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  1. Kits spotted at Rebel Sport
  2. It’s a permanent deal no loan involved. Has a sell on clause percentage that’s it
  3. And Jakolis can play CF
  4. We need it all done by end of August for ACL registrations
  5. I’d say we will sign 2 more players that being a Berisha replacement and maybe a back up CB. Still have 2 visa spots vacant
  6. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-championship/aziz-behich-set-dundee-united-27454770?fbclid=IwAR2m_RGRPjSGBOoghrCIrEer7yh3PTpKKNNOl5NMPbTpnE6jsfPisKcLcx4
  7. We have spent over 40m on the facility and that’s one of the last stage is the 4K mini stadium pitch
  8. He is but jets would have to terminate his contract which at this stage has not occurred
  9. League needs transfer fees which then rightfully compensates jets and it would be win win we get a great player and jets get much needed money that they need to survive
  10. Have to remove all fixtures make good to blank canvas when departing lease
  11. Same as letting Valadon go to the victory while we sign a player who couldn’t even get a game at WSW
  12. Luke Oresti has departed club for CCM. Was seen playing for CCM NPL game today As usual no communication from the club
  13. Also spending $40m plus on a new training facility at Casey is a big investment
  14. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/terry-antonis-given-chance-by-melbourne-city-to-revive-career/news-story/9d23db10b2dd7fd5057a940696802d8a Quotes from Rado
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