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  1. Can you explain "reduced funding for clubs"? What's that about?
  2. One extra win could have taken us to 42 points and 3rd place.
  3. I zoned out when Victory were leading 2 nil. What happened?
  4. It's been a couple of dud passes from Nuno lately.
  5. Why does Jakolis blast it over? Surely that's a low percentage play. Why wasn't that called as a foul on Politidis? Pushed in the back.
  6. Jakolis is able to play out games (i.e. avoid injury) so that's good. I guess if he had the finishing then he'd be in a better league on higher pay?
  7. Leckie has been really impressive, subbed off for a deserved rest.
  8. I like this new formation, eg Urgarkovic at right back, and Leckie joining Arslan in the midfield.
  9. Early in the season I thought it would be "a long season" but I always thought we'd make the top six... Very sad
  10. Back on. Nisbet with space. Reis backed off Balard
  11. My Paramount stream has died. Anyone else?
  12. Tilio for glory...and misses (wastefully).
  13. Jakolis shoot wide...again Leckie on = good
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