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Melbourne Football

Melbourne Vs Adelaide 2nd leg semi Sunday 2:05pm


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24 minutes ago, haz said:

Credit to PK for once. Took off Garmoulka and Floppyburger to change the game. 


Credit where credit is due, well done PK.

10 minutes ago, kingofhearts said:


What about in regulation time?

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Tillo changed the game, great performance, and Leckie was absolutely massive today as well. Shoutout to Griffiths when he came on, felt like we regained control of the midfield. 

We really made use of our experience in ET, managed the game very well, while Adelaide lost it completely. 

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Let's not forget that Adelaide were on a 6 game winning streak before our two matches with them, to draw away and defeat them is very good (particularly after our Perth/Wellington games when I thought our goose was cooked this year in relation to the seat).

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A very good win for us today


Adelaide was a form team and have been hard for us to beat

We won from behind, we won in a final when the pressure was all on us as the Premiers, and we won when we looked down for the count 

Great game from Leckie tonight

Glover wasn't really tested in terms of positioning and decision making but put in an assured performance

Good, early subs from PK, they changed the game when it needed changing



It was good to see Florin back, we looked more cohesive going forward, but that was really his only influence on the game

JMac is out of form, but still scored

Good crowd

We look very mechanical and really bereft of creativity and spark until the second half subs. Tilio plays his best football on the wing. We won without playing particularly well but play a final against an in-form counter-attacking team

In the words of the philosopher, Tyrion Lannister

“It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favour”


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41 minutes ago, bt50 said:

Certainly felt like the best crowd and atmosphere we'd had in a long time, last years GF not withstanding.

Other than last season's GF and the various home derbies with MV it was the highest attendance for two seasons...

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6 minutes ago, Torn Asunder said:

Also, the catering was better! I sat in GA (normally on the wing) and food choices were pretty good. I wonder if this is just for finals or whether we got the NRL caterers 

Maybe you were just hungry. 

And everything looked good. 

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