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Melbourne Football

City vs. Perth, Saturday 5th November, 5.00 p.m., AAMI Park


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17 minutes ago, fensaddler said:

This ref is a complete dick.

He was very poor at the start but got himself a little better in the game, there is still a risk he’ll make a meal of it. 

Reis has been very good coming back into the team.

Hopefully these minutes will do VDV good as on paper this is our strongest midfield.

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VDV is a bit wayward, he's a big unit, maybe there's a reason he hasn't been playing, or just needs valuable playing time?

Perth parking the bus is making it hard to play through, but we have had a few good chances created by Leckie and Tilio notably. Keep it up and we should win this.

LB is Bosses to loose at this point I reckon.

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20 minutes ago, moops said:

I think they are the worst team in the comp this year, they have a bus and that's about all.

100% agree. Just butchers. Any team playing them this season would be lucky to get out of the game without injuries.

What a luxury being able to sub a  midfielder out and just slot Leckie straight in.

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A good win in a fixture that has typically been a banana skin game for us. I'm not sure what we can take from this game, Perth were dreadful right across the park and tactically inept. They put no pressure on us and didn't test us.


We won and controlled the match, apart from the first 10 minutes.

Goals shared across the forward line and goals from open play.

A clean sheet although Glover wasn't tested even once all game



Reis - I hope that he's OK.

Talbot - good positioning and movement on and off the ball but very frustrating final shot decision making.

A negative that's a positive as well: Leckie, Berisha and Florin can all play as a 10, but finding the balance in the team will be difficult. Similarly, do we keep Jamieson as captain when only a card or injury to a starting XI player will get him on the pitch?

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1 hour ago, citypool said:

6k and active was pretty good. Really enjoyed today 

Yes, what a change to walk to station after the match feeling good. We were still fairly sterile in the first half, but once we started to actually attack the Perth goal we looked a lot better. Tilio easily our most attacking player, and IMO Van Der Venne had a very good first full match in a City shirt. JMac and Leckie both not quite sharp enough today, question mark over Berisha and Nabbout did nothing when he came on. Defence solid but but IMO Talbot will be giving way to Galloway soon.

Crowd a little disappointing perhaps, but Perth have never been a good drawcard at AAMI and being the last day of the Cup Festival didn't help.

Overall though really good to see City getting four and keeping a clean sheet as well.

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15 minutes ago, The Aardvark said:

WSW's defensive intent this second half has been woeful, just jogging back for the first one when CCM had 4 vs 3, and the rest has been half hearted at best. 

Really enjoying how direct and dangerous CCM look. 

The main contenders this season may actually be Sydney and Mariners given how they have been looking so far... 

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