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19/20 Puma Kits


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For all the fuss there is over this, how many times do we actually wear these kits? 13 times at home, and it seems to me more often than not we use the third kit instead of the away kit.

I just think fans are being ripped off in the A-League because we play so few matches compared with a lot of other leagues around the world, and they also get cup and league cup plus other competitions.

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32 minutes ago, coys said:

Looking at the promo photos from the puma footy Instagram story looks certain that the away kit will be stripes, can probably safely assume it’s red and white aswell


14 minutes ago, coys said:

Also doesn’t look like there’s a third kit this year just the two

Incorrect on both fronts there.

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No, it was an art class project at the local primary school. Each group of four children designed and painted one section of the jersey, but they had the stripes in slightly different places and so when they assembled the sections that's why the stripes don't line up.

What's more the kids' parents had to pay for the paper, paints and brushes as an add-on to their standard fees.

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22 minutes ago, fensaddler said:

After all the good work, this could put a lot of us offside. 

Correct - I remember having a discussion with Bob about this.

Saying that a white away top with sky blue stripes might not be distinctive enough to qualify for an away kit?

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