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  1. 13 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    Part of my follow-up this morning was to ask Ryan, specifically, what part "Mr. Pearce" (the City and CFG member of the APL Board) played in this decision. Because I think individual Board members have to be accountable for their contributions to policy.

    IMO keep it civil and polite but feel free to say and ask what you personally wish to. That's what I've done.

    Yeah I asked for Brad Rowse and Simon Pearce to release a joint statement to the fans outlining why you did this or that your vehemently against it in support with the fans  

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  2. 11 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    Well, that's an interim coach saying interim coach things. Not someone who's going to get stuck in and make changes when things aren't going well. Not someone who's going to try and put his imprint on the club. I continue to be disappointed that the young guys on the bench don't get an opportunity to actually get some minutes. Smells of them being there just to meet the rule that there must be two of them on the bench.

    Anyway, move on.

    Doesn’t sound like someone who would motivate the players before a match. 

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