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  1. Aaron Mooy

    All part of the CFG master plan. It doesn't really matter if Melbourne City are making money or not because we are not under financial fair play rules - we can actually be losing 20 mil a year and it doesn't matter. If we sell Mooy to Man City for peanuts, and then loan him out for a sizable loan, it's all profit for their club - which means they are closer to profit and FFP in Europe.
  2. Malicious Site Warning

    I just got redirected just now... still busted.
  3. Chants that worked

  4. Xavi set to sign a 3 year contract with NYCFC this week according Fox Sports. Xavi and Lampard on Loan... Feeding Villa
  5. New Kappa Kit

  6. Trumpet Notes

    Pretty sure the name of the song in the Eskisehirspor vid is Espana Cani - Sheet music here: http://www.sheetmusicstock.com/sheetmusic/11129/espana-cani?r=smt
  7. Western Sydney

    FFA Have a trademark pending on the names - Wanderers FC, Wolves FC, Athletic FC, Strikers FC. Could be any combination of Western Sydney, West Sydney, or Sydney West in the name.
  8. Player Contracts - Season 2018-19

    Err.. yeh, the numbers aren't shirt numbers - I just copied and pasted from the wiki!
  9. Here's all the contract details for the players who are still at the club - or we are unsure about.<p>1 Clint Bolton (End of 2012/13) http://socceranchor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3905:melbourne-heart-sign-youngsters-to-new-deals&catid=58:latest-news&Itemid=169"]Source 4 Simon Colosimo (End of 2012/13) 5 Fred (End of 2012/13) 6 Matt Thompson (End of 2012/13) 8 Jonatan Germano (End of 2012/13) 9 Eli Babalj (End of 2012/13) http://socceranchor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3905:melbourne-heart-sign-youngsters-to-new-deals&catid=58:latest-news&Itemid=169"]Source 12 Jason Hoffman (End of 2012/13) [url="
  10. Membership numbers and how to increase them

    Is there a Operation 12,000 thread?
  11. Heart Announces Cuts to Squad

    I think I read somewhere once - "If they didn't win the championship for you this year... they won't next year". Unfortunately that is the case for Alex Terra and Worm. They're at an age now, where they aren't going to increase in ability, so really were just taking up a spot that could be filled by a future star from the youth team, or brought in player of higher quality. Alex gave us all a couple of special moments, and I'm sure every kid in the crowd will be asking where he is next year, but I think this was expected...
  12. Heavenly blessed trance choons

    AVB and Orjan Nilsen just released a Belter...
  13. Heavenly blessed trance choons

    Prob a bit too chilled for trance - but this is awesome.
  14. Membership numbers and how to increase them

    Re-Paint pedestrian crossings red and white stripes all over the city with a stenciled heart logo. current membership level is just over 7000