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You know lads that there's nothing worse than having to go to a shopping centre with your wife. I thought I'd done well this week avoiding that dreaded outing, but today I actually found something that's even worse. A Christmas Decoration Shop. We'd hardly got in the door when her eyes lit up like, well, a Christmas Tree, and at the rate that the items were going into the trolley I though we'd be bankrupted before the afternoon was over. I didn't realise that she had intended to save the entire Chinese trinket manufacturing industry in one afternoon.

Finally we inched closer to the checkout and my sense of impending doom reached fever pitch. Then fortune at last swung my way - she needed to go to the toilet and ran out the door leaving me alone to face the bill that was coming. I had time to return half the items to the shelves and pay before she returned...and she didn't even notice what I'd done. And still doesn't.

A bloke has to have a lucky break sometimes.

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A couple of seniors one-liners:

Hard to believe I once had a phone and when it rang I picked up the handset without knowing who was calling.

Turns out that being a senior is mostly just Googling how to do stuff.


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