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  1. 6 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    I don't see the point of keeping Florin. Irrespective of his visa status he doesn't fit the "chase and harry" mould required if we are going to keep playing this extreme "City way" style - which we seem to have no intention to change even though it does not work against the better sides - and he is no longer a starting player. Nor is he a prolific scorer. Bringing him on in the 88th minute when we're already losing 1-5 is an insult to both him and City fans. IMO visa players should under all normal circumstances be starters. If we have to consider new visa signings or retaining visa players just to sit on the bench IMO we should be asking questions of the Academy.

    We're going to have to have a rebuild so we might as well have a real one.

    Exactly and he is injury prone 

  2. 2 hours ago, Rocka said:

    Couldn’t help myself, had to make it to the grand final. Good times can’t be taken for granted I guess, as a St Kilda supporter, you take chances when they come. Anyway, I’ve warmed up at the hotel tonight with some schooners, tomorrow, is anyone heading anywhere in particular? We are in doesn’tbloodyparramatta, if there is another group of people heading somewhere in Parramatta let us know. Beers around City supporters sounds better than beers in the hotel bistro, so let me know 

    From City website 


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