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  1. Fuck we are shit and for the majority of games a bore. Even though he wasn’t there tonight Vidmar better not get the job next season.
  2. Was very pleased with the performance, we got lucky with the Kosta miss the nix are usually ruthless on the counter. Caputo and Soup were fantastic. Lopane, Politidis and Antonis were great off the bench.
  3. Theres been a real lack of ambition from CFG this season in having an interim manager since rd 3 and if we do end up with Kisnorbo why the fuck didn’t we appoint him earlier when he became available?
  4. Jobs for the boys doesn’t work, send him back to the Thai league.
  5. Who would’ve thought positive, fast & attacking football looks so much better than the slow stagnant shit we usually play.
  6. Not sure how Jeggo has walked into the starting 11 tbh, he’s all sorts of mediocre and not upgrade on Ugar
  7. I’ve thought this many times, particularly after the roar loss but it seems he is untouchable and he doesn’t strike me as the sort of bloke to fall on his sword
  8. We are shocking. Can’t believe we let Rapha leave and we replaced him with Natel
  9. Jmac is more involved in the build up this game, I like it. Surely Leo gets one of those outside of the box shots off tonight.
  10. Lopane is frustrating poor at times, I know he’s young but he’s had ample chances to show something and he hasn’t.
  11. I know it won’t solve much but can we fuck off Vidmar and give Jamo the reins for the rest of the season.
  12. Jmac was the one who assisted Leckie for his poster. He looks much better with Leckie in the side. In reality a 7 goal drought isn’t that bad for the Aleague it’s just he has set the bar so high previously.
  13. We are a completely different team with Leckie in it. Tilio is rusty as fuck.
  14. The coaching has been shit & uninspiring. I’d put money on a decent Aleague coach like Arnie would have us looking good. But we’ve inherited Rado, who looked average at the backend of last season and a season long caretaker in Vidmar.
  15. lol at this point the players have to be tanking don’t they?
  16. Adelaide away levels - but it’s Brisbane, so it’s worse
  17. All aboard the Vidmar out train, toot toot!
  18. We are dire. I mean, if we continue being this dog shit surely Vidmar gets the boot or at the very least he won’t get the gig next year.
  19. An interim manger doesn’t help either. Behich has been one of the better players this shitty season so it’s a real punch to the gut to see him go.
  20. Wtf Behich to Al Nassr? https://x.com/alnassrfc/status/1752423117543080091?s=46
  21. Put a fork in us we’re done. I was critical of Sahki early but he really started to look the good for us, he will leave a big hole in our squad.
  22. Don’t hold your breath for a visa midfielder. In the WSW pregame Vidmar mentioned he really likes Lopane and the qualities he brings to the team. I’m guessing he is one we will persist with and that’s why Vidmar shoe-horned him in as a winger instead of starting Mazzeo or Caputo.
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