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  1. But Atkinson was well and truly stuffed after 70minutes, why not a like for like youngster replacement? Isn’t that reacting to the game as well. Was he so afraid that taking off Atkinson that would disrupt the team too much? I would love to be in Wazzas head.
  2. I know 😒😒😒 just frustrating.
  3. Is this really the line up? What part of “we can play better football without Malik” does Joyce not understand? I agree with creating consistency and giving players confidence but this is going to far. 2 red cards and a handful of bad games and Malik walks straight back in.
  4. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    It's concerning to read that some think that Brattan is our weakest link, whilst we have Malik, Muscat, Kamau and Mauk consistently in our line up. Or do you mean weakest link just in midfield? Regardless of how fat, lazy or slow he is, in my opinion he is a more skillful and complete player than any of the above 4. I can understand that people are disapointed thinking that Luke was going to be a Mooy replacement, however he was never brought in as a marquee or anything with those qualities. Rass is 100% correct in saying that Brattan is keeping the ball with him a little longer sometimes as he knows that some hard and quick balls will end up in a turn over as some of our players struggle controlling under pressure or whilst being on pace. Last season he even skipped Bruno and Tim occasionally as in some games their first touch was horrendous.
  5. Stefan Mauk

    What is his real position then AM, CM or DM? If he is not used playing where he played now then It looked like the last couple of game he played next to Malik by slightly higher up. Against Perth Bud played AM with Brattan hanging right side with Fitzgerald.z
  6. MOTM RD 8 vs Perth

    Yeah true but I still think that Luke had an outstanding game! The lovely opinion poll. My comment was more in response to MXG for voting Brattan as dud of the match.
  7. Stefan Mauk

    He seems to be nervous on the ball and afraid to make a move. I start to think that Isaias and Carrusca made Mauk a better footballer at Adelaide, with more space and creativity around him.
  8. MOTM RD 8 vs Perth

    Not really. Bart’s performance is becoming normal and he will no doubt win the polls by season’s end. Time to give some credit to other players once in a while. Brattan was the only creative outlet going forward in the second half albeit sometimes slow, his ball skills and passing seem to be well above the likes of Mauk, Budzinski and Malik. These 3 are main contributors to our bad and clueless forward game.
  9. Or a coach who plays the best eleven. Football is won from within your midfield players like Mauk, Malik and Budzinski just don’t have it.
  10. Wrong substitution to keep Budzinski on the pitch.
  11. We can 100% blame the VAR, this refereee still makes the call in the end. Why got a pen out of it last week. The VAR shouldn’t be used in this scenario. The referee had clear sight and called a goal kick then the VAR should not over rule.
  12. You could tell by the opening minutes that Malik is back to his normal level of zero ball control and hack tackles. Yet Joyce seems to be blind. Opponent’s plan week after week is the same, put pressure on Malik or Mauk when they are played in. Budzinski shouldn’t be on the pitch if he doesn’t want to be here.
  13. Yep, the first half of the season with zero wins in the first 8 rounds. Malik had zero impact on the title he was injured and played poorly when available - moving him on was a master stroke from Amor I thought.
  14. Really, when? I thought Malik was playing for us when Adelaide won their recent title, with Kamau in the line up.
  15. Nobody will ever win the league with Malik, Kamau in the line up. The better teams around the world have put good defending midfielders as centre backs to add creativity, we put one of our best CB’s as a midfielder next to a lanky unskillful Malik and wonder why we are boring to watch? We can’t string 4 passes together because football is won in midfield. Teams winning Leicester style football are an exception, once in 10 years - is that what we want?