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Melbourne City Fan Representative Group Meeting 26/02/18


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Meeting Minutes

Scott Munn – Melbourne City FC CEO
Nick Becker – Melbourne City FC Marketing Director
Stephanie Pasley-Tyler – Melbourne City FC Event Operations Manager
Melissa Missailidis – Melbourne City FC Event and Ticketing Coordinator
Tony, Rodney, Glen, Matthew, Alice, Steve, Kylie, Kerri, Haydn, Russell, Bridget, Michael and Natalie –  Melbourne City FRG

MCFC response to questions brought forward by the FRG

1.1. Cityzens terminated due to low engagement levels. “Surprise & Delight” has started in its place rewarding randomly selected fans in the stands. This gives greater opportunity for reward to a far greater percentage of City fans.

1.2 City Voice terminated due to low participation and discussions focusing on player/results rather than off-pitch topics. We’ve replaced it with monthly fan satisfaction surveys.

1.3 We already have an interstate membership but can look into wider options (e.g. interstate active) if the demand is there.

1.4 MCFC were unaware of demand for international memberships but willing to consider these case by case.

1.5 Dissemination of Club Information
• Injuries – MCFC make best efforts to keep fans updated regarding injuries, while also endeavouring to provide accurate information at all times. In many cases, decisions on the squad and players’ form are taken last minute based on recent developments and current scenarios, making it understandably difficult to inform fans in advance. This is the case across all sports and leagues.
• The membership counter was removed from MCFC website due to FFA restrictions.
• MCFC will work on providing more weekly training videos.
• The club prefer to use players and coaches to be faces of club. However, when relevant exceptions will be made. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.
• City Insider is currently available at Merchandise outlets, City Square, and Corporate
Hospitality suites and MCFC will look to add further distribution points.

2. Squad management is complex and MCFC work hard to keep players as long as possible. While we are not at liberty to discuss contractual negotiations, some aspects to consider are:

• FFA regulation states minimum requirement of 18 Australians per squad
• NPL schedules differ significantly to A-League meaning NPL players are generally not fit at the time required to play A-League matches.
• MCFC endeavour to build to bulk of the squad around the prime age group (see below groups) while equally ensuring progression of young and experienced talent alike:
o Emerging Talent 16-19yrs
o Talent in their Prime 19-24yrs
o Experienced talent 25+
• Personal situations & aspirations
• Relationships within the team
• Salary Cap & Loan obligations

Note regarding youth development:
MCFC Director of Football, Michael Petrillo, is responsible for the initiation of younger players at NPL/NYL level (16/17year olds compared to many teams using 18/19year olds) in order to give best opportunity to MCFC youth to develop their football careers. This has been a resounding success and MCFC are still very competitive in the league despite playing with the youngest set of players.
Equally Head Coach, Warren Joyce, invites young players to train with the Senior Team giving them further opportunity to develop e.g. Denis Genreau.

3.1 The primary shirt for CFG clubs home colours is city blue. However, second and third strips vary and Melbourne City FC wear red and white in recognition of Melbourne Heart, Manchester use purple as a reflection of past colours.

3.2 MCFC were not consulted on the FFA logo and raised the issue regarding the similarity between A-League logos of MCFC and SFC at the start of the season. The size was due to it being made large enough to cover existing badge.

4.1 MCFC are a supporter of expansion and welcome additional teams in the league in a structured and strategic way.

4.2 VAR is a challenge for all involved and for as long as it is enforced by FIFA, MCFC & FFA are obliged to work with it.

4.4 Transfer fees are not widely supported by all stakeholders and would require FFA, PFA and clubs to approve.

4.5. MCFC continually push for reviews to the salary cap.

4.6 MCFC would prefer the current foreign player rule to remain in place.

5. The song played after Melbourne City FC won WWL Grand Final was “Wonderwall” which is the song played after every MCFC win, for A-League and W-League alike, at all home games at AAMI Park. We were not asked to submit a song for walk out e.g. Happy together.


Kick-Off Times
• MCFC have been and continue to be very vocal with FFA about:
a) Late kick-off times.
b) If FIFA windows were to be incorporated into the A-League calendar, any mid-week matches MUST be during school holidays and split rounds must be scheduled in line with FIFA windows.
c) Seasons must start later in the year, after the conclusion of AFL season to allow for better pre-season promotion.
• MCFC will discuss with FFA the alignment of the advertised Kick-Off and actual Kick-Off times.

In stadium behaviour and Security
• MCFC have begun follow up with AAMI Park to ensure:
o Singing in Non-Active Bays is permitted
o Standing in Active Bays is allowed

Promotion to schools & football clubs
• While MCFC do not have the resources to promote to every school individually, we have entered into the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools program. All schools can take part by registering. For further information, follow the link below: https://www.sportingschools.gov.au/sports/football-federation-australia/schools
• MCFC’s City Club programme provides benefits and lifetime experiences to registered football clubs. For further information, follow the link below: https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/city-clubs

Melbourne City FC
• MCFC will make best endeavours to ensure players visit fans on all sides of the pitch post- match.
• MCFC understand that sizes are limited for women but unfortunately are restrained by lack of demand at present.

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