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  1. 27 minutes ago, Mr MO said:

    I see 2 pages of what offseason AFL players have for breakfast. Is hey what people want? It’s off-season for AFL and NRL.

    Surely Australian sports lovers would to read a little bit about football.

    It’s deliberately left out with the aim to slow down the sport.

    Their was coverage in the Herald Sun on Saturday and Sunday but that’s it 

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  2. 48 minutes ago, malloy said:

    The negativity largely revolves around the possibility of the club moving home grounds.

    This game isn't a preseason friendly it is a competitive match in which we are the home team. Therefore, it should be played at our home ground.

    Why would we play it aami to get what 3k at best may as well take it to the regions. We played Sydney in Ballarat for a FFA Cup competitive match before no difference 

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  3. 5 hours ago, haz said:

    A bad translation 


    "As for Rafał Augustyniak and his transition to Legia, which he writes about @ wlodar85 it probably ends this way.  Australian Melbourne City FC is still fighting for the Pole.  Various things happen at the end of the negotiations, but I assume that the Polish option will win over the Australian."

    Yep signed a 3 year deal with Legia

  4. 3 hours ago, marn11 said:

    You're never going to ht 100% of your imports - there are too many factors at play when scouting and signing foreign players to a salary capped league, played in summer, on the other side of the world. I think the idea we've had more hits than misses is nonsense too. Let's have a closer look (going back to the 2015/16 season):

    Sorensen - Hit

    Hughes - Miss

    Novillo - Hit

    Fornaroli - Hit

    Colazo - Miss

    Jakobsen - Hit

    Brandan - Miss (but was very fun)

    Schenkeveld - Hit

    La Rocca - Hit

    Budzinski - Miss

    De Laet - Hit

    Harrison - Miss

    Florin - Hit

    Noone - Hit

    Windbichler - Miss

    Luna - Hit

    Cabrera - Miss

    Susaeta - Miss

    Hendry - Miss

    Reis - Hit

    Tsubaki - Miss

    Jenkinsn - Hit?

    Endoh - Miss

    Pucciarelli - Miss


    So we probably hit on half of our import signings, and I think a lot of the misses could be put down to signing mid season (far less likely to succeed) and injury.


    Additionally, we know it makes little to no financial sense to sign big name and money international players, and that's not even taking into consideration what they can bring to the table on field at 35yo+. 


    Anyway, I'm keen to see what Battocchio can do. I like the CV and think our midfield was our clear weak link last season - hopefully him and RvdV are creative types.

    Lot of misses in the last 2-3 seasons on visa which is why the scepticism is valid 

  5. 1 hour ago, jw1739 said:

    My question too.

    Further, whether we like it or not, APL has decided that the league does need an injection of name/reputation players, and IMO we're looking at the name of Battocchio and saying that he doesn't cut it in that respect. Football is more than just the football - it's entertainment and showbiz.

    Bang on would like the club to show more ambition in visa signings, our club should be targeting players with a higher echelon which ultimately could bring some more fans to the ground. 

    This signing is just meh should aim higher 

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