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  1. That might look like that but in reality we’ve played most games exactly the same; some games we rode our luck, others we won comfortably and the ones we lost we refused to adapt our strategy but always played the same.
  2. I would not blame my wife for shagging Kisnorbo, I understand.
  3. Service isn’t that bad. So we should only expect tap ins from a million dollar striker? Poor field play and not hitting the target are costing us, he’s as much to blame as the rest of the team.
  4. I don’t know, it’s the way football works - if you don’t win enough games and others do you drop down the ladder. I don’t hope so. Talking City had an excellent article about this post game. Personally I see us as the third best team but a little bit of bad luck you easily see yourself in 4th or 5th spot. It’s all about beating your nearest competition, Adelaide, Perth and Wellington - we haven’t beaten them recently.
  5. Come on JW, we are still second and it was Wales his fault 😉 Sarcasm aside, I’m expecting a bounce back to fight for the top spots, dropping back to fifth is perhaps where we belong but I get a feeling we were a little complacent.
  6. Watch us ending up fifth then!
  7. Agreed, comes down to squad management and Mombaerts persisting with him. He does always look more threatening coming on for Noone but that’s pretty much it.
  8. Somebody on here mentioned that 3rd place is also an ACL spot now.
  9. Have to break it to you but the likes of MacLaren, No one and the invisible Berenguer lost this game - not an emergency substitute. Just to clear it up I’m talking about this game in isolation.
  10. Not just his finishing, Jmac has one of the poorest touches in our squad.
  11. He certainly is. Can you make the same summary for me about Maclaren, Florin, Noone? Over 1.5mil in wages a season alone there. What I’m saying that we can’t seem be objective here.
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