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  1. Well well!!! Thanks to all of you dear Aussie friends! I can tell you right now that PK is an enigma to us all! I can speak for all my fellow Troyes Fans and say that never a Troyes team has played that bad in Ligue 1, ever! There is absolutely no intensity, no aggressive play, no willingness to play the offensive. If I can use a métaphore, our team is like a kid being bullied at all time, who, instead of showing his fists, gets fisted (in every sense of the way…). Our team nowadays is the official carpet of the league! Every team we play can wipe themselves on us! Our play is so stereotypical that any coach with a bit of football sense can use against us to score! Edouard Cissé, former French professional player, and now commentator was saying on Amazon Prime during the last game: “since PK’s arrival, watching Troyes play, is like watching an episode of Colombo (with Peter Falk), at the beginning of the play, you already know how it’s gonna end!”. And at the end, the PK’s Troyes loses again and again! As you’ve been very welcoming, please feel free to pay a look at our own forum, with a subject on PK, as follow: https://www.estacweb.com/viewtopic.php?p=479412#p479412
  2. Hi Melbourne City fans, I am Jeremy, a lifelong fan of ES Troyes AC. Recently, CFG decided to send PK to coach our team. The first impressions we had through videos and his charisma, made us feel like he would be the perfect coach. We thought it would be a remake of “Band of Brothers” in the locker with a team United and all going to fight for one another. If ever you are following our games (and I’m sorry about that), we are the crappiest team in the world! There is no strategy, no technical plan and the team seems to be sooo lost! With your experience of PK, what do you think is happening? Can it get better? Thanks lads!
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