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54 minutes ago, NewConvert said:

half way through the season but I don't expect any more sackings. If there is likely to be another candidate it would have to be Fowler but I can't see it happening.

Fowler had never managed before. His first season was pretty much guaranteed to be a write off. 

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Will be interesting to see what path they follow after sacking 2 European coaches in pretty quick succession. Might be time to give another young Australian coach a gig. Corica, Talay and Rudan all served an apprenticeship and are doing well. It's probably 12 months too soon for David Zdrillic, but Arthur Papas would have to be in contention.

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If Simon Cox doesn't fire, the Wanderers are in a world of pain. Still relying on Yeboah and Duke to score.

Their best academy products are playing at other clubs (Devlin, Silvera). Also, Babel said at the start of the season that Baccus is their only young player with talent. He wasn't excited by any players in the youth team.


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2 hours ago, IssySG said:

Remember when the Wanderers were a force in Australian Football? They're definitely one of those clubs that when they're stronger, the league is stronger.


However, fuggggem

Tbh I don't think the league is necessarily stronger when they are strong. Rather a period of strength for them occured in their infancy which attracted a lot of supporters and attention that were/was short term support/attention.

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A sign of the times.

Clubs will be looking to cut money left right and centre and there are a number of ways a manager could be affected by that, whether it’s his salary, assistants, players, facilities etc.
Getting another job in football not easy but if things are bad enough that won’t matter.

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1 hour ago, Shahanga said:

And in walks Carl Robinson.  Based on what Robbo has done so far in Oz, looks like an upgrade.
Jets are the one who are presumably broke it seems.

McKinna said in an interview on Fox that (1) the Jest owners are in talks to sell the club and (2) that Robinson has terms that allow him to talk to / be made aware of other clubs who approach the club about his services. 

Did seem a bit of lip service tho as McKinna did confirm that Robinson is on a 3 year deal - reading between the lines, if Robinson is poached then WSW will need to pay out his contract (so a pretty penny should come their way , particularly given how well the Jest have played under Robinson).

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44 minutes ago, MHFC-FAN said:

Currently beating the jets and 1 point up on us... Hoping the jets can at least get a draw out of this game! 

@MHFC-FAN Wrong thread! It's being covered in the Perth match thread for tonight.

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