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  1. Leckie has been really impressive, subbed off for a deserved rest.
  2. I like this new formation, eg Urgarkovic at right back, and Leckie joining Arslan in the midfield.
  3. Early in the season I thought it would be "a long season" but I always thought we'd make the top six... Very sad
  4. Back on. Nisbet with space. Reis backed off Balard
  5. My Paramount stream has died. Anyone else?
  6. Tilio for glory...and misses (wastefully).
  7. Jakolis shoot wide...again Leckie on = good
  8. Each leaving the ball to the other is a failure of coaching.
  9. Max has more strength than Jamie. That's BS, Theoharous came in and tangled his legs into Fernandez.
  10. Marin "why doesn't a soft side foot work for me" Jakolis
  11. Marin "I can't shoot or pass to Urgarkovic" Jakolis Or, perhaps the simpler explanation, most of our corners are poor. Jakolis "I can't get a goal"
  12. Can anyone share an article that describes the options and benefits of short corners? It seems that ours are shit.
  13. Why would the club start Lopane when we have Leckie?
  14. OK, I was wrong, he's better than Scott Galloway.
  15. Agree with commentators, Talbot failed to get close and block.
  16. Let's play 4 2 3 1, get a tall strong striker.
  17. I'm watching on delay, 38 minutes in and losing 4-0. Laughable. Jeggo in and we lose.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vicente_Fernández_(Chilean_footballer) https://www.transfermarkt.com/vicente-fernandez/profil/spieler/534263
  19. Commentator says “no intent” from Amini, which I think is bollocks
  20. Maclaren should have scored a second. Reis to the bench. Young great save.
  21. We’re sixth on the table, seven points off top, I’d appreciate a win, please.
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