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  1. Popular chant that everyone knows it, would be good on derby days as everyone knows it, also u can modify lyrics to insult the mongs Glory glory Melbourne heart Glory glory Melbourne heart Glory glory Melbourne Heart And the red and white march on on on
  2. Don't get me wrong I think this chant is brilliant mate, I just think we should do stuff other clubs haven't done as well
  3. Yea but think about it, we use so many common chants already.. - Melbourne love : Sydney - Tifosi melbourne and Dale Cavase : Victory I agree that we shouldn't worry too much about the other teams and what they chant, but when we have original Chants that no one else has thought of it adds something to the terrace that no one else has!
  4. Yea he's right, victory use it, I follow Melbourne, And Melbourne victory.. I forget the rest but yea, nice lyrics but I think we should try and keep away from their Chants
  5. I also respect him beacause he is one of the players who gives his time to meet the fans after the game, for that I also respect him
  6. C'mon, bit harsh, worm still does what he is asked, tirelessly runs up and down the wing and delivers good crosses, he works well with beich too, worm is still a good player
  7. Clint Bolton gave me his jersey from last season, that's why I support them! And heart have better supporters, more classy
  8. Spiranovic, why would we sing for someone who isn't playing! That doesn't make any sense! If u were to chant anything it would be for the players on the pitch who are working not some players on the bench! Btw yarraside has the best rep for sticking with their players till the end no matter what, u wanna be a downer about anything to do with this fine club, go join the tards
  9. Hazzaverx


    Yea but u could play the song after like 20 seconds of crowd noise, it usually dies dowm after about 20-30 seconds anyway, then this could lead into samba de janeiro or something... Just a thought
  10. Yea love this tune! And Im fairly sure no other teams use it!
  11. We are red! We are white! We are Melbourne! Super Melbourne Olé! (Repeat) Lalalalalalala Lalalalalalala Lalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalalalalala Starts 0:06 This chant is based on Paul Mcartnys Ob La Di Ob La Da
  12. A few of u guys reckon the lyrics could do with a few adjustments... Give us some thought
  13. Hazzaverx

    Posh Bath Tubs

    Personally I think it's brilliant
  14. Hazzaverx


    I reckon the samba de janeiro song would be awesome, also to fix the problem of not being able to hear the chant over the roar of the crowd is there any way u could get them to play the song over the speakers when we score?
  15. Hazzaverx

    Kristian Sarkies

    Defenitely! Brilliant chant!
  16. We play in red (clap, clap) We play in white (clap, clap) And we will sing all day and night (clap, clap) Yes we are red (clap, clap) And we are white (clap, clap) We're the boys from yarraside! Oooooooooooh We're the boys from yarraside! Start vid from around 3:05
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