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  1. But if true we get our own Albanian, let me think of some gypsy chants we can sing for him.
  2. Spot on JW, that's what I was hinting at.
  3. Yeah that's only one player, who else?
  4. Who are our other defensive midfielders? Brattan doesn't defend and hasn't been signed. And we do need to bolster and harden up defensively.
  5. The FFA should do a lot more in general, but at the moment they are just more worried about their own board jobs with the FIFA looking into sweeping the house clean and reform properly.
  6. I know this isn't an option but I'll be content with some more exciting players and some more passion during games, not the flogs and attitude from last season. Just want to feel proud & connected with my club, prices aren't always a priority for me.
  7. Yup I always talk out of the subjective person perspective, Strider was talking about Brattan. On Brattan's left a gentleman with a beard can be seen.
  8. Isn't that just Muscat with a beard on the left?
  9. Maybe he is just on trial? Just like many before him during pre-season. I also wonder if Brattan is just training with us until a new club is found.
  10. Where did you see Luke Brattan, maybe I missed it? Does anybody know who the darker in appearance player is, besides Ryon and Bruce?
  11. Does anybody see any unfamiliar faces in this pic? Who are the 2 lads on Bouzanis's right?
  12. Are you actually Warren Joyce who just joined this forum?
  13. Well let's hope that they think with a underwhelming coach, keeping their head down by being awkwardly silent that the few players to be signed are going to make a difference. Honestly he probably had more money at his disposal at Wigan then he will have now, don't forget he can only sign a couple of players with what's left in cap.
  14. lol at your last line.....unless it's contractual. But we have limited funds too, in a capped league.
  15. We seem to get really carried away whether or not he is worth it or good enough..............besides the talks on the forum, I have no indication that he is coming to us. Looking at his club record, he seems to be moving clubs a lot to chase money - so I won't be surprised if he's waiting for an asian club or similar.