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  1. 13 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    Well, yes. But look how that philosophy worked out with Galekovic? Quite frankly, why spend on Young when we can use James Niewenhuizen? We've been grooming the latter for two seasons - do we really have no faith in him?

    Yep would have been happy with Niewenhuizen and Delianov combo

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  2. 6 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    I hope Miranda stays at MV. We've got to show ambition - we've shown it with Arslan, and we need to continue it. Every player we sign doesn't have to come direct from Serie A - that would be an absurd expectation, but our signings need to reflect an ambitious intent.

    Manchester City wouldn't accept a top-7 finish in the EPL after winning several titles in a row, so neither should we accept a top-4 finish next season's A-League.

    Well the other rumour today was Samuel Souprayen which I find absurd considering his 35 in February. Signing Dads Army along with 40 year old Young

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  3. 1 hour ago, jw1739 said:

    "Top four" ain't good enough Rado. Shows about as much ambition as "making finals." Has to be top 2 to guarantee AFC football again.

    Don’t like Rado mentality that top 4 is a success that’s not even a bare minimum. That’s a very defeatist mentality that is not reflective on the backing of the club. 

    Sounds too mellow and low ambition  to be a head a coach at this club 

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  4. Rado Vidosic on Lam and Van Der Venne  departure 

    “Thomas is a fantastic guy, and he did so well for us,” Vidosic said.

    “Richard’s wife was homesick and she didn’t want to stay here anymore.
    “They both contributed really well for us. Richard was a bit injured and it cost him some game time but in the middle part of the season, he really showed Australia what he’s capable of doing.

    “I think both of them wanted to stay because they enjoyed it enormously but it was a family decision more than their own decision.”

    Rado Vidosic on Florin Berenguer future 

    Vidosic is keen for the out-of-contract 34-year-old playmaker to sign a new deal but he’s yet to give the club answer.

    “He needs to speak to his family because he’s been here for five years now” the City coach said.


  5. Khaldoon Al Mubarak on CFG as a whole 

    "It's one step at a time. We're not going to stop. We're going to keep going and keep investing and keep growing value and keep bringing happiness to every community and club we have in the world…”

    Khaldoon Al Mubarak on GF Loss 

    "Of course we were not successful in the GF.. that’s football, finals are 90’ which is different to a league which inevitably the best team wins across the whole season whatever number of games you play. 

    In a final it’s 90' sometimes it goes your way sometimes it doesn’t and when it does it’s great and when it doesn’t it doesn’t

    Melbourne unfortunately over the season was the most consistent team but on the GF they were not successful "

  6. 27 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    I’m trying to remember who we have signed in the past straight from a “top league.” I suspect that Gerald Sibon (Heerenveen, Eredivisie), Bruno Fornaroli, (Danubio, Uruguay) Craig Noone (Bolton, EFL Championship) and Adrian Luna (Liga MX, Mexico) might be the only candidates? Have I missed anyone?

    I would say that Arslan has a pedigree that might even be better than any of those four?

    Manuel Susaeta had a very good CV

  7. 1 hour ago, MHFC-FAN said:


    I swear it was announced after about 5 games coaching that they gave him a 2 year deal?? Maybe just a vivid dream.... 🙃


    Why was the club so reactionary to appoint him from caretaker to permanent after just 8 games with a record of 4-3-1 with 3 of the wins against pretty average sides in WU, MacArthur and Wellington 

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  8. 27 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    @MHFC-FAN May I ask where your information on Rado's contract being two years came from? I've not seen that anywhere myself.

    Depends what CFG's intentions are. I can never quite work those out. Maybe they prefer a manager/coach who does what he is told by Marwood and co. rather than someone who is going to be more independent?


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