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  1. With all respect to Delbridge but you really struggle to comprehend the sport and recognise quality.
  2. JW, it just mean we aren’t really paying marquee wages, he is just the second highest team earner. Meaning we are not willing to fork out money for a real marquee.
  3. I complete agree Bob and it makes all sense from an accounting perspective. But what are you are also admitting to is that we are filling in the marquee spots on a shoestring budget. This is not what the marquee ruling is meant for, its to bring above average footballers to the league. Most fans have issues with this approach as it shows lack of intend to be successfull on the field.
  4. Why do you think those didn’t start? I really don’t know. Personally I haven’t been impressed with those two and I have no issues with starting Metcalfe and Najjarine over them.
  5. Mr MO

    Tom Glover

    He was rubbish, watched and stood to look at the balls fly in. Rubbish distribution too.
  6. Bob is our insider, he knows best and said Florin, Brillante and Meltcalfe are the preferred midfielders.
  7. That’s the first big mistake from management and Mombaerts then! One of the new visa players will have to miss out then, with Cabrera, Noone and Maclaren up front with Luna more than likely to be benched. I swear Florin is blackmailing somebody at the club. I would have been nice for one to have a line up with all visa players on the park if they are fit.
  8. The Wanderers have just opened their new training facilities, which is on par with what we have so we aren’t the only ones with excellent facilities!
  9. My impression too, besides Noone, I don’t think any of our forward foreigners are going to make a massive impact - Too light and timed and then there is Berenguer.
  10. Homegrown outside the cap? So Metcalfe isn’t in the salary cap? Imagine the potential of having decent homegrown players in the team, the amount capspace we save.
  11. The article is over 10 days old but where do we place these trialists if they are any good? Is it a coincidence that only recently Metcalfe and Najjar were lifted to the senior list?
  12. Spot on, we don’t know anything where we stand with all these new players’
  13. Awesome JW, great stuff that you keep updating this year after year.
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