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Strider Presents - Victory derby v1


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Victory's game plan purely relies on them scoring an early goal, and then countering on quick breaks for the remainder of the match. Prevent them of the opening goal after 25-30 minutes and we should be fine. We have enough attacking quality to expose them at the back and especially when they start fatiguing due to their usual high press looking for that early goal. Hoping we're going into this with a 4-2-3-1 with Colazo shifting to LB  and Timmy starting behind Bruno as a CAM/CF, although if JvS goes with 3 at the back, scrap everything above, we'll be copping 4-5 and going home in tears. 

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BREAKING NEWS: A-League Melbourne derby fans warned against using flares,

New laws that make it an ­offence for protest thugs to hide their faces will be applied to hooligans at Victorian A-League soccer matches amid an unprecedented push by Melb­ourne’s two A-League clubs to stamp out flares.

Ahead of Saturday Night’s first A-League Melbourne Derby of the season at Etihad Stadium both Melbourne City & Melbourne ­Vic­tory have issued stern warnings to fans that punitive action will be taken for carrying or lighting flares.

With new figures revealing 118 flares devices and explosives were ignited at Hyundai A-Lea­gue games in the city last season the State Government will empower police to ­unmask hooligan fans.

A video message from Victory captain Carl Valeri along with the Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat, & players from both teams will be shown on big screens at ­Saturday Night’s game, telling the ­expected 50,000+ crowd that flares were damaging the game.

When you light a flare whether it’s inside the stadium or outside you are hurting our club the represen­tatives of both clubs will say.

Star players at all clubs will urge fans to think of safety and the risk of teams being stripped of Hyundai A-League championship points if there is trouble at matches.

The campaign backed by Football Federation Australia which will see video warnings played before matches and again at halftime.

Behaviour messages have already been emailed to members of both Melbourne’s two clubs and put on social media.

Inspector Dan Trimble said last year’s flare count at the Melbourne A-League games was excessive and Victoria Police supported new laws to unmask people lighting them or otherwise causing trouble.

We want to see flares eradicated & that is what the clubs are trying to do as well and the supporters I have met with he said.

We aim to get rid of them because they are dangerous.

Saturday Night’s A-League Melbourne Derby will see Etihad packed for the Melbourne City debut of Socceroos legend Tim Cahill but the match is rated “high risk’’ by police who fear a minority of fans could spoil the show.

Acting Sport Minister Martin Foley confirmed that the legislation to be introduced this A-League season to be targeting troublemakers who use masks would apply in and outside sports stadiums.

Under the laws prompted by the Coburg riots tougher penalties can be imposed on anyone that found guilty of committing crimes while masked.

Mr Foley said true soccer fans were sick of a small minority of troublemakers seeking to spoil the fun, and it won’t be tolerated.

Victoria Police figures show 38 flares were ignited inside Melbourne stadiums and 73 outside the stadiums last season.

Fourteen loud detonators used to alert train drivers were also set off and with 116 people evicted from Hyundai A-League matches and 15 taken to court for offences such as wilful damage, possession of flares and assault.

Melbourne Victory was fined $50,000 and handed a three point suspended sentence sanction by Football Federation Australia after bad crowd behaviour at the Melbourne Derby last year on Saturday February 13th 2016 at AAMI Park which as a result put the club on a 12 month good behaviour bond period until February 13th 2017.

Melbourne Victory chief executive officer Ian Robson said that he expected fans to behave because we all have too much to lose.

Our members and supporters are aware of this and we trust everyone bears this in mind he said.

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2 minutes ago, n i k o said:

A video message from Victory captain Carl Valeri along with the Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat, & players from both teams will be shown on big screens at ­Saturday Night’s game, telling the ­expected 50,000+ crowd that flares were damaging the game.

Will pay the full fine for whoever lights one during this video.

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16 minutes ago, Dylan said:

Every since we became City I have had this sense that  its the Visitors who always get up for the derby and we have become like them in the heart days

Similar it's almost as though they have more to lose in a weird way. 

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