finishes and the next one starts...
  2. Great chance to go further ahead at the top. We need to address our wastefulness in front of goal and convert more opportunities to score.
  3. 1. Tom GLOVER (GK), 2. Scott GALLOWAY, 3. Scott JAMIESON (C), 4. Nuno REIS, 6. Thomas LAM, 7. Mathew LECKIE, 8. Richard VAN DER VENNE, 9. Jamie MACLAREN, 10. Florin BERENGUER 13. Aiden O’NEILL, 14. Valon BERISHA, 15. Andrew NABBOUT, 16. Taras GOMULKA, 22. Curtis GOOD, 23. Marco TILIO, 25. Callum TALBOT, 33. Matthew SUTTON (GK), 34. Arion SULEMANI, 35. Raphael BORGES RODRIGUES, 38. Jordan BOS. In: 34. Arion SULEMANI (promoted), 38. Jordan BOS (returns from injury).
  4. Mea culpa. I should have used the past tense.
  5. I'm astonished that Glover is leading this poll. I regard our GK stocks as just about the weakest in the squad!
  6. I can't see any reason why we would be fiddling with the squad at the present time. I'd imagine that Jamo and Berenguer would finish up at the end of their contracts (end of this season) and that Berisha's loan would not be renewed. Others whose contracts expire are Glover, Sutton, Hall, Stokes, O'Neill, Gomulka, Rafa and Caputo.
  7. @HughJass Even the BoM has now got around to a forecast maximum of 23...
  8. Time for my latest irk (not a new one)... Recycling, or the lack of it, in Australia. The "new labelling" is confusing. Just decided to look in detail at what the label on my empty tub of yoghurt actually says. The top is unconditionally recyclable. The inside sealing foil is conditionally recyclable. The label says it is conditionally recyclable if I peel it off. The tub should be put in the rubbish for landfill. There is no mention of the padding underneath the tub, and when you remove that padding the logo on the bottom of the tub says that the tub is recyclable after all. Who's going to bother with all this especially after the negative publicity surrounding the collapse of Victoria's recycling industry? Don't these people understand the KISS principle? Likewise household batteries. Who's going to bother to to make a special trip to to the Council Depot to deposit a small container of batteries when the obvious answer is to have the collection point at the hardware store where you buy new ones? Likewise all this self-congratulation by councils who are directing miniscule amounts of food waste into the green waste stream. The bloody bin stinks to high heaven and is swarming with flies and maggots after waiting two weeks for the next collection. At the same time as farmers are throwing away huge volumes of fresh produce because it doesn't meet "cosmetic and visual expectations." FMD. It's all to hard. And what happens? We take the easy way and it all goes in the household rubbish for landfill. And anything that seriously shouldn't be going to landfill you put in a neighbour's bin up the road after everyone has gone to sleep for the night. As some bastard did in mine a week ago...but I don't blame them!
  9. @HughJassMy smartphone weather app currently says 24 for Sunday 29th. After 33 on Saturday.
  10. Yes, it's a lot of fun on the Sandringham line. They're even worse than Victory fans. Beats me why we can't avoid the AO finals weekend in Melbourne altogether. Poor scheduling by APL.
  11. I was referring more to their financial situation rather than Popovic.
  12. Like @fensaddler I couldn't care a toss about the tennis. It's the public transport issues that are my concern.
  13. Newcastle-Phoenix finished at 1-1. We are five points clear at the top with the continuation of the Derby in hand.
  14. I reckon that the difficulties at the club are much deeper than Popovic. Although they are our rivals, the League needs at least one other healthy Melbourne club, so this is not really something to gloat over.
  15. @haz But elsewhere I have seen 7.30 p.m. listed as the starting time. The official AO site does not give a starting time. So I don't know WTF is actually going on. My best guess is evening at 7.30 - 8.30 p.m. I wonder why we have to have these fixture conflicts...
  16. According to here https://www.theticketmerchant.com.au/australian-open-schedule-2023 the Men's Singles Final is at 4.00 p.m.
  17. Weather forecast for this match is favourable - 23 degrees is the forecast high at the moment. After two draws we need to win this one.
  18. Rado reverted to PK-Style substitutions last night. Nabbout is just about the most wasteful player in the squad, and Berenguer is pedestrian to say the least. I don't think either are the right kind of player to be an impact substitution. That's if we wanted to go all out for the win of course.
  19. I must have missed something. Why are Perth playing out of Macedonia Park this season?
  20. It's not hard to work us out. We keep saying that we "play the City way." If you're always going to play the same way, then you don't have a Plan B, you don't need a gamechange and you don't have any game-changing players.
  21. Western playing Sydney at North Hobart...? What will the League come up with next?
  22. I believe that he is. Has a goal to his credit in his limited minutes so far. IMO a very fluid and mobile player.
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