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  1. Marcin Budzinski

    Is there a visa rule change coming up next season?
  2. Marcin Budzinski

    Is ''run run run'' is one of his best attributes??
  3. Maybe that would explain why we have cheapest marquee in the league and school teacher managing our team?
  4. City vs WSW, 7;50 @AAMI Park. Must win game.

    Yeah true, I was more thinking towards attacking minded players which we are currently lacking, all our youth strikers have departed as well. Do you think we've reached the cap with letting all these players go vs what has come in? I love Bruno but seeing him back into his last seasons habits of missing penalties,(he missed a few already), poor first touch and lots of focus on drawing fouls is frustrating (opponents and refs found him out it seems). Yes he is coming back from a long injury but last season he was already dropping off. I don't want to rely solely on wonderkid Arzani who has his head down 70% of the time. I struggle to see how are going to score, we missed another decent attacking outlet.
  5. City vs WSW, 7;50 @AAMI Park. Must win game.

    Sometimes I really wonder if Munn, Wazza & co see it that that way too. It’s almost crazy how many players we let go with only Vidosic to be brought in. Maybe we made all the cuts and gambled on Ross. Too proud to admit that maybe. If this current squad is at full salary cap capacity than some heads need to roll.
  6. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Of course, can’t have it all in this salary capped league. Goes to show what a better coach and good functioning team around you can do! I’m happy that we have the best central defenders in the league if gives me so much joy at the moment; looking at the lack of creativity up front. Arzani tries though. But I get your point. I was merely pointing out that Newcastle have management smart this season.
  7. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Why do people keep saying this, the Jets don't have mediocre squad at all. They spent a shitload of money this season with the help of their new owner, a decent coach who knows the league and cap system. They have better players than us in critical positions with the likes of Rodriquez, McGree, Petratos and Vargas (Nabbout). Plus, as funny as it sounds Jason Hoffman and Georgievski are currently better fullbacks than Jamieson, Muscat and Atkinson. If not wrong Duncan is high up there with saves too.
  8. Bruce Kamau

    I seems like that the only aspect our players are developing our Joyce is to manage frustration and anger management.
  9. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    I see we focus on the individual errors a fair bit in the last comments, which is true and costly of course. One thing I would like to add that we seem already forgotten that in the games where we did get away with points - we earned points mostly due to Ross McCormack's goals, sometimes out of nothing with his freekicks, look at early rounds of Adelaide & Perth away. I'm almost about to stay that even with a fit Fornarolli from the start of the season we would be sitting lower on the ladder. Now our cock ups at the back are here to stay for the season but we've lost the edge to score up front which is really concerning.
  10. FFA Pyrotechnic Legalisation

    Surely they gotta be kidding right????? So all this season they've been working on Gallops contract extension, fucking kids sparklers to be allowed and patenting a Wanderers song. Personally I would have thought the following might have more priority, only to mention a few; League expansion Promotion of the actual game Scheduling it properly around international breaks and avoid silly breaks Becoming a bloody proper football federation lined up with worlds standard Stop being fucking nobs
  11. As Bela said about Brandan. We still have a visa spot left, released several younger up front players - turns out we are lacking firepower up front, Brandan also got released due to not being aligned with Warrens expectations. Results aren’t there anymore after all the shifting and changing. We can make a list with 4 to 6 players being released under questionable circumstances - things aren’t right behind the scenes.
  12. There isn’t much between Kilkenny and Bozanic - both don’t tandem up well with Brattan, which has come to light in the last two games. Shows how silly the whole situation with Kilkenny was, and more personal rather than football related. Wasted a good portion of the cap by outcasting Kilkenny and not playing him. Who knows how much we are paying for Bozanic now. I think somebody needs to make Wazza aware that this a salary capped league and he needs set his personal issues aside and make the best with the team he has as we are stuck with these players for the season. Larocca is another example.
  13. Spud of the Match - Rd 22 vs Victory

    Yeah I can't see any creativity nor defensive skills in Bozanic. Bozanic was not to bad against Perth but I think I said it before that he's not covering the fullbacks and that was clearly visible last night. So if you are not performing your defensive duties and aren't creating anything you become a passenger. In possession Kamau and Arzani were consistently surrounded by a fullback and DM, we just play one on one with Kosta and George. Also at times Arzani had 4 players covering him, that would mean there's a lot of space somewhere else. Arzani is keeping his head down and tries to take on these players which is silly and frustrating at times, he needs to know when to play a ball off. Vidosic doesn't seem much help in those situation either s, he walks around too much - I actually miss Caceras a little
  14. Spud of the Match - Rd 22 vs Victory

    I start to wonder if this might have something to do with Bozanic. The Kilkenny/Brattan pair did not work and I can see similarities with Bozanic/Brattan, it seemed like Brattan and Bozanic were in each others space - Malik is a different player and leaves Brattan to roam is focusing on his DM position more.
  15. No, I'm really wondering what people think - I wonder why he did just dove to wrong side like it was a penalty. Atkinson was to blame for that for the one on one. The whole team played without drive and creativity, I'm particularly frustrated with the walking around of Vidosic and Bozanic - did we have idea how we were going to attack? Bruno's touch and passing is way off. It looked like every Victory had more skill and control than any of our players.