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  1. https://twitter.com/aleaguezone/status/1483670285132115968?s=20
  2. Our wingers are lacking in confidence. Would’ve liked to have seen Tillio for Nabbout and the Italian playing as the 10 / second striker. The team looks to be struggling in generally with lack of games and training after covid swept through the club.
  3. I’ve really come around to Flo this season. His creativity and ‘fancy shit’ brings a nice dynamic to the team. He should’ve gotten a pen and scored already this game.
  4. I wasn’t excited about him signing but since he has come into the team his willingness to get forward, speed and aggression has really changed the team dynamic. What a beast.
  5. Can’t believe he takes his sons with him wherever he goes.
  6. I’m not a Jamo basher, but his forward passing has been shocking
  7. At 2-0 up I wouldn’t have expected to be happy with a draw
  8. First time we pass it along the wings and not hoof it something good happens... nice goal Luna
  9. Not bad on paper. Gomulka still needs time, Metcalfe into DM is a good option till Griffiths returns. Jamo was more than likely coming back into the team after a loss and I’d prefer a right footer playing RB then Gooch fitting in on his wrong side.
  10. AFL and BBL have current players do guest commentating, we (A-League) aren’t special it’s just a thing Aussie sports do.
  11. Still can’t believe we never played Birighitti.
  12. Unless Flo can start producing consistently he should be replaced by Ramy next season, who is the shining light in the Newcastle team.
  13. Ramy has been impressive for the jets first 2 games.
  14. We’re looking a little light in the creative/ x-factor department. Metcalfe, Luna and O’Neill are work horses. Looks like Flo needs to step it up.
  15. Jamo owned that kid all night and was consistently fouled by him. But of frustration that might cost us.
  16. Isn’t Delbos missus a yank? Could be the reason he is looking to head back to the MLS, plus it’s a higher quality league.
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