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  1. Logged on and had a browse for the first time in a long time. First 2 posts I see from you, mention Ando & now Hendo. Wouldn't be surprised if you mentioned The Supras on your deathbed tbh.
  2. Broncos @ $13 earlier this season Broncos @ $3 today Von Miller MVP @ $21 Broncos -13.5 @ $14 Great day for it (y)
  3. lol Carlisle. lol @ people looking at me funny when I said I was glad this cunt is leaving Essendon. Seriously, just can't get my head around it. I've received similar snapchats from mates who are travelling and thought to myself "Fuck, you're a hero", must be having a ball if you need to let me know about the Coke your snorting, let alone a professional athlete being that insecure that he needs to let his mates know that he's off guts overseas. As cooked as Dustin Martin/Dane Swan are, they're wise enough to know how to get away with it. Can't trust a bloke who has his surname tattooed on his forearm. Especially when you've never met you father Jake
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1073555756010920&id=115495005150338&_rdr Also, looking forward to this getting swept under the carpet. I mean, compared with what a certain MH supporter did on TV to a RBB member, which was shown on however many news networks. Standard has been set, this is 10x worse so really should be on every news show tonight.
  5. Happy to admit I was completely wrong, but feel for Ross having that failure tag added to him. Not his fault that players made those skill errors, he just doesn't have the talent. He was all class in the post match interview, could have used the umpires as an out as I'm sure most other coaches would have. Pavlich was awful last night ffs. For Hawks fans, I consider last night to be one of your best performances of this era, top 3 actually. But I will always feel this 3peat is nothing on what Brisbane did considering it's likely to be 3 interstate teams that they've beaten in Grannies, takes a bit away from it IMO. If I was a hawks fan, 08>3peat.
  6. still waiting on a WH refund for a multi I did. Did you have yours paid out yet?
  7. Celta Vigo or draw, thanks for coming fuckers. Already made my money back that I used to back Barca to win the league. Got a free hit at it now (Unless one of PSG, Bayern, Basel lose their leagues or NZ doesn't make the semis of the Rugby WC)
  8. What races will everyone be attending this Spring? I'm thinking Cox & Derby.
  9. You sound like me when I'm drunk while playing darts and start telling people I would be better than Michael Van Gerwen if I trained 6 hours a day.
  10. I'm a bit of an EDFL slut. Gladstone Park hasn't had a team since the 90's so I find it hard to be loyal to any clubs. Used to go for Airport West because of high school friends but they've never been the same since moving to the Premier division. Premier division sucks tbh, becoming too sanitized. Got a few mates down at Hadfield so have a soft spot for them as they are perennial battlers but have a good culture. Just won their first flag since the 80's. Back in B Grade where they belong. Jacana has come from nowhere recently and they are the closest ground to my house so they have my support next season to hopefully push for a flag as it would be a good story. Used to get smashed by 200+ points weekly when I was a kid.
  11. lol fair call. Oddity for me but as Port are the comeback kings.
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