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A League player movement/transfers

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If there is already a thread about this then bump/close this one.

Here we can keep track of the rival clubs INS/OUTS during the offseason.


Adelaide United

Players departing: Defenders, Jacob Tratt and George Timotheou, as well as midfielder, Joe Caletti and striker, Kusini Yengi, Mohamed Toure, Yaya Dukuly, Michael Jakobsen will all depart the Club.

Players arriving: Harry Van der Saag


Brisbane Roar

Players departing: Alex Parsons and Nicholas Olsen are leaving the A-League side. Japanese international Ryo Wada is returning to his parent club.

Players arriving: Anton Mlinarić (from loan to permanent deal)


Central Coast Mariners

Players departing: Lewis Miller, Kye Rowles (HeartofMidlothianFC) Nicolai Muller, Oliver Bozanic, Matt Hatch, Noah Smith, Ruon Tongyik

Players arriving: Thomas Aquilina, Michael Ruhs


Macarthur FC

Players departing: Michael Ruhs, Lewis Miller (Hibernian FC)

Players arriving: 


Melbourne City

Players departing: Connor Metcalfe (St. Pauli) Stefan Colakovski, Carl Jenkinson, Tsubasa Endo, Anthony Lesiotis

Players arriving: Callum Talbot


Melbourne Victory

Players departing: Robbie Kruse

Players arriving: George Timotheou, Noah Smith


Newcastle Jets

Players departing: Jordan O'Doherty, Dylan Murnane, Taylor Regan, Valentino Yuel, Mario Arques, Olivier Boumal, Savvas Siatravani, Brandon Wilson, Samuel Silvera, Riley Warland 

Players arriving: Brandon O'Neill


Perth Glory

Players departing: Joshua Rawlins(FC Utrecht) Daniel Sturridge, Andy Keogh, Nick Fitzgerald, Osama Malik, Darko Stanojevic, Jonathan Aspropotamitis, Brandon O’Neill

Players arriving: Stefan Colakovski, Mustafa Amini, Matt Hatch, Keegan Jelacic


Sydney FC

Players departing: Pretty much the whole squad...Michael Zullo, Bobô, Chris Zuvela, Calem Nieuwenhof, Kosta Barbarouses, Luciano Narsingh, Trent Buhagiar, Harry Van Der Saag, Callum Talbot, Anton Milnaric, Liam McGing and newly arrived midfielder Mustafa Amini

Players arriving: Harry Van Der Saag (rumour of signing Daniel Penha)


Wellington Phoenix

Players departing: Reno Piscopo, Jaushua Sotirio, Gael Sandoval, Gary Hooper, James McGarry, Matthew Bozinovski, Kurtis Mogg and George Ott

Players arriving: Steven Ugarkovic


Western Sydney Wanderers

Players departing:  Phillip Cancar (Livingston) and Keanu Baccus (St Mirren) Steven Ugarkovic , Bernie Ibini, Dimi Petratos, Tomer Hemed, Tomas Mejias, Ziggy Gordon, Keijiro Ogawa, Thomas Aquilina

Players arriving: Lawrence Thomas, Zac Sapsford, Kusini Yengi, Calem Nieuwenhof, Aidan Simmons


Western United

Players departing:  Rene Krhin, Jerry Skotadis, Ivan Vujica 

Players arriving: currently none

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31 minutes ago, haz said:

I'd take Yuel as a backup striker. 

No for me. Saw enough of him to decide that we cannot develop him any further and he is too much hit & miss. Prefer to have Raphael and Cola.

Missed out on Melbourne City. One arrival - Talbot.

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On 11/06/2022 at 6:14 PM, NewConvert said:

Harry van Der Saag and Lewis Miller are there twice. The latter is leaving CCM and Macarthur...

He's pretty quick on his feet.... Actually, he is leaving both clubs! From Wikipedia:
"In June 2022 Miller signed a three-year contract for Scottish side Hibernian, effective from 1 July.[4] He had been due to join Australian side Macarthur FC, having signed a pre-contract deal with them before the end of his contract at Central Coast Mariners, but then signed for Hibernian instead, netting Macarthur FC an undisclosed transfer fee."

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