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  1. with ZERO budget and turmoil at both clubs!
  2. there is only one side you can extend at knights and thats behind the goals where the club rooms are. i dont think itll be deemed fit for A League. Heidelberg are undergoing ground works but i believe theyre getting rid of all the stands
  3. Wouldn't be a bad thing if they can bring in radical change. Promotion, relegation expansion getting rid of the salary cap and also a bigger say from ALL clubs rather than being the FFAs lapdogs.
  4. His move to Liverpool (had a massive ego/attitude problem) was his downfall. Could of been anything he wanted to be if he pulled his finger out. Some players move to big clubs and thinking I`ve made it when in fact the "potential fame" got their heads.
  5. 90% chance he will end up at Western Melbourne. Didulica is best mates with Horvath and he doesnt want to leave Melbourne as him and his family love it here and are settled
  6. Always said he wanted time out from the game to enjoy family life
  7. I dont know PK but Im not he`d have the toughness to be a senior coach. He comes across to me as more a mate than a coach. Wouldnt be any harm in giving a go until the end of the year to see how he goes tho. Anything to get rid of ol mate wazza!!
  8. Anyone can buy insta/Facebook followers and people wouldn't be none the wiser. It's helps attract sponsors with the hey look at us we have X amount of followers up by 160% you can have our database to run your advertising through. Most companies aren't smart enough to say bullshit how many of those are bought.
  9. It's called buying likes through PR firms 😲
  10. So don't give a shit about your fans members sponsors and just happily serve up shit? In my books the damage is already done for many
  11. Don't show up and don't buy a membership. Not that they'll care
  12. You'd wonder if Birra is being punished for stealing Wazzas Big Mac voucher
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