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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Was hoping for this ever since he made his senior debut for CCM - played with flair, confidence and seemed to have decent skills. It's on his wikipedia page already.
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I hope we are after this Wales kid as well.
  3. It wasn’t a bad descision, just a malfunction a non decision at the most important game of the year -there is a reason the flag didn’t go up, linesman are told to let the VAR deal with close calls and play on so that upstairs can make the call, to keep the flow going you see.
  4. Wasn’t the Arzani incident actually reviewed, a penalty was called for but the on field ref overruled the VAR? There’s lip reading imagining of him saying to the VAR upstairs “no penalty, Arzani is a diver”. During the grand final VAR wasn’t available during the first parts of the game, which is almost like continue playing when the Ref has a broken whistle = against the rules.
  5. Jets might be thinking about a rematch claim. Obvious error topped up with VAR not available - whilst it should be available according to the rules. VAR calls in other leagues are still being called at half time. If a football team makes errors in let’s say playing wrong players, replays are granted - can’t see why not in this instance.
  6. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/bruce-kamau-capable-of-playing-football-in-england-says-city-coach-warren-joyce/news-story/c51f32b9ec3f9e7252f83e2134789c9b Championship!
  7. I equally disappointed with Joyce, and are still on the fence about him - Haven't been impressed so far. All this talk aside, I think we got some good signings coming are way - this season was recovery mode. The Tim Cunthill debacle has just cost us money and we needed to recover.
  8. I don't mind him - does he know how to use subs and can he work with passionate adult individuals? But only in combination with an investor who doesn't mind spending a coin of course.
  9. Bulshit no luck at all, their Chinese owner has put more in the Jets than CFG did this season. Combine a good coach with 5 or 6 decent players and you do well in this league. In the recent articles it is once again written that CFG only spends once it sees a return. The is league is a mess, Cahill was a flop - hence we end up with lower quality marquees.
  10. MOTM vs Newcastle

    Maybe they think they are voting for spud of the match? If not, some really don’t get a MOTM in football. We obviously have Jets supporters voting here. Malik had some nice intercepts but as always he has those critical mistakes in poor passing, bad controls, red card tackles etc - all which costs us dearly over the last seasons. I’ve been holding my breath the last few games when he played. Earlier in the season and the last couple of games people seemed to be ecstatic about Malik whilst really he is just doing his job. I don’t understand why people rave about him after 10 good passes and 8 intercepts?? Maybe because deep inside they know he’s a nice guy but average player. In my opinion him and Kamau have been our weakest starting eleven players. Not using them as whipping boys just my honest opinion over the last seasons. Get those 2, Muscat plus La Rocca out of the door and rebuild.
  11. Pass if you look at improvements over the years in the regards to ranking. Every season one spot higher higher up the ladder is acceptable. Big fail on player movement and management. From Ross to Cahill there’s just to many too list here. Big fail on boring game tactics and substitutions, even in the final games of the season we still don’t get. Joyce is confused with the term consistency and applies that game tactics and substitutions.
  12. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    We play exactly the same game as against Wellington, which people called a dead rubber game.
  13. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Why is that? Average against Wellington and decent against Brisbane? Does that mean we bench our captain if fit? Jakobsen has played every game until recent and belongs to our strongest 11. Malik is still Malik and plays out of position.
  14. It's actually not something you can really disagree on, sorry. I'm very happy with Atkinson and it's fair observation on points he can improve on. If you read my comments again, I'm not picking out picking out errors nor am bagging him or blaming him for conceding. All my comments are pointing towards forward play. Surely JW, you've noticed his final cross needs work???? or that he takes on a defender and runs out of steam??? Surely you've seen he isn't playing with the same confidence prior to injury???
  15. I'm not sure what's going on with young Atkinson in recent games, too much pressure for such talented youngster? Seems nervous not only last night but has been shaky for some weeks. He makes the right moves forward but lacks the dynamic to continue on, stumbles over own legs. He seems clueless on where to go with the ball sometimes, which is a coaching issue. He is actually slower than people might think. Most frustrating part for me, is easy crosses - that's something they need to train on. One thing I've noticed last night that he's holding his ground in the air, well that's of course if he times the jump well.