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  1. Yep i threw mine away with the cardboard
  2. How Are we feeling about WM this year ? Really looking forward to seeing what they do with Kofi surely setting it up for him to walk out as Champ. Not a huge Becky fan but she is red hot right now.
  3. Finally got around to playing Detroit- Become Human and must say its amazing but not surprised as i loved Beyond two souls and heavy rain. I will play through a few times im guessing to see all outcomes which im reading is like 1000 different paths you can take
  4. Yeah when i first started playing online it was very toxic Community with everyone just killing each other I found this week has been better i can actually ride across the map without being targeted and finding friendly players. the whistle if your friendly seems to of caught on. Enjoyed the free money and gold bars as well and getting kicked out less often
  5. I am in but if there is a clash with something else in my life will probably go to the other event
  6. Yeah i have put in some decent hours playing and Im only up too chapter 3. I find myself riding around doing random stuff and loving ever second of it
  7. How great is RDR2. Just sayin
  8. Good episode but just wasn't the same without @Embee
  9. Really Great Ep Tonight. One of the best.
  10. @Embee You are the reason im working the public holiday, Unlucky dont give me that lol
  11. I like it. Hard part is getting everyone to learn it. I cant say we will try it tomorrow night but i cant see why we cant give it a crack in he future
  12. Yeah it was the first time and it was making noise and people were enjoying it. That is why we did it so much . However yeah in future we wont over kill it We have other Trumpet songs planned
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