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  1. This might come as a shock to most, but good things have to come to an end. MUTD/MLBHRT/ESSNDON has just made his final post, thanks for all the laughs and abuse in the last season it's been great dealing with you all. I'm leaving you with the list of members who voted OUT if we ever had a name and colour change to our home kit... Now I've noticed some are IN today, so if you go back a few pages on this thread of mine you will see they are full of shit! (If they try say they never voted OUT) VOTED OUT! Haydos Mar11 Japiedog Demon_Heart Milanista93 Rellum dRoy FB Ando Johnno cpfc Young Polak Matt Kingofhearts Peter Belaguttman Niko Red and white in that number K-aram92 Bannon Yelawolf Melburnian Pete HeartSpur Kiro Kompiro Coys Sash KSK_47's (Wife) Thanks to these members for making this experience a good one! Heart of Melbourne jw1739 Niko Melburnian d.Krejc87 Harrison Sash Falastur Just like our club I'm going with a new name, for a fresh start! Long live the Heart! P.S Jimmy Your A Fat Fuck With A Small Dick, Hitting You Would Be Like Stealing From A Baby!
  2. That's a good one HeartFc... Did you send that and then notice your name..?
  3. Com'n guys gotta love the new changes!
  4. Fuk man like how could ppl doubt these owners... This is the shit we are going to deal with every season!!!! Fkn love the feeling of winning the football lottery!
  5. But what about our identity? Lol at 11.01am the new IN or OUT thread will be available!
  6. They could have named a 37year old... People would still try and find a positive out of it. We need Adelaide's scouts.
  7. If he doesn't get the delivery, he will wait and walk until he does. He won't run and chase like a Berisha type...
  8. Lol you took Mifsud from my reply... To one dimensional, to old to slow and will spend more time off the park than on it... We have the resources to bring in a fast fighting mid 20's attacking player. Don't care about his nationality background.
  9. This would be a wrong pick up...
  10. Yes it's true, fair call he was a good solid player, but mate his 35.
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