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Stand up if you like City!


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Over the past several months this forum has had some mind boggling discussions in my humble opinion. And generally speaking have been negative and lacking any perspective. It's come to the point where I have seriously contemplated walking from here. 

I've created this thread to hopefully have a sanctuary of solace from the negative.

So please feel free to post your thoughts if they are positive, keep the negative doomsday posts to all the other threads. 

Now how does it feel  be champions again. Have a golden boot winner again. Be regularly supplying the socceroos with 5 or 6 players in every camp. To have completed 26 League games and lost 5, clocking up 49 points,  scoring over 50 goals. 


For me it is unbelievable and Monday night was a joy to be there, (excluding the last 20 mins)

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  • Jovan changed the title to Stand up if you like City!

We barely got out of 3rd gear this season and still finished top of the pile in a far improved league from last season. 

Berenguer's startling improvement was unbelievable and I expect him to poll well in the player of the season honours.

Maclaren is well on his way to being that club legend he desires to be (if he isn't already). 

Confirmed departures mean we'll get new signings to refresh and bolster an already terrific squad. 

We went undefeated in Asia for our first outing and only missed out by technicalities. 

We got to win the premiership with 1,000-odd Victory mugs in attendance.

Pretty good 😃👍

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4 seasons ago we would have been ecstatic at this season's style of play and outcomes. I think that our expectations have risen faster than the team's performances so an objectively excellent result feels a little disappointing. It's much harder to win as 'the hunted' than it is to win as 'the hunter', so an excellent response from the team.

Despite that, I was really happy to have driven 3 hours for Monday night's result

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Have been here since the Thursday night game against the Mariners in the Heart days. Certainly been through the lows and finally able to enjoy the highs, it has been an interesting ride! Got to see us finally lift the first piece of silverware when we won the FFA Cup. Missed the first premiers plate against the Marines but definitely witnessed the first grand final win against Sydney! 

This season I think considering how much more competitive the league has been we have done well, certainly could have wrapped it up probably same time as last season had we not dropped points from winning positions. But hey it made for an historical end of regular season with 3 teams potentially able to win it...Given how congested our season was with all the covid catch up games, missing most of our best players due to Socceroos duties and a heavy ACL schedule in 15 days we did very well!

The expectation before the season was to at least get the Premier plate (ACL qualification) and grand final appearance/win and we're still on track for that.

Talk about a consistent 2 year span though...

Season 20/21 Wins: 15 Draws: 4 Losses: 7 GD: +25 Points: 49

Season 21/22 Wins: 14 Draws: 7 Losses: 5 GD: +22 Points: 49

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12 hours ago, bellydrum said:

Love the thread, great idea @Jovan.

Got a positive story to add.

Got a call from Ryan on the Friday before the Wellington game. Said the club wanted to thank my partner and I for attending all home games this season and being long term members, and offered us an 'ultimate matchday experience'.

We were chauffeured to and from AAMI, got free jerseys, had a stadium tour, and had seats behind Wellingtons bench (not the best view, but being pitch-side was cool). On the pitch up close for the trophy lifting too. Truly amazing. There's a video on social media if you want to watch us try, and fail, to act naturally with a camera following you the entire time.

That's a really nice story. Thanks for sharing, has really started my day, cheers.

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