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What Australian football team are the bad boys of the league?

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I am from the USA and I am looking for the Australian football team that is the baddest, toughest, rough fans, everyone loves to hate because they may play a little dirty. Kind of equivalent to the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL.  Give me the top two teams in this category. Thanks 

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I would have said Melbourne Victory and Western Sydney Wanderers but officialdom cracked down on the fans a few years ago so things are quite tame these days. Although I noticed that Melbourne City's Gomulka is getting a reputation from opposition fans for being physical enough but not getting yellow carded. You would certainly know that you have been tackled by Gomulka.

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I don't think there's any club that falls into that category. There have been players who have been noted as "divers," that is feigning a foul to gain advantage from a subsequent free kick, but I'm not sure that you can put a "dirty" label on any one club. Melbourne Victory had the player once labelled "the most feared in English football" and who ended the career of Melbourne Heart's Adrian Zahra, and his own as a player, by the worst tackle I've ever seen, but I don't think it's fair to put a "dirty" label on Victory as such.

Fan behaviour is a completely different beast.

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