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  1. You forgot Troisi?
  2. Who needs a defence when we are going to score 5 each week.
  3. "I am a City Blue"
  4. All hail prophet Strider
  5. Wonder why they offered him a Marquee Deal originally and when they couldn't come to an agreement offered him "significantly lower fee" under the cap.
  6. Hearing WSW but wouldn't surprise me either.
  7. replace the Navy with White and the Orange with Red and it would be a nice kit for Melbourne.
  8. As long as there is no Navy it will be great. I'd like to see a thin red and white strip on the home kit one day similar to the first city kit just a bit thinner. So the the home kit says yes this club is part of CFG but it's also a team from Melbourne.
  9. What A Beautiful shirt
  10. We are a franchise of Manchester City so makes sense our Kit would be the same as theirs.
  11. Wonder if the away Kit is going to be Red and White? If not Red and White is officially dead
  12. #MelbourneIsCItyBlue
  13. https://twitter.com/MelbourneCity/status/887135782183378944