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  1. Rewatching derby wtf is Mebrautu doing on the first XI 15 min in if the new Italian fella is taking set pieces? I know that there is more to his game but why is Ramsey on the bench here for this bollocks?
  2. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/news/1170017/Thompson-joins-Sydney-FC
  3. Updated. Up to 5841 23 added in 1.5 hours. Check out the late surge from Adelaide and CCM! Good on them! Exciting times ahead for the A-league and hopefully for MHFC Wellington recently had an increase of over 500 to about 3,470 if i remember correctly i do find it interesting for a club that draws media attention for poor crowds that Heart are still doing better than four other A League clubs. considering that three of those clubs are foundation clubs and the other took over a foundation club's role as the pinnacle in NZ, I kinda wonder how much has to do with Heart just establishing itself in Melbourne. for the majority of A League clubs, the instant buzz of the A League wasn't fully experienced until season 3 in terms of crowd recognition - most were building to that point (either steadily or as a way of remaining constant while finding their place in the local sporting market). in lieu of that, I wonder if with Heart's situation the crowds will now come once they start performing success wise to the point that non hardcore section of the Melbourne sporting scene actually know there are two viable options in Melbourne. the memberships seem to be on the rise well and truly (similar to other clubs earlier in the piece) so now its just down to battling away on the field.
  4. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/news/1169777/Aloisi-dismisses-away-Heart-tremors
  5. to play devils advocate; depending on contract lengths and all other details for Kewell, Misfud etc most of those points actually display the notion the club is heading in the right direction and now has a solid platform / level of financial support. i'd think that would bump your club value up to a point where it could almost not get any higher. as such it could mean that it is by default the best time to sell - you may not any real increase for a while. that being said i'd be surprised to see a sale after everything the club has done this preseason.
  6. Would usually work under normal circumstances, but I've heard this game they will have stewards scanning your tickets in before you enter the active bays, so this could be an issue... Can you plz follow this up BH? And the increased cost could be there to offset the increased security bill. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/soccer-clubs-police-crack-down-on-hooligans-at-melbourne-games/story-fni2wcjl-1226733829559 This still sounds like it could affect us... where i'd be surprised with this LR9 is that for the system to work they would have to scan you in but also out for everytime you go to take a piss, go to get a drink, etc. i question if that is going to be a viable solution. of course, they could do it so that it causes a bottle neck, which in turn causes fans to get frisky / agitated. hence more chance of a riot and thus playing into the police's hands so they can get their rocks off as usual by blaming these "unruly" hooligans ....... although i may just be a little skeptical. just seems every fucking time those fellas want to show trouble as a way of a shit stir
  7. so sad that things have resorted / sunk to this. dont quite know tho how they aim to fix anything with the stronger ticket regulation side of things - surely people can enter and reenter their seating area for any time they wish to take a piss, grab a drink, etc. as such, whats stopping people from exiting their section with a couple of tickets and coming back with a few extra mates - whats stopping people from 'smuggling' others in?
  8. http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/melbourneheart/news-display/PROFILE-Defenders--Gerhardt-Kisnorbo-Walker/76581 if Walker is the first outta Tasmania's NTC program, then i do find it funny in that he is playing for us and not the visitors given their presence down there
  9. Didn't Gol Gol score starting against WSW while the rest of our team crumbled, as well as hitting the bar on a FK last Etihad derby, as well the FK against Wellington, just don't think we can look past Gol Gol for scoring Exactly His presence also made the side last year (And JA said this himself) about three times more dangerous from Corners as well as Freekicks. Golgol is cleary faster and a better shot than Williams - His the logical choice for CF come saturday night with Misfud being absent. by all means, Golgol could start and that would be okay by me. Golgol has been good in the past. and TBH you're quite right about how good Golgol is on set pieces - something i didnt originally consider. at the same time, Williams is one of the best Heart players for switching the play - think of how many times you've seen Williams pick the ball up in our own half and hit an accuate 50 metre diagonal / horizontal ball. with all that Williams does wrong perhaps it's one of those skills that goes unseen / not noticed but Williams does it well. as such, Williams might be good for playing the front man in the counter system Aloisi has played all preseason. admittedly Williams has his flaws; his inability to be consistent is quite frustraiting. so eitherway would be okay.
  10. from the preseason games i saw, the team looked 10 times better with Ramsey on the left. who starts up front is a bit of a worry since I neither saw Williams or Golgol making a massive impact preseason. i'd probably go with Williams since (a) he can play out a game and (b.) Golgol has been known to be extremely lively when he comes on late (thinking the 1-0 win over Perth last season). hence Golgol would make the bigger impact later on should we need it. if they really are worried about Kewell, then Dugandzic could always be moved central
  11. won't know until much closer to the date, game falls on my bros birthday so might have family duties ... if i do i'll be driving and will (unless work circumstances change) be coming / going from Ballarat so will be able to help those west side of Melb
  12. Agreed. It's wrong of people to be taking it out on Hoffman. He was offered a contract - he accepted it. We can't blame him for doing that. And if he's selected in the team, he plays and does his best. We can't blame him for doing that. It's the same with any of the players. Any "blame" rests with the football department. I think that there are a number of good points here. having watched Hoffman develop over the last few seasons (or the distinct lack there of) i would find it concerning if he started against the mongs. but we do remember that it is still preseason and the club (for whatever reason) has re-signed Hoffman. for the most part, it could be the club just making the best of an awkward situation. in football it's easy to see the problem, harder to fix it - even guys like Kalmar and Nabbout (both coming from state league) still struggle for consistency in the A League. i hope that through all of this, the move of Hoffman to RB is just to provide competition there and provide extra cover but will just have to wait and see. personally, i woulda thought the club would have been better off going for Sam Gallagher in the off season and releasing Hoffman since Gallagher has both A League experience and actually is a defender but that is for the club to decide. and like marteaux Hoffman comes across as a good guy, just not that good on the field.
  13. We can have the whole Norf End this derby because of their petulant boycott. Get in woulda thought there'd be a few visitor seats free TBH
  14. As an update, this is what i have found - some are easier to get than others Adelaide - 4,335 Brisbane - 5,653 Central Coast - 5,000 Heart - 5,344 Newcastle - almost 9,000 …. (http://www.newcastlefootball.net/forum/showthread.php?719-Jets-Membership-Update&p=51007#post51007) Perth - 4,394 Sydney - 9,500 Victory - 19,028 Wellington - 3,000 (from a couple of weeks back cant find more recent) West Sydney - 15,600 SOLD OUT! In descending order, that places us 6th - a little behind Brisbane, a little ahead of CCM and noticeably ahead of the last 3. given how shite we were last season its nice to know that we could be in a worse position - particularly where Perth and Adelaide come from markets where they should have an unimpeded shot at capturing the market (same could be said with Brisbane who is not that far ahead) Victory - 19,028 West Sydney - 15,600 SOLD OUT! Sydney - 9,500 Newcastle - almost 9,000 …. (http://www.newcastlefootball.net/forum/showthread.php?719-Jets-Membership-Update&p=51007#post51007) Brisbane - 5,653 Heart - 5,344 Central Coast - 5,000 Perth - 4,394 Adelaide - 4,335 Wellington - 3,000 (from a couple of weeks back cant find more recent)
  15. not sure if anyone has done the same but i used last season's plastic holder (not the red and white rope / lanyard thingy and obvisously not the card itself) since the card fits more snuggly and the clip doesnt seem to play up - might be more useful
  16. Its now 5300 We will get 5500 by 12/10 it's only 200 more Can we get 400 in 10 days to get to 5700 I wonder how many clubs can claim almost 20% increase this year. CCM just reached 45% increase on LY as nice as it sounds to have a 45% increase, they only had 3,500 members last season so to me its more that they had a really low cap last season not that they have gone gang busters on it
  17. i think you raise a lot of good points, particularly since there is no real break down from the club of who has signed up. going off a few posts here we know there are a few new members but knowing if the bulk of the total membership number are from previous memberships is anyones guess. and i too love that the club is making the effort across the city and across the state to build awareness. the only counterpoint i'd make is that (but for a slight hiccup at the start of August where numbers slowed just before Kewell was confirmed) the numbers have been up quite noticeably and consistantly. this in turn makes me think the club is doing something right and the total membership is going to be well and truly up. One thing to remember (and it might be a little off topic being statistically based as a perspective), numbers and percentages get 'normalised' the higher your base number. That is to say a 500 increase as a percentage is markedly different when the base number is 3000 as opposed to 5000 (your looking at 16.667% as opposed to 10.000%). For Heart to be constantly remaining at around 15-17% up for three months suggusts to me that new members must be coming along regularly since you'd expect your interested past members to sign up early in the piece. Yes, some past members will leave it late, but you'd certainly expect not enough to constantly keep our percentage change around 15% since past members coming late will be more in the dribs and drabs
  18. to maybe give some perspective here, i live in Ballarat and went to the game yesterday. public transport to and from Epping isnt the greatest, and when you add on the fact i have to take the train to Southern Cross before having any real options going north thee public transport system would take 1 hour 45 easy. so i have to drive. 125km one way. about an hour and a half in the car, assuming the traffics good. now dont get me wrong, i love watching the game and enjoy being part of the club. if i didnt, i wouldnt be a member and certainly wouldnt go. but for me, to go every week is a fair commitment travel wise, and thus a fair commitment time wse - unless of course Corn Breed you can find a magical way to do 125km in 10 minutues. as such, i expect to see the club improving its standards, consistently working on the thing going wrong. so far this season the club has made some really good signings (at least on paper) and the marketing (despite being slow to start) has really picked up. AWESOME!!! but to be playing spuds like Hoffman is depressing. the guy is a dud, and makes me (and reading here others) question what the hell Aloisi is doing. perhaps Corn Breed the thing is that as fans we like to run a critical reflection over our club - and quite rightly so. we might not be the ones who put the starting capital up to give the club some life, but we put the money in each week to sustain it - without the fans and the members the club would quickly fold. and part of being critical is identifying the negatives. it then comes down to those in charge making a difference. and with signings like Kewell, Murdocca, Engelaar (despite getting injured) and Misfud the club has largely acted - something most here a quite happy with (and something to be remembered as we are not always negative). whatever lead them to bad decisions like Hoffman beats me and from the looks of others i'm not the only one. as such questions should be asked.
  19. No wonder he wasn't tweeting as much as what he said he would!! hahaha not much to tweet about to be frank the game was pretty ordinary, neither side made heaps of opportunities plus i do go by a different user name for twitter
  20. Full time 2-1 loss much better after the goal
  21. Gerhardts been taken off possible dodgy hammy Williams shoulda made it 2 but blazed over
  22. Golgol Off, Ramsey onto left Williams moved to up front
  23. Not too bad when they break but look shite otherwise Where about are you sitting jestr?
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